5 Most Mysterious & Unexplained Sea Creatures

there is no denying that the ocean is the most fascinating place on our planet and the ocean and space are the two things we are surrounded by yet know so little about every time an explorer plunges into the ocean it's unlikely that they will come back up to the surface without discovering a new species or variety of creature but every now and then an unknown creature is washed up on a beach or something is spotted during an expedition that cannot be explained these things once again show us the endless possibilities the ocean is home to sit back and know that everything talked about in this video is sharing the planet with you shark eaten by unknown sea creature in 2003 Australian filmmaker Dave Riggs and his crew were asked to tag an adult great white shark along Australia's coast so they could monitor its behavior one of the first great whites they managed to tag was a magnificent 9 foot long female she was strong healthy and given the name alpha for months later her tag was washed up on a beach and was handed in by somebody walking by after reviewing the information from the tag the researchers were left confused at what had happened the data revealed that our 4 a.m. on the 24th of November 2003 the shark suddenly plunged a high-speed 520 meters down the edge of a continental shelf they also indicated a massive change in temperature from 46 degrees to 78 degrees in seconds the only explanation the researchers could give was that alpha had been devoured by another living creature and was deep inside its belly during the recordings the tag seemed to carry on recording from within the Predators belly for a further eight days before finally being excreted and washed up on the beach so what could possibly eat a nine foot long healthy great white shark while there have been many theories ranging from an orca or a giant unknown sea creature astonishingly it took 11 years before a plausible theory was released Dave Rick himself theorized the only explanation could be that another even larger cannibal great white shark was responsible one that would have been almost twice alpha size and weighed over two tonnes making it one of the largest great whites ever recorded the only other explanation that was brought up is that tracker foul off alpha and was eaten by another fish so what do you think happened did the tracker simply fall off and was eaten by a smaller fish that thought it was bait or was alpha pulled deep down in the ocean and eaten by an enormous undiscovered predator furry creature washes up on beach in early 2015 a mysterious carcass of a creature was found washed up on an island called Sakhalin which is located along the east coast of Russia the carcass was ripped apart covered in blood had bones protruding from its body and was unusual in the fact that it had a long beak and was around eleven feet in length at first it was identified by experts to be some kind of rare big dolphin species but people argue that due to its fur and large size this is an unlikely candidate so what exactly was it well despite a few theories there hasn't been any real explanation it's unsure if DNA samples were taken and if they were nothing has been released how it ended up on the beach in the first place is also a mystery since the water around the area is colder than most fish this size would usually live in this led researchers to think whatever it was may have been brought in by warm current and died when the water's cooled not long after his discovery another study was done by a group of scientists who came to the conclusion that the carcass could have been a whale kirb possibly that of a beaked whale since most whales and dolphins are born with hair that they lose quickly this would explain the fur but this would have meant that if it was a beaked whale or dolphin kirb it would have been a very large one another theory is that it's just a rare large dolphin and the hair is degraded tissue fibers but more interestingly some think that it's an undiscovered sea creature which with its size and the unexplored areas within the ocean this liked all the theories mentioned cannot be ruled out this next mystery is actually another washed-up creature now I was going to include this thing which is called the Montauk Monster that was found washed ashore a beach in New York in 2008 but after reading a lot about it although it hasn't been fully identified it doesn't seem like it came from the ocean whereas this next one I'm going to talk about most certainly isn't land-based there isn't a whole lot of information on this but it was found by a group of people in 2013 on New Zealand's Bay of Plenty beach this area is known for having sea creature carcasses washed up but this one caused a little more mystery as it was unlike anything previously seen its body was 30 feet long and was mostly buried under the sand but his head and a large dorsal fin could be which led a marine biologist to think that it was most likely an orca because of this distinctive fin but this couldn't be 100% confirmed because of its badly decomposed body some say that since the jaw line even after decomposition is so narrow though that is definitely not an orca but it could be an unknown species of whale or an undiscovered creature the teeth do look similar to that of a killer whale so who knows what do you think was it an orca some type of whale or a prehistoric creature that we have yet to discover the 52 Hertz whale this next mystery has been around for a while and is actually quite sad is the 52 Hertz whale often called the loneliest whale in the ocean is the story of an unidentified sound that was recorded in the Pacific Ocean in 1989 those thought to belong to a solitary unidentified species that is looking for a mate 52 Hertz is the frequency of the sound which is much higher than any other known whale call the blue whale is usually ten to thirty nine Hertz and a fin whale is around 20 Hertz making a 52 Hertz call out of the ordinary its unsure if it's a male or female or if it's even a whale but it's definitely something and something that sounds pretty big the sound has been tracked every year by scientists since it was first discovered and incredibly the tone of the sound has deepened over the years as it would with a regular whale call take a listen Oh despite comprehensive monitoring and searching nothing has been found and nobody's sure what is creating the sound there has been some speculation that is a malformed blue whale or a mix of blue whale and another species if it is the sound of a whale then just think it could be the call of an undiscovered species as the last of his kind left in the world unfortunately though all that we are left with is the sound of this incredible creature makes easily making it one of the ocean's biggest mysteries an interesting side note is that a documentary about the search for the 52 Hertz whale is being released soon the documentary was funded by Kickstarter and Leonardo DiCaprio gave $50,000 to help the campaign hit its target which it did the team recently went out in search for the whale and I believe they are working on a documentary now which I am super excited to see mysterious giant shark in early 2000 scientists from Japan conducted a study to learn more about marine life in the Mariana Trench now for those of you who are not familiar with the Mariana Trench is thought to be the deepest part of any of the world's oceans and is located in the western Pacific now its precise depth is hazy but his thought the trench is about 6.8 miles deep at these depths is hard to believe anything could survive but surprisingly there are many fish and living organisms down there which I will talk more about in a documentary about the Marianas Trench anyway the Japanese scientist was studying an area not far from the trench called the surrogate a they had submerged a container with special bait at a depth of around one mile in hopes of capturing on camera whatever wanted to feed on it this is a common way of videoing and identifying new and existing sea creatures at first the camera picked up a few small known sea creatures followed by a shoal of rare deep-sea sharks that measured 6 foot long if this wasn't exciting enough for the researchers the Sharks scattered quickly and a huge creature came into view its size cannot be justified on the video footage but the researchers said it would have been between 30 to 50 feet in length just know the Guinness world record for the largest shark is 37 feet so if the proportions the researchers are given are correct this could be the largest shark ever recorded take a look scientists aren't exactly sure what type of shark it is and people have said it could be the long thought to be extinct Megalodon the gigantic monster of the sea that lived over two million years ago and has labeled the largest most powerful predator in history but another theory is that the footage caught a very large very rare Pacific sleeper shark sleeper sharks can grow to lengths of 23 feet so even if it was a sleeper it would have been the biggest and longest of its kind to have ever been spotted so those five mysterious sea creatures don't forget this is only a fraction of the creatures that must be out there there is bound to be thousands of undiscovered species swimming around right now and there are also many mythical creatures that people think could exist but I'm saving those for another day I hope you've enjoyed this video and I'll see you again in the next one furry creature washes up on Russian Beach Russian Beach

20 thoughts on “5 Most Mysterious & Unexplained Sea Creatures

  1. Number 1 may just be a basking shark or maybe just a regular shark thats being oversized by the angle. Could very well be a megalodon?

  2. You know what makes a sound at 52 hertz in the ocean? ?‍♂️ A person screaming ? while getting eaten by a shark ?!! lol ??? take another listen 6:12

  3. After doing a little research about that Pacific sleeper shark it seems that there's not really much known so there is a possibility that they are able to grow to a great scale in size but I highly doubt it was a Megalodon

  4. 1, sharks get eaten by bigger sharks, big whoop!

    2, that’s a beaked whale, no fur, that’s what rotting whale flesh looks like m8t

    3, definitely an orca, have you seen an orca skeleton?

    4, a yes, a whale that sounds different… spoookyyyyyy!

    5, a sleeper shark, you can even see the shark parasite on its body! Megalodon is nothing even like a sleeper shark in niche! It’s just close to the camera mah dudes!

  5. I came for mysteries not sad stories of a whale/creature who is the last of its kind calling out to the seas hoping for a response. Poor Whale/critter. Now I am sad.
    Also that sleeper shark could just be really freaking old given that its cousin the greenland version can live to 300-500 years old so maybe the one on camera is just a really old and big pacific sleeper.

  6. The last one was false information it was a vide from northern Canada. The shark is a Greenland shark or a mega mouth shark

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