What is up Skyes Squad it is Nicole Skyes welcome back to my main channel if you are brand new Be sure to hit that subscribe button down below and become a member of the Skyes squad if you are already subscribed be sure to hit that little bell Right next to the subscriber button that way you never miss another video like this and you turn on those notifications So today we are in a different location We are in my bathroom, and yeah, we are about to make a huge mess in my bathtub I’m going to be filling my bathtub up with a bunch of glitter And we’re gonna do a glitter bath alright So without further ado let me start my bathtub up and let’s just get this thing rolling cats are supposed to hate water And she’s literally falling into the bathtub like three times well I’ve been in it and the greatest part about when a cat falls into the bathtub is their nails come out there like a wet knife ball in the tub they go rarr. Hey, hey, hey. Nope don’t go in there. Don’t do it Don’t no no no no cats hate water. Okay cats hate water That’s scared me. Here is all of my glitter that I am going to use these are each one pound 1 pound of glitter so I have 4 pounds just right here And then I have a bunch of little minis that will be super pretty and yes I am going to try and do a glitter art challenge in the bathtub I think that will be super fun the first color. I’m going to add Alright, so let’s just do it And it floats Ok this water is gonna move around that’s gonna. Be really hard to do glitter art on that is so pretty holy moly Wow, its so pretty I already know this is gonna be one of the most epic views I’ve ever done on my channel it just keeps getting more epic every video I shoot I have so much glitter left, and I already covered the whole entire top of my Bathtub okay, so it looks like the water stopped moving around which is great. So now. I think it’s time for me to Cue the time-lapse and start my beautiful glitter art challenge. I hope that I can make it look good I don’t know. This is an absolute challenge. Let’s let’s just give it a go Okay, so that’s super annoying because I was putting my black in here, and I had like this weird little nozzle whole thing That’s like. I don’t know it’s like a tube. It’s like a long tube I’ll show you when I get it out of the freaking bathtub, but I Was putting my black in here so I can make nice straight lines. It was like a tool. I was using to make straight lines Well it fell in the bathtub and it landed on the bottom of the floor, and it ruined my hair my beautiful unicorn’s hair is ruined um, I don’t know if I should try and reach in and grab it I think I’m gonna mess it up, the art up even worse So I’m just not even gonna get it No, I’m gonna try, but I’m about to do the eye of the unicorn and it’s gonna be hard. Oh my gosh, okay I’m gonna try and have like a steady flow of Glitter because it’s really hard to have a steady flow it usually just globs out or you have to like precisely shake, so, I’m sweating right now. I’m sweating and I don’t have my tool it drops to the bottom of the glitter pool so like, oh my god Get that wing perfect, oh my god Oh my god it could look worse alright, it could look worse Now it’s just time of Euro to jump in there, do not go in there, he already tried Oh no, they come out like a big sparkle. Yeah, they’ll be one big ball of glitter. They’ll be glitter girls Okay so now that I’m sweating let me just use this. Dab, just dab. Now I’m gonna add the rest of the glitter Okay guys now its time for me to get into this beautiful glitter bath. I’m little nervous Things are going to get very glittery, hold on let me put my hair up. Oh my God look at my toes! Look at my toes! Get a close up of my toes please. I am going to be covered! Whoa, you’re going to be marbled in the picture. yeah, try to Marble the picture. Hold on okay, I just wanna take my leg out and just see what it looks like oh my freaking god Okay, I’m just going to go all in Oh my god guys this is going to be insane This is going to be crazy! okay give this video a big, fat thumbs up if you are excited to see me literally covered in glitter. I’m not ready for this okay, three, two, one. Do you see my leg? You look like you’re part of the art Franklin do you see my leg? Get Franklin Do you see my leg Franklin? What do you think? My arm goes down clean, and then it comes back up This could be a cool footage Glitterfied! Do you see that? dude shut up look I am at loss for words I am literally covered in glitter okay Dude! okay um give this video a big thumbs up if you are super excited with how this turned out because like I literally couldn’t even imagine this. Alright before you do it, your face. Looking so good, I am not putting my face in there You have to dip it. no. but it would look crazy. Heck no. It would look crazy. No. Do it for the vine. If I get, I have to have goggles then. I know, I’ll get you goggles. Ill get you sun glasses If I get glitter in my eyes I’ll go blind Oh really, okay, yeah, don’t do it then because you know what kids like Okay, don’t get glitter in your eyes guys. I’m not gonna do my eyes. I’m like, glitter eye challenge Shut up! is this the thumbnail? yes. Okay try not to breathe in glitter. I’m gonna stand up Shut up, this is so cool. It works better on your skin, actually sticks to skin way better. Yeah, sticks to skin better. I need to get my shorts better. Cuz’ I’m shiny! Shout out to the crowd from Moana. I got blue pants the coolest part, I think I like is my arms, so yeah full body glitter bath challenge challenge, boom! check out my arms though Whoa I look insane on this angle. This is so insane Ok are you guys ready to see how cool the water looks watch let me move the top layer of glitter. Um, excuse me? Um I’m pretty sure that’s beautiful. Do you see that it’s like purple underneath, are you kidding me? That is so pretty Why is it purple? oh this is this is the thing I dropped by the way that ruined my hair, the unicorn hair Alright lets mix it all up Randomly you guys I just posted a brand new vlog today, its me feeding my horse random fruits, if you want to go check it out I have a link in the description down below. It’s super funny. Alright, back to the video Dude, that’s the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. It looks like a frickin Galaxy star galaxy It looks like I’m in Star Trek or something that is so Insane and beautiful like what? Why can’t my bath bomb do this? Oh my gosh It’s literally like stuck to me. It gets in your pores. No, it’s like stuck Like I can’t get off. That’s why I said you should go take a shower on speed wash. Dude I can’t get it off. Oh my gosh I’m gonna have glitter skin for the rest of my life. And I think that’s kinda cool Alright guys now i’m going to attempt to wash this off First of all I have no idea if I can let this go down the drain or if I have to like sift it out Just let it go down the drain I’ve never filled my bathtub up with glitter before and I don’t have a sifter so you might have a problem anyways Let me go to try and take a shower and try to wash this off oh its cold! Cold water will get the glitter. That was super cold. Alright guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you did be sure to give it a big, fat thumbs up and I will see you guys in my next video, bye. Follow me on Instagram, follow me on Twitter follow me on Snapchat, watch my vlogs, watch my vlogs!

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