5 Things Watch Dogs Did Better Than Watch Dogs 2

hey guys brette here connecting from UV central and today I'm going to be counting down five different things watchdogs did better than watchdogs – now with any sequel you would expect it to improve on the original in a lot of ways which watchdogs too did for the most part however there are still some elements of the first game that I definitely prefer so with that said let's get started with my list story telling so in the first watchdogs you play as vigilante Aiden Pearce this story is a fairly generic revenge story but you do meet some interesting characters along the way t-bone for example a legendary hacker who loves to blow shit up Clara Lille a member of a secret hacking group call it dead sack and let's not forget about one of the most underrated villains of all time lucky Quinn now I'm gonna be honest watchdogs isn't a perfect story it's not even close but the storytelling in the game makes you care about the characters when Clara died that was actually a really impactful moment when Jackson ran away by himself I was worried and when Nicky was kidnapped I knew from a story perspective and made Aiden kind of go crazy and that's not to say there aren't some throwaway characters like Iraq and Maurice but for the most part you care about most of the characters or at the very least find them entertaining or compelling watchdogs to you on the other hand didn't have nearly as good as a story I just couldn't connect to Marcus because we didn't know anything about him throughout the story they hint at his family but we never get to see them or find out anything interesting we also learned he was wrongfully committed of a crime he didn't commit but that's all we know we don't ever find out what that crime was and to be honest it never plays a major role in the story either Horatio while being a good side character didn't have nearly enough time to develop dedsec with the exception of wrench and Marcus didn't really get enough screen time and that's just because there's so many characters dedsec alone has like six main characters then there's Lenny and dushawn and not to mention all the different tech companies the story just has so many characters that you don't end up caring for most of them not to mention that since the story isn't linear it just wasn't as interestingly told as it could have been on line now this may surprise people but hear me out after playing both of the multiplayer modes in these games it's clear to me that watchdogs one did it better and let's not forget it actually had all the modes at launch where as watchdogs to eventually added some after release but let's look at some of these modes for a comparison online hacking is basically the same in both games with the exception of one thing the drone and watchdogs to you you had the ability to use her drone to spot an enemy who's hacking you as he would imagine this removes a certain level of intensity and challenge that was present in the first game and speaking of the drone showdown the multiplayer deathmatch mode is basically unplayable as enemies will drop grenades from their drone over and over and over again online decryption in the first game is a way better mode because you have to pick a loadout and it's fairly bounced also free robe lobbies for some reason you can have more players in a lobby and watchdogs one then watchdogs too so there's that night time now I know a lot of people probably weren't expecting something like this to be on the list but just look for yourself here's a picture of watchdogs one at night and here's a picture of watchdogs 2 at night keep in mind these are taken at the same time in-game for some reason watchdogs 2 is still pretty bright outside even though it's supposed to be dark out I know some people probably won't care about this but no denying when it's dark tout watchdog's one looks way better especially when there's rain out as well many games to be honest there is really no comparison because for some reason watchdogs too really didn't have any as I mentioned in a few videos now cash run would have been the perfect mini game for watchdogs too since parkour was improved so much digital trips also fit the tone of the second game as well so it was surprising not to see any of them return and then there's also things like invasion poker chess and the cup game now I'm not gonna lie some of these were useless but it's still added to the worlds and at least you had the option to play them in watchdogs – if there's just no comparison blackouts blackouts and watchdogs wine that were so intense and satisfying to use a lot of this just had to do with the build-up in the story t-bone always talked about how causing a blackout was a mistake so obviously for us players we wanted to try it ourselves and it just felt so good the sound effect that plays the lights turning off and the sky actually being dark all of this place together to create an amazing blackout now let's compare that to watchdogs – I mean I may be nitpicking here but it just doesn't feel or look as good as the first game and there's my list for five things that watchdogs did better than its sequel as I mentioned at the start of this video watchdogs too did actually improve on a ton of things such as hacking parkour customization driving and actually adding dogs to the game but anyways I thought this would still make an interesting video as always let me know what you think about all this and the comments down below and I'll see you all later [Applause] you

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  1. Hey everyone! I’m leaving for the airport in about 30 minutes to visit Ubisoft. I had to quickly edit this video together as I won’t be able to edit it remotely. Hope you all still enjoy!

  2. The blackouts in the first game made me feel so powerful. I didn't even care to unlock it in the second one for a while, it seemed useless since making it dark wouldn't help with stealth anyway.

  3. Watch dogs 1 was in New York which I think of New York of a dark kinda sneeky theme and watch dogs 2 was in Cali which I think of Cali as a light theme which I understand why WD1 was better then 2 with the black outs and the night time and multiplayer

  4. I think WatchDogs 3 ( legion) will probably have marcus , aiden and the main character you’ll play as , there will be dedsec characters in it such as ray and wrench and more new ones . And the end was aiden killed by a gang

  5. Hopefully legion will have the best of both games, but unfortunately I dont think it will mostly because of the NPC thing

  6. This list was increadibly biased towards wd 1 which didn't even deserve the praise. That game on release was so bad and downgraded you might as well have tried to insert it on a Ps2. Nobody cared about the main protagonist whereas Marcus was so much better in every way. Aiden was an overedgy emo and the atmosphere resembled that too. There were way more glistches in the first game which when used properly could make you nearly invincible so there was no real threat (since you could sustain a lot of bullets) . And it played out so blandly that people just skipped over it to go into the sequal. Theres only a couple things I liked better in the first one like the fact that you could control entire bridges to create interesting escape methods but this video was over picking it way to much.

  7. I gotta say, I know it's an unpopular opinion here but I think Marcus is a better character than Aiden. Don't get me wrong, the badass award goes to Aiden and his edgy revenge plot, but the goofiness and all around good spirit of Marcus really brings him together as a character for me, not to mention that his characterization comes from his interactions with others instead of monologues. And idc what people say I love the new deadsec, each character has a unique personality which makes them interesting as individuals as well as in a group.
    Multiplayer was definitely better in WD1 though, and graphics were questionable for the demanding performance on PC WD2.

    WD1 is more badass, edgy, and gritty
    But WD2 makes relatable (albeit more goofy) characters that accomplished a story that takes a different route, but I think it's a positive change.

  8. Lets see

    5. Watch dogs had better characters

    4. Side activities. Nvzn, digital trips, lots of mini games and side things.

    3. Watch dogs had coherent plot and took itself seriously

    2. Watch dogs characters had you know REASONS and MOTIVATIONS other than "Just because" they werent scurrying around the city doing things for flimsy or unspecified reasons.

    1. Better dlc, online, and network stuff. Nuff said.

    Now ive played watch dogs 1 over 10 times easily. Watch dogs 1 is in my top 5 favourite games. Its not the best game but its one of my favourites. But i HATE watch dogs 2. I was angry to the point of violence at watch dogs 2. I preorded this game and sold it 2 days later. Yeah the hacking, parkour, and graphics are better(in some cases) but watch dogs 1 did almost EVERYTHING else better. Heres hopin watch dogs 3 or watch dogs legion whatever it is doesnt suck like 2 does. Btw this is just my opinion. Dont get offended over me hating this game.

  9. The release of watch dogs 2 made me really exited for a game like I haven’t in a long time, and imo the game was all I could ask for, it was so fun and the choice of location was 10/10

  10. Combat in 1 is better, also saying the parkour is better in 2 when in the first game it was hardly parkour. I preferred Aidens movements, they worked and it looked cool.

  11. Watch Dogs 2 HAD Better of everything of the Prequel except for the story
    Watch Dogs 1 Slayed WD2 in every way possible in case of characters Development, the hype, emotions Not to forget to get The part were Aiden Pearce was a BADASS

  12. The first Watch Dogs’ story was so good. Watch Dogs 2’s story was alright, but the ending seemed weird and rushed

  13. I’m seeing all these people talk about how much better the first watch dogs is than the second one, and I’m wondering where they were when the game came out. It got absolutely shit on by everyone for years, so what happened?

  14. I kinda agree that Marcus had a lacklustre background, but the crime (which admittedly wasn’t fleshed out) started the whole story.

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