5 Tips to Control Dog Barking Noise: Talking Acoustics with Audimute

Hey well welcome back to Talking Acoustics today what I want to discuss was Dog Barking Noise! You know we so often we run into situations where either condos or apartments or even in
our own homes (stand alone homes) next to neighbors if we go away we have to leave your pets
at home which would normally do a lot of times they can cause noise
which is a bothersome problem for other people. So these are
some tips I think that you can find that’ll actually be not only better your neighbors but also
for your pets. One of the things I thought was very
interesting when I did some research about this was that soft music you know of course is very soothing to animals. But what I didn’t know was that
classical music tends to be more suitable for, especially dogs, then very simple
music. A lot of times we think that animals are thinking a sophisticated and
complex as we are well the truth is they’re very complex beings
and so when they listen to music they actually enjoy it like Chopin or the minute waltz or those kind of things. So give them a try! The other thing
that you might want to consider if the room has windows a simple window plug. That can be
something as basic as cutting a piece of plywood
that’ll fit within the frame with the window Just put a couple handles on it
so it’s easy to pop in and pop out and you’ll be creating a barrier because
glass is usually the weak link in any kind of a barrier. Another thing you can not consider doing in any gaps around the doors get some
weather stripping get some door sweeps. Any please air can go sound will go. So
if you can reduce those transfer waves that’s going to be very helpful. Another
thing that will probably come into play if you
have you know reflective hard surfaces is get
some absorption in there to soften down the hard reflective surfaces and also take down some of the sound
pressure level if it’s a continual barking sort of noise. That will help
reduce whatever is left to get outside and and to bother other people Another thing is if you have to go
this route (my hope would be that you don’t) but if you do and you need to increase the mass and
density of walls or ceilings you can certainly do
that there’s a lot of products out there that’ll add mass density to those things. Layering up with the
different materials can be helpful. But that’s a construction issue and of course you always hope you don’t have to go there. I would recommend trying all these other things first and I think that’s about it. This can be something that cannot only give your neighbors may be a little bit
of a respite from noisy animals but it can also be a
better environment for your for your pet making them more
comfortable while you’re away. Thanks!

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