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  1. No such thing as a bad dog or animal. They reflect on their environment like humans, no such thing as a bad animal only bad owners.

  2. I also want one but I don't know where it can be found in India but still I have a labrador….I ❤ Dodo

  3. I would LOVE to get a pit bull but I'm such a laid-back, homebody person I feel like it would be a terrible injustice for the dog :,(

  4. Our Jessica is the second 1/2 pibbul furry child we've had. After we lost our first one to a really rare disease, we got her. They both have been the best goggies I've ever known.

  5. Since I've had my two pits in our family I can't ever imagine having another breed. Hands down love more than any of the other breeds I've ever been around or had in my family

  6. Sounds all good until they kill your neighbours daughter tearing her into pieces ! Worst Dogs to domesticate !

  7. I used to be very afraid of them….my first encounter was about 20 years ago. Was playing with my four year old daughter in a play area meant for children and in the near distance, five or six pits were running (full charge) towards us and three had blood all over their mouths! I barely got my child up on top of a climbing structure and closed the chain link fence, before they were Right On Us …..
    Was Very Frightened Of Them, since……
    I'm so grateful for the time and energy you have put into it ?
    I consider myself… Cured
    Love and Respect

  8. The amount of pit bulls in the west la adoption center is really sad. Hope to one day be able to adopt or foster

  9. I want to get a pit bull but you see I was attacked by one when I was very little and I’ve been scared of them since

  10. I got my pit a vest for my anxiety and even then people still stray from my dog, its very upsetting.

    Pits are misunderstood but I remember reading that pits actually have one of the highest tolerance levels out of all the breeds. Pits are beautiful dogs with their huge disproportionate heads 🙂

  11. Pits are the best! My 13 y/o pit mix pretty much just cuddled with me for a week straight while I had the flu. Love u Diesel aka the big goofy.?

  12. I lost my Pit one day after this video was posted. She was my heart and I should NOT have watched this so soon.

  13. The Dodo has done so much to change the minds of people who mistrust pitties. This one may be my favorite of the dozens I've seen so far.

  14. I love how people like to cut off dogs ears to make them look meaner and then claim they are great with kids.

  15. I love pit bulls… I always wanted one but all of the places I’ve live gave them on the restricted breeds list. Funny part is, a lot of my neighbors’ dogs were just as, if not more vicious and terrifying, than the perception they had for any of the pits I’ve ever come into contact with. The only dangerous pits I’ve ever come across were purposefully made that way bc of their owner. One lady asked me if I wanted to adopt a white, pink nosed pit puppy and he was THE MOST docile and gorgeous dog i had seen (beside my own dog lol) at that time. He was so friendly. She let me take him for a walk and he was so smart and inquisitive and would stop walking just to ask for pets and kisses. He was friendly to all of the kids and people he walked past. I wanted to adopt him so bad but I was staying with my grandparents at the time and I had a JRT. My grandparents without even meeting him said hell no they’re vicious. I was so sad. The lady was so adamant that she didn’t want anyone in the neighborhood to adopt him and didn’t want him to go to the humane league bc our city which is largely Hispanic tend to bring about a lot of men who raise them to be aggressive and she had seen me walking my dog around her block on occasion which is why she stopped me. I told her I wanted to but I couldn’t bc I had gotten laid off and was looking for a new job and was in the process of looking for my own place. She said taking care of him was getting to be too much as she was on a fixed income and her daughter had to go back to Puerto Rico. She said she was just going to keep him and figure it out rather than let him be adopted by someone who would make him aggressive. I told her if I could get a new job and my own place within the next 2-4 months I would come back and take him. Unfortunately they ended up moving back to Puerto Rico to stay with her daughter and I think she took the dog with her. He was a beautiful dog. I wish, to this day, that I had taken him. His name was Rafy but they nicknamed him Chulo.

  16. pitbulls are sadly illegal where i live because of the stereotypes they have and being violent and all that.
    everyone needs a pitbull to understand they're pure, innocent, beans!!

  17. The main problem is the way people treat the dogs a s they grow. That really scars the dogs and then they have the constant fear of all people. There is no problem with pit bulls AT ALL. They can be AMAZING and LOVING animal and pets. Don't think differently because of the way they look at the way you have seen them before, give them a second chance.?

  18. Pit bulls are so cute! I love them, I wish I can get one but my mom and dad misunderstand them, they think that pit bulls are very bad dogs and sense I’m gonna be a young first time owner they said I have to have a dog that doesn’t do a lot of bad things (I know how to train dogs and I’ve actually helped adults but my parents still dog let me have a pit bull puppy)

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