5 Minute Yoga | Morning Yoga Flow For Beginners | Yoga With Bird

welcome this is a quick and simple
5-minute yoga flow for beginners you can do right in bed or simply hop on your
mat let’s begin lane reaching up overhead getting a really
yummy stretch in there all the way from the toes the fingers go ahead and grab
opposite elbows overhead full inhale here into the chest on an exhale begin
to soften and sigh out any tension within the shoulders when you’re ready
go ahead and bend the knees begin rocking the knees side to side so really
just getting into the hips here to the inner thigh to the lower back release drawing the knees to chest
giving yourself a big squeeze here nice big hug begin to grab the outer edges of
the feet bottoms of feet stay touching may be
rocking side to side rest here if this feels good or take it deeper by opening
the feet for happy baby pose release hugging my knees back to chest
one more squeeze here when you’re ready come to tabletop wrists under shoulders
knees under hips take your time on an inhale dropping the belly gazing up for
cow pose exhale rounding through the spine gazing down for cat continue
synching breath with movement going at your own pace you when you’re ready coming to a nice
neutral spine begin walking the hands up towards the top of the mat start to melt
your chest down no tension in the neck maybe the forehead rests on the mat here
option to sway gently side to side so getting into the shoulders begin sending
the hips towards the heels for child’s pose inhaling drawing the breath into
the belly expanding the lower back with each breath on your exhale
softening the shoulders and upper back sighing out any tension within the body inhale gently rounding all the way up inhaling hands overhead exhale taking a
twist towards the left inhale the center exhale twisting to the
right inhale to Center exhale side stretch to the left right hand reaches
up overhead inhale Center exhale side stretch to the right back to Center
big inhale hands reaching back up overhead reaching nice and tall exhale
hands to your sides inhale reaching nice and tall here exhale release the hands
to your sides last time inhale grabbing all that space all that air exhale draw
it into heart center thank you for joining namaste
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15 thoughts on “5 Minute Yoga | Morning Yoga Flow For Beginners | Yoga With Bird

  1. Well, Teacher Bird ??? … if you "don't have time" (5 minutes in the morning) you need to examine your self love ??? … Thanks for another video, dear Teacher ??? … Excellent if you rest your previous night in a bad posture ????????

  2. I love your videos! Thank you so much for your work. Do you have any five-minute bedtime yoga routines? I like to begin and end my day with five minutes of yoga 🙂 Thank you <3

  3. hey Bird:-)that was short and sweet! Thank you for calm motivation practice ? you have inspired me to practice every day…. with gratitude ? namaste?

  4. Unbelievably it’s been 3 weeks with a 6:30 am wake up call, eager to start with your inspiring morning flow….extended to 20 minutes sessions… T H A N K S for your power of inspiration! ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

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