5 Paper Bunny DIYs – Cute & Easy Rabbit Crafts for Easter & Spring

[Music Played Throughouy] No Voice over Our favourite Bunny Corner Bookmark Design! An easy corner bookmark based on the classic Origami Bookmark! Would make a lovely Easter gift! Use plain printer paper to make this easy paper rabbit! Hope you love this Paper Bunny Bookmark as much as we do! Decorate the Easter Tree with…. …these easy Paper Rabbit Decorations! Use white printer paper or different colours to make these paper bunnies! Super simple paper rabbit ornaments! These Paper Bunny Decorations go really well with our Paper Chicks too! Paper Rabbit number 3… Is our Origami Rabbit! You may prefer to watch the SLOW version to make these Origami Bunnies! We love Paper Crafts for Kids! Time for more rabbit bookmarks… These paper clip bunnies are just adorable and only need paper scraps! Our final paper bunny craft is…. A printable Bunny Greeting Card to give to a friend! The printable is free! And so cute!! A bunny in a basket! Hope you loved all our Paper Bunny Crafts shared today! More Paper Crafts for Kids coming soon!! And more Easter Bunny Crafts also coming soon! Thank you so much for watching!!!!

24 thoughts on “5 Paper Bunny DIYs – Cute & Easy Rabbit Crafts for Easter & Spring

  1. Love ya Maggy! Big fan of you. Maggy, you should make another video on redtedandpip channel. I love that YouTube video too. Can you please make another video on your kids channel?? Best craft maker ever seen!

  2. #3 was my first origami bunny ever (almost a year ago) … I remember letting you know after i made it i had a piece of paper left over 1 cm sq so i made a tiny one … time flies … thanks for sharing Maggie

  3. I love the origami bunny!! And the paperclip bookmarks are so cute! We've just added a video to our channel, making an origami puppy! Come and visit us to watch it ??

  4. Hola no hablo el mismo idioma (solo entiendo muy poco) pero me encanta tu canal!!! Descubrí este canal cuando buscaba marca paginas y quede fascinada ?? muy hermoso todo lo que haces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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