5 Facts about the Contested Republican Nomination

the 2016 race for the Republican Party's presidential nomination is one of the closest in history and could inspire the first contested convention of the 21st century welcome to watchmojo.com in this installment we're counting down five facts you should know about the contested Republican nomination process number five what is the Republican National Convention the Republican National Convention is held whenever there's an upcoming US presidential election in order to nominate an official republican candidate to run for the White House and to establish the party platform rules and values for the forthcoming campaign the Democrats staged a similar event for their party usually around the same time as the Republicans in 2016 the RNC will take place at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland Ohio the home of the Cleveland Cavaliers from July 18th to the 21st while on some occasions the outcome of the convention is almost a foregone conclusion due to the strength of support for one candidate in particular 2016 is set to be one of the most hotly contested and potentially controversial conventions ever number four who are the major Republican candidates for nomination as of late March 2016 there were three major Republican candidates heading to the 2016 convention after a series of high profile dropouts including Jeb Bush ben Carson and Marco Rubio canadian-born Ted Cruz edged the Iowa caucuses and was an early favorite to secure the candidacy while Ohio Governor John Kasich kept his seemingly slim hopes of nomination alive with a primary win in his home state of Ohio however the campaign of business mogul Donald Trump has generated the most media coverage and debate I am officially running for President of the United States Trump's brash policies Donald J Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States unconventional manner and disdain for political correctness have earned him international headlines and significant support I don't frankly have time for total political correctness his views have divided voters and to some extent the Republican Party itself if we Republicans choose Donald Trump as our nominee the prospect for a safe and prosperous future are greatly diminished number three what happens if Donald Trump does not get enough delegates ahead of everybody I don't think you can say that we don't get it automatically I think it would be I think you'd have riots for all of trumps growing support however he must acquire over 50% of Delegates at the RNC that's 1237 of 2472 to run as the Republican candidate however many Republican leaders have made a concerted effort to derail his nomination what was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands for and more importantly it's not what this country stands for this anti Trump campaign would ultimately offer an independent nominee in the general election one with more traditional Republican held values in the hopes of blocking Trump this is no longer about trying to beat Trump it's just simply to deny Trump a majority of the delegates before the convention right however by late March 2016 Trump had already assumed a commanding lead amassing 678 delegates to Cruz's 423 but that's still just a little over halfway to an outright win if a candidate fails to secure a majority of Delegates which is an increasing possibility in 2016 the Republicans will head to what's known as a brokered or contested convention this is the situation where after all delegates including the 112 that are unbound by voting primaries and caucuses partake in a first ballot and are unable to find a winner a second round of balloting and suits for the 2016 convention specifically due to the RNC's rule 40 only candidates with signatures of support from the delegate majority of eight or more states are even eligible to get the nomination though it can be argued that this technically wasn't a real brokered situation the last so-called contested convention happened in 1976 when Gerald Ford defeated Ronald Reagan in the first round of voting number two what happens if the convention is brokered if the first ballot doesn't result in any one candidate receiving a delegate majority then a brokered convention ensues any time you hear someone talking about a brokered convention it is the Washington establishment in a fevered frenzy at this point the whole process becomes even less predictable as all delegates are no longer necessarily tied to their original candidate and are free to vote for whomever they want your guy is definitely going to lose why don't you join the winning team as every delegate can be persuaded to change his or her vote it means that a previous leader may end up an eventual loser we have losers we have losers the rounds of voting continue until a delegate majority is gained even if that means multiple ballots when it comes to the Democrats the last brokered convention took place in 1952 when no one won the nomination after the first floor ballot meanwhile the most recent Republican convention that could officially be considered brokered was held in 1948 and was settled after three ballots in 1880 it took the RNC 35 ballots to determine a winner which was eventual President James a Garfield number one who will win the Republican nomination so if the Republicans do try somehow to steal the nomination from Trump the question becomes who do they hand it to the fact that a brokered convention is a real possibility is indicative of how close the 2016 Republican nomination race is Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have emerged as the strongest candidates throughout the primaries but if neither secures the magic 1237 majority then their initial dominance have little effect in the next few months we could very well see one of our two major political parties ripped apart by internal divisions John Kasich may enter back into the running in Cleveland as could other figures that had previously dropped out or even declined to run in the first place all of a sudden he's saying publicly what has been rumored I guess for a while that he's seriously thinking of running for president of the United States a brokered convention could result in a voting free-for-all and an outcome that's difficult to predict there's no question that there would be a lot of turmoil if the establishment tries to thwart the will of the people if it does come down to multiple votes however the Republicans will hope for a rare spot in history the last American president produced by a brokered convention was Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1932 did these facts get you thinking to vote for which news story is covered next head over to watchmojo.com slash suggest and be sure to hit that subscribe button for more newsworthy top 10s published every week

40 thoughts on “5 Facts about the Contested Republican Nomination

  1. You know you're doing something different when people in your own party don't like you. We've been hearing Hillary v. Donald from the beginning. If Trump gets the nomination, who'll be his running mate? He's practically isolated himself from everyone.

  2. Dear Republican Party. I know you all are excited, and I'm not going to point any fingers BUT PUT ON A DAMN TIE, IS THAT TOO HARD? I mean seriously your running for the president of the UNITED STATES and you can't put on a nice suit and tie? Ridiculous, just ridiculous

  3. Holding a Master's Degree in Political Science, I can say that this video got much wrong. What was described as a brokered convention (going into a second round of voting after a candidate fails to reach 1237) is actually a contested convention. Also, not "all" delegates become unbound after the first round. Some are pledged for one round, some two, and some three.

  4. Interesting to note that the Democratic Party and liberal newspapers aren't talking about a contested convention. They are assuming Trump will be the the Republican nominee. This suggests one of two things: either (1) the Republican Party knows itself better than anyone else, or (2) the GOP is living in denial. I, a conservative, am more inclined to believe the latter. We'll see in June.

  5. Ah yes, Donald. But, who wants Donald for a U.S.A. president? I think he would steal all the bread crumbs if you ask me. . .
    Huh, maybe those Americans just want Donald Duck for president because he's real quackers. . .

    Oh, you didn't mean Donald Duck? What have I been doing all these months?

  6. The nomination process by both major parties needs a serious reform. Why can't they suggested a day like Super Tuesday, after roughy 6 months of announcing canidates and debates, to hold primaries in every state and thus get a canidate for president?

    IMHO primaries should be like the frist round of elections (like France) followed by the general election.

  7. Didn't do a great job hiding the bias. Not against just one candidate, but against the right. Want to do a similar video on the Super-Delegate problem the Dems have?

  8. Whitewashing Trump's candidacy by calling it brash and controversial is a huge understatement and irresponsible. If WatchMOJO is going to try news, try being objective not neutral.

  9. I thought that this would be a smear campaign against Trump, at least it wasn't entirely that.  Our country needs him.  I don't want to have any of my family bombed by a terrorist, or killed in the street by an illegal immigrant.  Forgive me for wanting to pursue happiness myself as a third generation American.  My ancestors came to this country the right way, and they worked their asses off to get our family to where we are now.

  10. I do like Trump's campaigning. He is the headline of every news outlet every day. Free publicity. Lol. Not sure how elk he would do. Bur it certainly is clever.

  11. why don't you do one of these for the Democratic party o what it's because you would need an hour for all of Hilary's fuck ups

  12. There is only one conservative that could get the Republican nomination.
    The other one is a Democrat calling himself Republican who has
    supported the Clintons for years and is there to divide the Republican
    party from the "dangerous" (to the establishment) conservative movement.
    We need a president that has proven to protect the Constitution, not
    yell racist nonsense and catch phrases to rile up the fed-up (with the
    establishment) masses. I promise you, if Trump does not get the nomination, he will go against
    his word and run on a 3rd party ticket proving he is there to split the Republican party.

  13. its pretty funny how they say "ohio gov john kasich," "business mogul Donald trump,"but when it comes to cruz they say "canadian born ted cruz" and not texas senator. really obvious favoritism. classy.

  14. At least Trump is the best among the worst He said that he is going to make America great again you should be aware Americans that your nation is getting bankrupt your nation has about 19 trillion debt if you can't pay it your nation is screwed

  15. a small loan of a million dollars it's been really hard ?why the fuck u lying why you always lying mm oh my god stop fucking lying

  16. Why do people support trump? I mean, I get it. People are sick of politically correctness and regressive leftists, but does that seriously mean you have to vote for a glorified real estate agent with no political experience who knows almost nothing about American history or government? Someone attracting fascists and neo nazis like flies to honey, and who promises outrageous and impossible policies? Seriously, a wall? The president banning an entire group of people? Mass deportation that would cost hundreds of millions? I mean, other than this, what sensible policies are he actually proposing? He's basically running on a motto. "Make America great again and we're gonna WIN!" That's all I ever hear from his supporters other than "trumps gonna ship all you dirty liberals outta hear! He's gonna take murica bak!"

  17. I'm not a Trump supporter but to deny the people who choose him to be their candidate,that is the will of the people.I personally think American politics are rigged.This could the eye opener for the American people.Trump is not for the common man,Trump is for Trump.I personally know contractors who he screwed.I know he lies but in a democratic system,if it's the will of the people then that is the principal we are supposed to live by.

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