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hey y’all welcome back mandy from my hectic life pets where we talk about all things pet and pet related and today I thought I would go over five of some of the best fish for beginners so first let’s talk about neon tetras they are a smaller peaceful fish so they do make a great addition to many community aquariums now these guys are a schooling fish so you would want to get a minimum of six so that they can have a nice little school going the minimum tank size for the neon tetra would be a ten gallon tank and there are temperature ranges between 70 to 80 degrees next up we’ve got the white cloud minnow white cloud minnows are considered a Coldwater fish so their temperature range would be between 64 and 72 degrees these guys are also a peaceful small schooling fish so you would want to get a minimum of 6 for your tank now if you are looking for a little bit more of a colorful fish there are also the golden white cloud meadows with their nice bright golden color they can add a nice flare to any tank next we have the albino Corey catfish these guys are a bottom feeder fish so they are a great addition for your cleanup crew in your tank now they do require a minimum of a 20 gallon tank and they can go in temperatures between 74 and 80 degrees and next up we have the platy fish the platy is a wonderful little schooling fish that also doubles as a cleanup crew these guys will help munch on a little bit of algae and also decaying plant material although you do need to watch out with live plants because I know mine definitely nibble on my plants sometimes now these guys are considered a very social fish so you do want to get at least 3 to 5 platies for your tank the minimum tank size for these guys is a 10 gallon and they can go in a very wide range of temperatures between 64 and 78 degrees and last but not least we have the betta fish these guys are beautiful beautiful ornamental looking fish that can live in as small as a 2.5 gallon tank now they do have aggressive tendencies toward each other so they are typically housed only one betta per tank now there are sorority tanks that are put together for female Beda’s but those are typically for more advanced fish keepers now the bettas are considered a tropical fish and they do best in warm stable temperatures between 78 and 80 degrees so if you are considering getting one of these guys you might want to think about getting a heater okay so that’s all for today’s video if you liked it please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel hit that Bell notification so you never miss a video thanks for watching guys bye you

11 thoughts on “5 Great Beginner Fish For Your Aquarium | Beginner Fish Keeping

  1. Love my Neons! little strange on how they swim in comparison to platy's(flick-coast-sink-flick) but both are awesome pets with gorgeous colors:) Thanks Gurl!

  2. Yes I was planning on getting some neons in the near future and after watching this, pushed me over the limit so I’m going to get some here quickly! Thanks

  3. Fun fact! Cory cats are also schoolers. They prefer a group of 6+. Also, harems of female bettas do best in groups of 4 or more (less than 3 tends to make them aggressive toward each other) aaaaand in a tank no less than 30 gallons. They are peaceful with other fish. Do not house betta fish with other gourami species. They tend to not get along.

  4. I am getting a community tank for my betta his name is Freddy he is very chill and I think he will be a great in a community I am thinking about getting about 7 neon tetras and 3 ghost shrimp and 2 snails btw it’s a 10 gallon tank

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