5 MISTAKES Guinea Pig Owners Make!

Teto Snoop Timmy Louie Billy and Mike but And Mike Mikey and of course Phoebe the cockatiel Hey, I’m Scott this is Phoebe and welcome to my channel Scotty’s animals and this video is five mistakes that can treat foreigners mate I Guess I’m doing this solo, okay five mistakes guinea pig owners me I’m volunteer at the Los Angeles guinea pig rescue. I specialize in Adoptions bondings, and I do Everything anything else that needs to be done. I do baths Sell supplies whatever whatever it needs to be done I also design these t-shirts which you can get at the rescue and also on my page So let’s get into it number one living situation cage mates. Okay, guinea pigs should never live alone Boys do best in Pairs girls do best in three okay? Never let them fight signs of fighting our chattering teeth squaring off at each other They shake their butts and they lunge at each other and when boys fight they bite And they’re trying to hurt each other never put your hand in between Male guinea pigs that are fighting if you have to wrap your hand with something when you’re doing an introduction But if they’re already fighting you need to separate them with some Whether it’s a dustpan or a piece of cardboard or something, but never put your hand in there if you get bit Guinea pigs generally do not bite But if you get bit you know fighting situation and it breaks the skin deeply it can cause a nasty infection and never keep Mixed sex pairs that are breeding never let them Greene never let them have babies Okay, we have Hundreds practically a thousand guinea pigs at the rescue that need homes, so don’t you know make more babies? Especially if you can’t take care of them you Want to strive for harmony you know in in Switzerland, it’s illegal for guinea pigs to live alone. They should always have a Cage mate so in the wild you have one male and you have a bunch of females living in a burrow any boys that are? born they fight they get kicked out they start another burrow so Here we’re trying to kind of defy nature and pair up to compatible voice And we specialize in that at beginning pig rescue. Okay, girls girls do fine in groups They don’t even all have to get along they manage to work it out, okay So that’s number one number two biggest Mistake second biggest mistake is the cage size cage and the habitat that they live in minimum minimum cage size eight square feet okay Eight square feet minimum is this right here, okay, or one of these? Okay, the store-bought cages these store-bought cages Way too small okay. This is a perfect size cage for traveling for Overnight for an emergency situation taking your animal to the vet you put pine shavings in the bottom And it’s fine for a while a lot better than like a cat carrier with the towel you can keep them in there all day comfortably in an emergency or a travel situation Other than that store-bought enclosed cages are no good What is good a scene see cage is what led a big rescue what we prefer? It’s our favourite cage that we recommend. We saw the supplies for you bill mmm-hmm This is a cnc cage CN c stands for cubes and coroplast the cubes are these organizing cubes that College students set up in their dorm room that you can use to pretty much perfect Assemble any way you want, and the other scene is coroplast stands for coordinated plastic. That’s it’s basically plastic that looks like cardboard It’s got the hollow tubes inside, and it has its two ply that you can fold It’s sturdy like cardboard, but it’s plastic okay We sell sheets of this and the cubes and you can assemble it if you go to guinea pig cages calm They sell these already ready to go. They see open to you there aren’t any score. Do you fold them for a premium price? or you can Source this material at like Target or Home Depot or any of these big box stores itself mm-hmm organizing things like this And you can find it on the Internet the coroplast sheets you can find at any hardware store its corrugated plastic the other cage that we Considered the minimum size that we actually also sell, and we approve of is called the Midwest cage It’s very similar to this it’s got a canvas bottom. It basically duplicates this exact thing and it’s about six Minimum six square feet so it’s it’s the absolute minimum that we would recommend for a pair or a trio I really like just to take a box and cut some holes out Okay, it’s got really good air flow and they chew on it, and it’s okay these igloos they Are okay, but you can see they get very dirty they don’t have very good air flow and Over time if when the Pink’s are hanging out it can get really just dirty in that one spot You have to move the igloos from place to place Because they just sit there, and it just gets really dirty in there, so that’s why I kind of like The Amazon boxes and you can cut them out and make them you know interesting and they’re just and they’re they’re basically free sometimes people come in and their cages are made out of Modified furniture like a bookshelf or or a dresser, and they’ve hollowed it out And they quickly you know made this all sorts of very creatively turned their old unwanted furniture into some kind of a Weird cage It very rarely works, they need the most horizontal space that they can have And we found that this is like just the simplest and easiest setup even if it’s something that is made like this out of wood putting pine shavings or I’m just a wood bottom ends ends up rotting unless it’s treated and when it’s treated there are fumes it just this is so much simpler if you have a wood frame that you want to put corrugated plastic in that is a possible solution but it tends to be very heavy and and Don’t overthink it just This is the conventional wisdom And it just works so great easy to clean easy to set up when you have it on a table up high It’s easy to scoop out with a dustpan into a trash. Can I? Have a trash can like this, and I just have a big tobacco bag And I just put it in there I scoop, and I’m done it quickly I can clean this whole room in about an hour, okay Let’s move on. Let’s try to Let’s talk about Bedding, I love pine shavings kiln dried pine shavings that are designed for animal bedding works great There’s also paper bedding like carefresh Sometimes I sell a mixture of both people use fleece or old towels and things like that. I found that Fabric bedding that you have to wash and reuse tends to get very messy and dirty We have volunteers that swear by fleece, and they have a system for making it work it involves layers of fleece with u-haul pads sewn in between and They have success with it, but they generally Have to do more laundry And it requires a little bit more daily upkeep My suggestion to people as always whatever Bedding solution you have in mind you should try it and have a go with it Talk to our vault our volunteers. Talk to people read forums and Modify if you have to but in the end you know you will find something that works for you, so you know it shouldn’t be more than a few weeks of adapting and changing before you find something that you’re willing to live with and Ultimately you know no one wants to clean their cage. No one wants to clean poo but The hour that it takes me to clean all these cages versus the enjoyment and You know fulfillment that I get from living with these crazy dudes and Islam, you know It’s worth it. So it’s not mean it’s like not even worth talking about so Let’s talk about one more thing about their habitat their cage should never be outside never They should never be outdoors without supervision. They shouldn’t be in a playpen They shouldn’t be in a bunny hutch or a chicken coop. They should not be in any of these wire Contraptions Wood contraptions like that okay, they can be in You can set up some grids like this around in a circle and you can set them up in the grass when you’re there under supervision and you can hang out in the Sunshine for an hour I wouldn’t do much more than that and it’s really based on their own patience You know some I’ve had guinea pigs that I was able to take to the park And they would sit in the sunshine And they would eat the grass and they loved it Then I’ve taken other pigs and they just would dart for the bushes, and they would not chill and so it was a constant You know worry that they were gonna dart out one of them did go under the little divider and Yeah, I’ve got them back obviously, but it was it was freaky, so They can hang out in the park, but you should never leave them outside for too long. We’re talking there’s mites There’s lice. There’s spiders in the grass there are hawks there are other predators around cats even just being in wide-open spaces When you’re a prey animal. It’s just unnerving it Causes them fear and anxiety and that’s like you look at it from their perspective. That’s not There’s no point You know you think you’re having a good time, and if they are afraid, and they are not enjoying it Then it’s not worth it Let’s move on to the third being mistake that guinea pig owners may And that is in reference to their diet guinea pigs need to have always staple diet of pellets and Hay, they need to have Timothy pellets and timothy hay at all times. I love the snack shack log You can stuff it filled with timothy hay and keeps the hay off the ground you’ve got to keep the hay off the ground because it will absorb the The pee on the ground and once that happens They are not interested in it becomes bedding itself so really got to keep the hay off the ground the snack check also They can stretch to reach out and they can tunnel through and it it gives a mental stimulation and physical It works out their back stretches their back and gives them You know something that to reach for in a climb on so snack shack is Is really I would say even before Heidi the snack shack is one of the most important things to have inside the cage Obviously aside from a food bowl So a small ceramic food bowl and you want to fill it in the morning and and make sure that they eat a full bowls worth every day and Always have pellets and a fresh hey Timothy hay available for them in addition to that let’s talk about young pellets versus adult pellets Young guinea pigs need to have more calcium for their growing bones that means there’s a specially formulated pellets That is alfalfa based when they get to be basically full-grown they can switch to the adult formula Which is timothy based? Guinea pigs are prone to stones and and calcium related issues if there’s too much calcium in their diet now. Let’s talk about veggies fresh veggies fruit Stick more with the fresh veggies and fruit sparingly we have a food guide that we give to adopters but I’m going to show it here on the screen right now and It is on the L a guinea pig rescue website You can print it off, but basically the main thing is no iceberg lettuce no cabbage and no spinach though First to know bok choy those cosmic bloat and gas and guinea pigs can’t really Pass the gas like people can and it can cause bloat and make them very uncomfortable So no iceberg lettuce and no cabbage spinach Also has a lot of calcium so you want to stay away from spinach? And other foods that have too much calcium you want to give very sparingly which We should we say what those foods are on the food list? Which I’ll flash again, and you can pause it and write down those Fruit Like oranges and apples are okay But sparingly they have too much acid and it can cause sores on their lip And it’s got a lot of sugars, so you want to give fruit in very small amounts as a treat But really they love veggies even work great fresh veggies are red leaf green leaf lettuce cilantro Cucumbers green peppers all those are good And you want to do this with in moderation a good amount might be a big piece of lettuce and a little piece of pepper and You know a piece of cucumber and that’s for the whole day And you could split that up among you know two or three feedings so piece of lettuce in the morning You know slice of cucumber you know in the afternoon and a piece of green pepper at night? You don’t want to give them too much if you find that they are having soft poops You know their poops should almost look like they’re their day big food. It should be a solid hard Firm poop if their poops get squishy or soft And they step on them and get it smushed in their feet then you’re giving them too much fresh veggies And you need to cut back So not too much veggies You can give them veggies ten times a day if you just want to give them a little bite here there And you can give them as much as you can afford until you start seeing That it’s soft poops so as I said a good amount would be a piece of lettuce a little piece of pepper and a cucumber or a bunch of cilantro, and then you know a section of Warren and a baby carrot but Remember fruit and carrots also have a lot of sugar so you want to don’t give carrots every day don’t give Fruit and every day if you’re concerned with vitamin C. Green pepper has a lot of vitamin C So it’s a really great option and also while we’re talking about vitamin C Guinea-pigs and people don’t produce vitamin C on their own So they need to be supplemented We recommend not putting vitamin C in the water do not put vitamin C in the water people say that all the time They’re putting vitamin C in the water Don’t do that what that does is it makes it so that the water tastes weird, and you can’t control how much vitamin C they’re getting when you do that because you can’t control how much water they drink every day and the vitamin C is going to Dilute and it’s going to become less effective over the days that it sits in the water If you want to get vitamin C and we encourage that you give vitamin C to your guinea pigs every day and Online there’s a discussion about how much they’re saying the average guinea pig needs from ten to thirty milligrams Or as much as 50 milligrams of vitamin C A day and at the LA guinea pig rescue we recommend fifty milligrams one full cc of child life liquid Vitamin C. That’s what this is and Here I’m gonna show you what that’s like What I didn’t see come on Everybody loves their vitamin C. Come on. What do you know? So once you give the vitamin C. They should be? Lining up for it and Every day now this is a great way to get get your pigs to trust you and to to Pay attention to you and also it’s a great way to give them used to taking medicine from a syringe come on to me What to me Jimmy? Come on Come on Come on stretch your legs and I really like for them to stretch their legs climb up here come on good good See they will pull the syringe from your hand if you don’t hold it firmly because they love it that much good That’s what you get Okay Here really is your vitamin C And Mike just thinks it’s a little too sour sometimes. He was liking it very well But lately He hasn’t as much Right Mike come on See, but it’s still it’s that easy. No. He’s loving it today It’s just that easy okay There you go So one full syringe of child life liquid vitamin C We saw this at the rescue, but you can get it at Vitamin Shoppe and anywhere online That’s what this stuff is and just one full CC or one Milliliter okay, and the way that works out is one milliliter is 50 milligrams For this so babies would get half and That is an appropriate amount But there’s still some debate on the internet about exactly whether it’s 30 milligrams or 50 milligrams But there is a consensus that says that within moderation you can’t give too much vitamin C You obviously wouldn’t want to give one guinea pig the whole bottle in one sitting that would be way too much But you can give them one full cc and that I have found that all my guinea pigs they just look so healthy and strong and I’ve really seen An improvement in just overall sense of well-being when I’ve kept up the consistent vitamin C It increases the interaction they love the vitamin C And they beg for every day, so they come up you know, and it just has increased and improved our relationship so vitamin C highly recommended And I think that is Pretty much summarizes the big mistakes that people make with the diet Okay, let’s talk about number four the fourth biggest mistake that guinea pig owners make its handling Picking up your guinea pigs now remember. They’re prey animals, so they don’t really want to be picked up They like being held, but they don’t want to be picked up and they don’t want to be chased. That’s for sure You have to bonded boars. They might chase each other like mine do sometimes But they don’t want to be chased by you with your big scary hands swooping down But it’s kind of inevitable so you want to minimize the time that you’re actually Chasing them with your hands you want to pick them up with confidence now Louie is especially wild and crazy’ so I’m gonna try to pick him up And show you support his feet and with a firm grip grab them and then bring him close to your body Supporting his feet and see how he got so much calmer Come on, but with a firm grip. I’m bringing him closer to my body And get close to my body Right Great the same way here’s a trick for Bird slider and here’s a trick for returning them I’ve got them sportiest feet and firmly holding him close to my body then when I return him I put make a circle with my finger and his nose goes in there Casey wants to nosedive forward Even if it’s a short distance, I prevent him by going like this, and then I let him go So Another way to do it another easy way to support your guinea pig when you’re picking them off is You have a towel or a blanket or a fleece of some kind, okay? Like this so I could pick up Tim and over here Come on, Timmy see me is a lot easier to pick up, but I pick him up But he’s squirmy and he’s a nibbler so I can wrap him in a little towel right like this Okay, and then as soon as he’s in there now his feet are secure he feels much calmer Hey mine There you go So see now I can hold him like this and his feet are supported and also in 15 minutes He won’t pee on me. He’ll pee on here, and I’ll start to feel it, but it won’t get my shirt Wet my awesome healthy guinea pig rescue t-shirt won’t get wet okay, so what else so they also make pre-sewn cuddle sacks that you can put your pigs in and they’re made out of fleece and You can just toss them in the washer when they inevitably get peed in But you could just use a towel, and this is really awesome for last time and you you know you’ll Want me to hang out with your pigs everyday? You know or as frequently as you can? But you hanging out with them is not a substitute for them having a buddy they have to they have to have a bonded buddy Thanks to me Okay, let’s talk about taming If you want to tame your guinea pigs if you want to get them to be comfortable with you then you have to pick them up every day and You want to? bribe them with food food equals love, okay, so You have a routine in the morning. You know you’re filling up their food bowls You’re filling up their their logs with hay they start to associate your presence with food they start to associate your presence with fun things You know in the morning when you fill it up the hay log. They should be pop Corning and running around and excited. You know and They’re waiting for the vitamin C. Right. They’re anticipating the vitamin C And then you give them some fresh veggies right so it’s like all in the morning every morning as soon as you see they see You you know you’re filling up their food bowl and their hay and given a fresh veggies and vitamin C right and you’re picking them up, and you’re scratching their noses right that’s the best way to get them to trust you and to really Develop a bond and a relationship. Also body language is really important right if you you know If you approach the cage, there’s Timmy if I come up like this you know whatever you see he runs away. You know? But if I slowly come up, and I’m lower than the cage Not overbearing and scary then They will they’ll trust you so remembering that their prey animals and doing Acting in a way that doesn’t scare them, okay because As much as they love you there’s still this little piece of them that always thinks you’re gonna eat me someday And you know no we’re not So that’s how you tame them is a routine and just through their stomach, and they will trust you and Having an appropriate body language that shows that you’re not going to hurt them okay Let’s talk about for time when you pick them up you want to Give them Space and time to run on the floor let them run around some guinea pigs love floor time more than others Okay, some guinea pigs their home bodies. They don’t really want to Be out of their cage they love their burrows They are prey animals and wide open spaces scare them a big open space like the floor scares them They’ll try to find a place to hide some guinea pigs love running here and there across the floor really fast But it really boils down to their individual personalities, but most guinea pigs in my experience they just look for a nook and cranny to hide in and poop you know and so what turned into supposed to be an exercise floor time really is just like a Puddle of poop and pee in the corner you know and and they get dirty because when they’re when they’re in their Cage in the bedding right it absorbs that but when they’re on the floor it Just it just makes a mess so floor time is important But it should never be a substitute for cage space and cage space should never be a substitute for floor time So it’s really about finding that balance finding What works for your pigs? Let’s talk about bathing Guinea pig magazine doesn’t really think that bathing should be a regular part of their routine But of course if they get dirty if they’re in a carrier And they get messy or you know over time they’re grease glands can get messy Bathing is a simple easy way to get the grime off and We recommend that if you’re going to bathe them you can bathe them several times a year If they’re dirty if they’re not really dirty then they don’t need to be bathed But if you’re going to bathe them a plastic shoebox in the sink And you fill it up you put them in there as small plastic Organizing shoebox, did you get like from the dollar store? It has a flat bottom instead of a rounded bottom sink where they’re slipping and sliding this gives them a sense of stability Especially they don’t like water really and when you fill up the water, and they’re squirming this way They stay calm you’re using less water You can fill up the water you can lather them off And then you can dump that water and fill up water and rinse them off I like to use an antifungal shampoo You don’t have to use a special pet shampoo you can really use any kind of shampoo that you have around You don’t want to make sure not to get it in their eyes But you want to get it all over them a little bit you know Their face in their ears and Under their bottoms of their feet and stuff especially the antifungal shampoo like head and shoulders anything that has like this zinc ingredient It’s gonna be great for killing the the fungus that causes ringworm Which is a fungus not a worm? So shampoo conditioner And then you want to blow-dry make sure they’re completely dry if you don’t have access to a blow-dryer a big towel You know you put them on the towel let them Get the water absorb in the towel, and you just move them to another dry spot a couple times And you know after about thirty minutes. They’ll be dry a blow dryer with the conditioner makes their hair really soft and And fluffy and smells really good, so if you have a blow dryer. I recommend making sure that they are 98% dry you know or a hundred percent dry depending if it’s a hot day You know you don’t have to drive them all the way off, but you know If it’s kind of cold if it’s a cold season where you are young and just they’ve got to be 100 percent dry It’s it’s not good to give them a bath and let them be damp and dry off okay So as far as big mistakes on handling. That’s it you know Picking them up confidently carefully supporting them Every day and and and really interacting with them You know that’s gonna be how you develop a bond you know with your guinea pigs Let’s talk about the fifth mistake making a pig owners make Is about their health and illness okay This goes back, it’s like a broken record guinea pigs are prey animals Okay, they hide their illness guinea pigs in The wild you know predators they look for the weakest ones and so guinea pigs they hide their illness Right they don’t want to be singled out usually by the time you see obvious signs of illness like coughing or Their really you know their body left, they’re like you know looking ill it’s too late The best way to catch an illness early is to pick them up and interact with them every day Okay, when you get to know them, and you get to know their personalities. You will see subtle changes in their behavior Okay, you want to look for signs of? difference of changes in their behavior guinea pigs are very tough They respond very well to treatment and care but If signs of illness aren’t caught early then they really go down hard so Subtle signs of illness are Like they are they’re lethargic they’re not as active as they normally are okay they There’s changes in their behavior they aren’t eating As much or at all they’re not interested in food they They start to eat, but they don’t finish it when they normally would their eyes and their nose are crusty Weepy like there’s You know tears okay or? Crust dirt or wet noses their breathing is is obviously labored or if it sounds weird when they breathe if you hear like a crinkling sound or Or difficult breathing sounds okay. Those are all signs that there’s something going on Another thing when you pick up you pick your guinea pigs every day if you pick them up every day then you can feel if there’s a lump or a bite or a scratch, or if one of their eyes is puffy or something in or You know they have have had got a bite on it or something or their teeth There’s a broken tooth or their teeth are overgrown just being aware of What state their teeth are in it’s very important because obviously? They need their teeth to eat, and they have such high metabolisms that even going for a few days without eating regularly can really cause harm to them, so also their feet they’re Something called bumble foot but in general the pads of their feet are they swollen are their nails growing properly or their nails too long Neglected nails can often split, or it can cause all sorts of other problems with with the fingers themselves so biggest mistake that people make In keeping their pigs healthy is they ignore the guinea pigs where they ignore the signs of illness that they see and I’m guilty of that as well you know a Long time ago. I had a guinea pig that had very runny eyes And I didn’t know that that was a sign of respiratory infections, okay, so The best thing that you can do is Always be learning about them always be paying attention to them Have a community of people that also are learning and sharing information And Always testing assumptions right you know I am proud of you For watching this video, you know you’re someone that sees a video that says 5 mistakes guinea pigs owners are making And you say hmm. I hope I’m not making those mistakes and if you’ve watched this video And you are doing everything right then Bravo congratulations um comment Share this video and and you know I’d love to hear your experience because this is how All of their lives are going to improve is the more we learn and the more we Take the time to educate ourselves and to you know really form this community and to share it share this information That’s been the five mistakes guinea pig owners make and Don’t forget to like this video subscribe to the channel subscribe to the los angeles guinea pig rescue channel We’re making crazy videos behind the scenes of the rescue Help us. You get to a thousand subscribers Maybe what are you doing 50?

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  29. I just got 2 males from a pet store luckily on my own I thought they would need company. I have them in separate cages. I’m afraid they won’t get along. Should I put them in the same cage and will they be okay overnight when I can’t watch them? One seems older than the other and is constantly looking over in the younger looking ones cage. Any advice appreciated.

  30. This is, by far, the most most informative video out there on guinea pig care! Even better, you seem like a legit good dude, which makes me appreciate your content even more. You've got a subscriber!

  31. i layed with my guinea pig and started hearing chewing, i was confused so i put them away, and when i wake up that morning i have BANGS.. i should have left them the way they were but no i tried to fix them.. and now? lol

  32. Hello ? I took my guinea pig to the vet I have 2 about to have 4 because we found out 1 of them was pregnant oops… but she had he baby’s today and the vet is taking care of them right now before they can come how but they need their mom so I only have 1 right now I feel bad is that ok?

  33. My cage was bought by the pet store and it has an attachable play pen I keep on at all times. With the play pen my cage is 12 square ft 🙂

  34. loved watching this. I am a proud mama of 27 piggies… all with custom C&C and fleeced…. but you did happen to make a mistake – in your cage for vet travel – you said to put wood shavings — HUGE mistake hun, wood shavings of any kind are a HUGE nono… it causes respitory failure, they can get the dust in their eyes which causes ulcerated eyes that get infected and also – breathing in that dust to humans and animals can actually be linked to cancer causing…. you seem like you love your piggies, which is why i loved your video… but please, do not use wood… the wood also carries microsopic bugs which is another ball of wax

  35. Hello everyone would anyone like yo take in two female guienna pigs. I'm looking to find them a good home asap.. I'm located in memphis TN if interested please inbox me on facebook as chassidy pickens. Thank you

  36. I love this Bc I don’t have a guinea pig yet but getting one this week and it was very helpful and informatinal

  37. In other videos and on some websites they say it’s okay to feed them brocoli, cabbage and everything you mention in the do not feed section…? I’m confused! ??‍♀️

  38. Dude when you dished out the vitamin C you left the little black and white pig below hanging! He didn't get any poor sod 😀 I have 2 young girls but I'm wary about making them into a trio because in my experience sows can be worse than boars. They are happy together and I don't wish to rock the peace.

  39. So, I have 3 boys together because if we just got two the other would have been left completely alone. Is that okay or should we do something differently?

  40. Lol, I just wrote a bunch about getting bit and other things over on Saskia's channel (about "boy bonding" ) if you are interested.

  41. Great advice here, Scotty. Pigs can get neurotic if they don't have enough room. My pigs are FREE RANGE ! They come and go around the house. You have to be a professional to handle this. I can close them off if I have to.

  42. I don't get the moving pads bc you'd have to go to a laundry mat alla time. I pad the floor (rug or house carpeting) and use pee pads that, yes, I laundry every other day. But it works best for me.
    Let me add that pigs should not be in a draft. On the floor is too drafty. I'm limited in a small apt now so pigs have hidey places and one closed door on (closet) to cut out draft. Normally, always house pigs up off the ground. Scotty has an ace set up!

  43. Didn't someone say to limit to 1 cup fresh veg & fruits. It's easy to get to that amount quick. Cut down on potions is what I did.

  44. I just started suplimenting vit C with Camu-Camu powder too that I sprinkle on a small piece of banana. I buy from nuts dot com.

  45. What about crust or flakey around eyes. I've not seen that before but my pig has it now. It's probably too dry in the room with my AC. Doors are closed at night so it's warmed then (by the servers ?). I hope that's not it.

  46. Hey, is there scientific evidence supporting the pov that they shouldn't live alone? I currently have a confident, happy, popcorning male and am willing to get him a friend but I'm not convinced he needs it. Why is it different for birds like the one you have that live in flocks in the wild and guinea pigs? Thanks

  47. Planning to get a pair of boy skinny pigs and have been watching this video twice, thank you for the valuable informations especially on the health issue.

  48. Thank you so much for all this info, I just had a pair of pigs thrown on me and had no clue how to take care of them. This is what I needed, I already love them and I am way to invested. Thank you so much!

  49. Can I use pine shavings? I currently use fleece and it’s getting overwhelming with having to constantly change them out and then hand wash them. I have 4 piggies and a 2×5 cage

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