5 Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe and Happy

We love spending some time with them, playing
with them and talking about them. Pets are, for many, part of the family. And this is why we always search for the best
things to take care of them. We recently talked about some human foods
that we can share with our dogs and cats. In today’s video we will talk about 5 common
things that can be dangerous for animals. Do you have a pet? Remember to share it with all the animal lovers
you know! Taking care of their health is very important,
taking them to the vet, controlling parasites and even giving them vitamins and food supplements. But there are some things we must pay more
attention to: Fleas and ticks
After vacinating your animal, the next step is checking if they have fleas or ticks. The risks they offer for animals and humans
are anemia and, in the worst case, Lyme’s disease (which we have already talked about
on the channel check the suggestion at the end of this video). It’s necessary to pay attention to the pet’s
hygiene, the place where they live, interactions with infected animals and also use a flea
and tick shampoo. Seasonal allergies
The changing of seasons affects our pets too, did you know? They are affected by dust, pollen, mites and
some bacterias that are around at specific times of the year. If you notice your pet scratching itself too
much or even sneezing more than normal, take him to the vet. Shedding
This is a normal thing for animals, but doesn’t happen in the same way for every species and
breed. Pay attention, because hair loss can also
be a signal of infection. It’s also important to brush your dog frequently,
using a brush specific for their hair. Pools
They can be very dangerous! Some of the risks we can talk about are: drowning,
chlorine intoxication, falls, hypotermia and infections. Avoid letting your pet play in the pool. Toxic plants
Some house plants can be harmful for pets. Especially dogs, that love to bite and sniff
everything. Aloe vera is very good for humans, but can
be dangerous for your dog. There are more than 20 plants that must be
avoided. Search them and pay attention. Besides these five things, remember to be
careful with processionary caterpillars, thorns, leishmaniasis, chemical products, heavy tools
and high places that can cause falls and lead to fractures, torsions and internal strokes. If after any of these episodes you notice
your pet in pain, or acting in a different manner, take them right to the vet. And remember what our grandmas used to say:
an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Do you have any special things you do to take
care of your pet?

3 thoughts on “5 Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe and Happy

  1. I have a cat who like to sneak out door and soon as the door out and then he will try and eat the grass and play in it. So eat time I give a bath, yes he hate it but I don't know what in that nasty grass. So since he love grass and to order for me to stop giving a bath. I go to the pet store and buys him his own personal grass he love it. Also I like to buy him some catnip. Oh what a treat he love catnip. I put on all his favorite things around the house. P.S. I learn as the cat get older he no longer eat hard foods so every once in a while try giving soft can foods to eat to.

  2. Lyme's disease? Really? Loosing creditability daily..
    Sad that you confuse and mislabel so many things. This could be a very helpful and informative channel, but you must educate yourself in order to educate others.

  3. Dear natural cures you would love my dog after stroke video thanks for your content peace and love keeping the world together

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