5 Most Shocking Animal Attacks Caught on Tape

Lutch Green Most Shocking Animals Attacks
on People Caught On Tape Rocky The Bear Stephan Miller was an animal trainer who was killed by a bear. Stephan had worked as a trainer
at Predators in Action, an animal training facility operated by his cousin, Randy Miller. At the time of his death, Stephan was not working as a trainer, but was
attempting to perform a bear wrestling stunt supervised by Randy Miller. On April 22, 2008, while filming a promotional video, Stephan
was killed by a 5-year old grizzly bear named Rocky. Rocky was a bear actor who had been trained to wrestle humans. At that
time, he was best known for his appearance in the 2008 film Semi-Pro. Stephan Miller had asked to be filmed wrestling Rocky for an advertisement. The plan was to first take some shots
of Stephan Miller and Rocky casually standing next to each other and then later begin the staged wrestling match. However, during the initial shots, Rocky stood up in his trained wrestling posture and began the staged
attack too early, catching Stephan off guard without his arm raised in the proper defensive position. Randy Miller then hit Rocky with a cane, trying to make him let go of Stephan. The 7½-foot-tall,
700-pound bear bit Stephan Miller on the neck once, piercing his jugular vein and carotid artery. An autopsy revealed that he died
within minutes of the attack. White Tiger Kills Man Who Fell Into Its Enclosure In a hair-raising incident, witnessed by scores and captured live on many cameras, a 200-kg
white tiger mauled and killed a youth after he fell into the animal’s moat in the Delhi Zoo. Eyewitnesses said the young man, identified as Maqsood, 20, had
“crossed the stand-off barrier” of the white tiger’s enclosure and then fell into the moat which separated the enclosure from the visitors’
gallery. Zoo officials said, the man ignored repeated warnings. The six-foot, seven-year-old tiger, named Vijay, saw
the man in the concrete moat and bounded up to him. Footage showed the tiger glowering face-to-face at the man, as it initially
appeared to be surprised on seeing the sudden human intrusion into its habitat. Authorities eventually frightened the tiger into a small cage inside the
enclosure. Police arrived on the scene, but could not save his life. The man, whose body remained in the outdoor enclosure two hours
after the attack, was dead by the time help reached him. Elephant Rampage in Kerala India During a religious festival in southern India, an elephant became enraged after seeing the mistreatment of another
elephant nearby. The elephant killed its handler before rampaging around the area injuring 20 other people. Video footage from the 2007 attack shows the graphic incident. The elephant
carries its trainer in its trunk as it charges through frantic crowds of people. Lion Attacks Man In Cage A shocking video shows a man in a lion’s cage being mauled by a lion. After
some time passes, the lion is shot and killed by an arriving police officer. Crocodile Death Roll Attack This man was performing a stunt involving a Siamese crocodile, called “sa wat dee”, where you put your arm
into a crocodile’s mouth, and then tap the inside of the mouth on the way out to cause the jaws to slam shut. He had done this trick many times before, but never with this crocodile. What ends up happening is truly
terrifying. The croc slams it’s mouth shut almost as soon as the arm enters, and then it goes into a death roll. Crocodiles are famous for their “death roll” swirl which they
do once they are successful to bite on any part of the prey.

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  1. I hope they shot all these filthy animals to death haha. They elephant was a dick especially. Hope he get riddled with bullets ??

  2. Literally 90% of all animal attacks in the world are due to humans. If we weren't so provocative and intruding to the animals they would leave us alone

  3. I wish stuff like this happened more often, with every species of animal all over the world. If more of them started fighting back, humans might finally learn animals aren't ours to control or abuse. They have as much right to be on this planet and be left alone to live their lives as we do.

  4. Ik the human race are evil and do torture animals like this and its not fair ik that but as soon as an animal kills someone that's game over, it isn't safe to have dangerous animals in captivity it puts the staff at risk, visitors at risk and even other animals ,all 5 of these animals should be killed

  5. Are u so FUCKING stupid that u harassing animal. Blame yourself stupid. too bad that they do not kill more stupid fucking idiots??

  6. Aww poor people. So scary. I feel for the poor man face to face with the tiger? then dragged away?. But they shouldn't kill the predators if they kill a human. They are wild after all people!

  7. that is why ye don't fuck with animals if we get closer to one we kill it or it kills us
    and zoos need shooters to whatch what is going on in order to protect the civilians

  8. See how easily that tiger just grabbed that guy and picked him up and ran off with him like he was weightless. Such strength. That guy deserved that for being an idiot. He was warned multiple times not to cross the barrier and still does, then clumsily falls up and over another barrier. Idiot.

  9. Animals in the wild still have their instinct to kill and cant be trained they are not like cats and dogs who where bound to look for owners.

  10. Nice Job Crocodili he deserves that coz All Crocs Failed The Test but when he put his arm at the Crocs mouth The croc said "Its my time to shine!"

  11. humans should just leave animals in the wild, but i respect most zoos and sanctuaries for helping endangered animals. And don't go IN the wild with them. The guy deserved it who wanted to wrestle the bear. Thats animal abuse. Bear had had enough. Yes i feel "BAD" that the people died but they seriously had it coming. Just plain brainless if you ask me

  12. Animals can’t be trained to do anything ! I mean they can but don’t mean it’ll last long ! They’re animals !!! Leave them alone

  13. I am an animal lover after i watch this i only want puppys and kittens only why did i watch this???

  14. I love when animals kill people. Hahahaha humans are retarded. Especially the ones who blame the animals for acting like animals!

  15. Someone:Hmm maybe wrestling with a bear is good content lets do that

    Other person:That's not a stupid idea

    Me:Really nigga

  16. I feel so sad about this all u know this animals are wild they are not meant to be pet so they did what they are born to do ……

  17. Animals should not be killed for the stupidity of humans. These are animals taken from their habitat and forced to be jeered at. Serves the humans that were killed right, before the animals were killed I wish they had done more damage to the humans involved.

  18. Well honestly I came here to hear you…I must admit along with the content of your channel the music you use is brilliant .. lots of love ?

  19. the elephant trainer got exactly what he deserved.. i actually smiled and was given great pleasure seeing his body stomped dragged bones broken dangling and thrown in the air.. well deserved death. elephants are the most inteligent sensitive emotional beautiful animals that we have on this planet and they are beaten and tortured beyond words in india.. all of the trainers beat them with sticks and are aggressive with them chaining them up and using them for their own personal gain.. if i was in india id take each of those sadistic fucks out with a bullet to the forehead.. no one that abuses animals deserves to breathe air

  20. The elephant attack in India was actually because the elephant was in musk- a period of time marked by high aggression in male elephants, where they will go after anyone/anything (hence knocking over the other elephant). The people should have known better and not brought him into a crowded area.
    But anyways, sad that people lost their lives, but all these could have been prevented simply by not using animals as entertainment.

  21. The last one happened because something fell in the crocodile mouth while he insert his arm, as you said it's a trick, you touch this area and the jaw shut automaticaly. The crocodile start rolling when the trainer start panicking and fighting, he would had stay calm and none of this would have happened (ok he would had probably lost his arm but he will be alive).

  22. Sorry, not sorry, but if you choose NOT to follow the rules, safety measurements, etc you get what you get for being a stupid idiot.
    Now, the attacks on children, I think their parents should get the same punishment. You put your child in harm's way and thought "oh I got you, you wont fall….aaahhhh omg my child…

  23. This video was pretty crazy but I like crazy. Even if the people were at fault, these people didn't deserve to die. All the animals in this video should been put down when they appeared to be aggressive towards those 5 people. Ain't no animal worth any human life. May God bless you with a heart if you think differently.

  24. Wrestling with a bear, tapping the mouth of a crocodile, getting in a cage with a lion, ffs why would a sane person do that

  25. This video made me scream, "OH NOOOOO!!!" -First time THAT'S happened during a video…I figured it was "YouTube" graphic -not "seeing someone die before my eyes" graphic. Very interesting video -especially the elephant one where it became enraged seeing another elephant be mistreated. Also sad, too.

  26. Now you learned your lesson not to mess with animals…..but i feel so so so sorry for all the people died in this video T_T

  27. So the elephant freaked out because of the mistreatment of another elephant? that explains why it attacks another elephant.

  28. Love when trainers and handlers get killed. Hummm for some reason wild animals keep killing ppl and yet ppl keep trying cage and train them. Then the dumb shits get killed and sadly the animal (being an animal ) is killed because it killed a person. What’s worse is nobody is held accountable. At least a few ppl are dead now compliments of Mother Nature.

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