5 Self Refilling Water Bowl For Pets

what's up everybody welcome back to my laboratory safety is number one purging today we're going to make another video with my doggies so I got here five self and filling water balls hopefully one of them will be amazing and actually going to work alright let's see what I got for the first one I got one of this automatic red fountain so let's see how it works guys are really excited to see what it's all about so sugacube sniffing me all over oh my gosh leave me alone it's up to you oh whoa check this out that's kind of cool they said here probably connects to the hose they go and it looks like it's a toilet bowl you know mean automatic self stop once it's fill up to the right level like this it will plug itself in so it will fill up with this all at the same time anyways how does this work – oh cool also you can add on a regular water bottle so that way it will only spill out this much they said here slides between here and goes in and it does not come out so let's try to plug in the hose and see what it looks like it's still enough pretty good as you can see and of course there would be a cover here so it wouldn't spill out that much and is it going to stop it let's find out I love that it's a square too so hopefully the party will not flip over this drinking whoa also wanna see if this drinking both flips over will the water continuously run and waste bunch of water that's what I do not want to do either okay it's still spraying a little bit of water Gus hold on let's see if it works also you can turn the water pressure very lightly so that way if it does flip over you don't waste too much water okay looks like God's loving it and it works Wow check this out and once you drinks it it's just going to fill itself looks like this part is thirsty and look as soon as she drinks it you see it's actually spraying more and more water and once it secretary fills it it's closed in a kinder and again I wouldn't have to work but for all those water spraying out at all I can just put this cover on and that way everything looks good if the pipe you flip it over see what happens it spills over a little bit but not that much especially if you turn the water pressure a little bit less so that way it doesn't spray out that much and waste bunch of water if it's laying upside down when you parties don't have a problem with in the water ball that's a perfect automatic water ball what do you think you got thumbs up I think so too he says thumbs up I have here looks like even bigger what our boy at least a big box oh yeah this is huge I did not even expect for it to be that big never know what you're going to get when you buy stuff online is this it filter look at zillion Carmen comes with a little filter that's amazing there's a little pump off looks like it's a plug actually plug into here and then it's a watertight all of this very nice I guess you don't have to have it but why not I bet filter goes into here boom that's awesome so my dogs are going to have filtered water I can definitely hear the water flowing in there's a little bit of a glass falling into the water book while me shaking it up I guess I'd hear if you wanted to have a little waterfall you can plug it in but wow look how big this water bowl is I don't think Gus will be able to flip it over because it's so big filled up in just one minute really the fast now my question is I'm gonna spill it over in case it does happen you can hear the water spilling out a little bit but actually it kind of stops that's cool yeah so if it's upside down the water is actually does not spill out and we're not going to waste any water so this design actually a little bit better if it's false on the side like this it will spill out so still kind of gotta watch out we're gonna plug it in into the wall right here let's see if they like it it's actually going to filter it so whatever I'm as they're going to put into it it's going to filter too which is awesome easy his nose was pretty dirty because he goes and digs in the mud there is a little waterfall inside there there goes Gus he's so cute looking actually drinking off of waterfall so yeah whatever definitely works there is another automatic water and it's the same design as the first one but it's a little bit simpler this one a little bit more fancy because it's easy detachable who's that here item and I'd hear there's upside down water bottle that you can put in but if you wanna just simple automatic water ball you got one of the I feel like it would be a little bit easier to flip over because it's like smaller than the other one and not square but still cool let's see how it works we're gonna plug in the whole side here looks like I'll have to spin the whole what up whoa let's peek inside there water fills up and once it fills up to the right level it will stop filling up okay so far so good love the design simple will probably work a really well for the smaller dogs he's gonna be in the videos all the time and guess what as soon as one puppy Nvidia these guys jealous yeah check out this ball what do you think yep looks like the confirmed they'll like it and once they doing some of it splash it out who knows the level goes down it's just going to automatically refill it looks like you loves that automatic water ball no problem it definitely works there's the puppies for this gadget I got another water look up there plug it in into the nozzle and guess what it's going to water your pot at any time and that way you don't have to worry about the dog spilling over the water at all this thing will not work in the back of my house for some reason this pipe is so low their dogs will just be drinking mud I don't want them to do that but if you're not so a couple feet up of the ground a public would use it here I just don't have access for the dogs to come here and drink it but we'll still put it to the test see if they like it or not the concept is very simple I'll put it to the test with the hose just to show you how it works you plug it in into your nozzle and when the pressure is on it stops the water from coming out and if you pass it on aside it will start leaking you just have to teach them how it works and that way they'll know how it works you just few times feed them like that I'm sure they'll figure it out so definitely works thumbs up for me just make sure you teach your dog how to use it but yeah I don't know I gotta teach him not to swim in his water balls because he makes a mess why are you doing this Gus and I have here one more automatic water ball this kind of design but what's cool about this one it came with this kind of hose a metal hose so you plug it in looks very very durable then you're gonna get this metal hose and plug it in into your this bigger whose standard hose let's see how fast it's gonna fill up this water ball good and I feel like once this one fills up yep you see it stops it so it's like a boy right here once it fills up all the way it will stop it it's very nice and let's say they spill off a bunch of water and boom it's gonna feel it he'll quit I love it but yeah genius design let's flip it over see what happens if it's flipped over looks like it's going to spill out a bunch of water I can hear it's filling up but I don't know what's happening I don't see that much water spilling at all so let's say you lay tight here we see what happens yeah it's peeling out and if it's laying on the side it's spilling out even more just like the other ones well guys that's pretty much it it is a really hot it's like 2 o'clock so it's at the hottest part of the day we're gonna go inside enjoy the air-conditioner and hopefully you actually enjoy this video and it's very helpful you might actually help some dogs out there that I didn't know about this automatic would have balls and when I saw him I was skeptical but they look like they work anyways don't forget to thumbs up this video let me know in comments below which Gajic was your favorite thank you for watching and I'll see you next time

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  1. I prefer the one you plug in so when gus swims in the bowl his paw is dirty so when its plugged in it will filter the dirty water

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