5 Dogs That Saw Something Their Owners Couldn't See : Ghosts, ESP, & Paranormal

top I dog saw something their owners couldn't see coast girl plays with dogs first of all let me say that I think the person who filmed this video might have accidentally put his thumb over his phone like a few times so the changes you hear in the audio quality or sections that I had to boost and try to repair but anyway je della Rosa is out in his backyard with his two dogs when they begin acting strangely one of them in particular starts repeatedly jumping at something that just isn't there this is John yeah [Applause] [Applause] like after on my dad [Applause] I just if she was right there baby I saw her hello I saw her please baby Odin some strange mist it looks a bit like a running child passes right in front of the camera and then seems to just disappear so did Jay catch a ghost girl agitating his dogs and then running across his yard or is this just a hoax and if it is a hoax what's with all the jumping dog senses Paranormal Activity a reddit poster says that after moving into her house a little over a year ago she's been experiencing strange noises and unexplainable occurrences she set up a home monitoring camera in her living room and managed to catch a strange event now there's endless debate on Reddit as to what happens in this video any posters say that the dog reacts before the picture falls as if sensing something paranormal before it even happens others say the dog just has an incredibly fast reaction time either way does make you wonder why the resting dog is staring at that spot so intently so does the dog react before or after the picture Falls let me know what you think down in the comments the dog and the garbage can ghosts now keep in mind while watching this next clip that this youtuber has never posted another supernatural or paranormal video this account isn't one of those quote unquote I see ghosts three times a week make paranormal channels so youtuber Kaelyn speaks awoke one morning to find the heavy metallic trashcan laying outside in the hallway near a review this home security system we found something very strange okay guys so right here I got the camera the cot everything on tape this is the hallway right here this is the doorway for the office and like I said before nobody was on this floor so I'm about to play this clip and I just want you guys to think while you're watching this does this look right now we'll play it one more time for you guys so you can have another look now I'm not gonna lie my first conclusion for this was that I put a plastic cereal wrapper in there the cereals in the night before she's a greedy dog she was trying to get in it in the morning there's no one there to disturb her and maybe she can sneak something try and get something and her foot knock did she got spooked by something and she ran out with it roughly the same time summer rewind it for you guys and I must pause it and show you guys why I don't think she could have done this right here no you guys just saw the biddin and her came out at roughly the exact same time in the last clip for her to push it she'd have to be behind it to get that much force on it to burn to hit all the way across the hallway and to hit that hard she'd have to be behind it and hit her with their nose or her paws she could somehow but she done she's right beside it and look she's running she's hauling ass out of the office she's scared something this thing's being thrown out her direction she's racing it out.you guys saw how fast she ran out the first two times I showed you does this look like a dog that knocked this bin out now my initial impression when I saw this video years ago was the same as Kaelyn the dog was rummaging through the trash and just flipped the can over and scared itself in three years later after the video got a lot of attention Kaelyn speaks pasta Dan update video to answer some questions and he makes a pretty convincing case right so this is the area right here this is where all happened you're seeing it from a different perspective now for all those people that were so curious it can never see this is what the doorway looked like yep this is how narrow it is I can barely fit through this myself with my arms out the camera look it's are you shaking this is the office right here these two chairs were exactly how it was three years ago we don't really change our setup it's been the same furniture in this whole house st. paint colors a lot of you guys can tell the same everything right nothing's changed really this is the bin that's infamous I don't even want to move it because if I move it's Andy so close show here she knows what I'm doing already and it's a rat but I'm gonna do it anyway so this is the bin this is where it was located three years ago almost three years ago here we go yeah that's what happens every time since that day even before that they happen for people that know about dog she's a small dog they're scared of vacuums anything around their size are bigger anything that makes noise they're not really tuned into that stuff I only put it play with little toys she's a cocker spaniel mix with poodle for the people that care and she will not come out from there so she's scared crapless right now I'm choosing Oh what's going on if I shake it and I make noise she runs some more she's gone no she's behind there all right no if she did hypothetically move this bit she'd have to get it from underneath here through here past here this tight area here something like you know like this right beside get it here and I've tried this so many times I have to have two hands on it humanly possible to get it as close to it rolled in the video and I still can't get it perfect that bin molten got pushed so perfectly across the room like it takes a lot of skill as a human to literally do that I can't even light you guys so what do you think is this just a skittish dog who dug too far into the trash bin and somehow managed to work it out into the hallway at a I want speed is it a hoax or is it a ghost caught on camera you decide cat ghost and the backwards dog Mark Stevenson says that his dog Roxie developed a very peculiar nighttime habit after the death of their black cat named funny he says that when the cat was alive it would always sit at the top of the stairs and would often bite or scratch Roxie when she passed by well after the cat passed away their dog Roxie had no problem climbing up the stairs normally during the day but every night the dog would only walk up the stairs backwards who's with you so he is with you oh you're gonna make this scared again I see come here can I do karate come on it's just nighttime come on it's just nighttime you can come up here come on come on help come on Rossi tell me tell me Rossi come here you weirdo ok let's not keep doing it okay go ahead take downstairs again the dog's owner says that Roxy only climbed the stairs this way at night never during the day he says it was almost as if Roxy since the ghost of the cat sitting at the top of the stairs waiting for her and maybe this was the dog's way of ascending the stairs without actually seeing the cat's ghost but he continued the strange behavior long after the cat passed away until the family eventually moved to a new house so what do you think was Roxy sensing the cat's ghost at nightfall or is this just one dog's quirky behavior dogs scared of the outdoors the YouTube uploader called Minister Paul uploaded this clip of his two dogs freaking out over something unexplained he says that his dog ruby was seen in the video is usually scared and timid but that on this occasion she went running outside he is normally more aggressive dog misty simply refused to go out even though the door was wide open that's my dog Ruby watch there's nothing in the backyard February 7th 2013 at about 3 p.m. lodge I've never seen her do this in my life she's taking a defensive posture but there's nothing there she was literally like backing back Shepard's to my right sure go out there telling you my even my dogs since it which is a visa see that she's been doing this for like five minutes sexy here's some thinner senses Santa did you see that here's my Shepherd right here wonder what is she doing misty if some someone's out look in the video comments people have suggested that the dog can be sensing anything from a small quake to more far-fetched ideas like a ghost or even a government weather control experiment but what do you think Ruby the dog is sensing in the backyard so most of the videos in this week's top 5 were actually sent in to me by viewers and if you want to submit or suggest any videos for the top 5 you can do that at facebook.com slash nooks top 5 just click on the send message button and link the video unfortunately I don't get to see every single message but if you attach a scary video or link it will definitely be passed along to me

28 thoughts on “5 Dogs That Saw Something Their Owners Couldn't See : Ghosts, ESP, & Paranormal

  1. Literally none of this is a ghost because ghosts aren't real I'm sure that the dogs thought they saw something but didn't we don't know the medical conditions of the dog if any, there just isn't any evidence to back up the videos where there were no physical objects moving

  2. in the first one the Dog is jumping in the same spot every time he doesn't jump in any other spot. Bug's dont fly in the same for long and if you look closely there is no sign of bugs at all

  3. In the one with game of thrones if you put it i slow motion you can see the dogs reacts before that thing is going down so… yes there was something

  4. Animal can see what human cannot see because they are create that way,n baby can also see things we can because they're still pure.

  5. after slowing the video down to 0.25 speed at 3:30 and pressing the space button to pause and play, you can see that the dog reacts a millisecond before the picture falls at 3:32. It's almost at the exact same time.

  6. Omg the last video is so dumb…that pool….hello prob a snake in the pool! Dogs don't like snakes and if she saw it or heard it of course she is afraid. So dumb

  7. I had an study about ghost as a pananormal investigator
    When i was a kid my grandmother used to tell that dogs see ghosts i didnt believe her back then till i grew up a bit went to a church beside our house at 2 am with my dog i started hearing voices then my dog staired at the top of the church and started barking i havent seen anything but heard a kids voice

    Then i tried to research about dogs and ghosts from articles and books and religious books what i found was bizzare
    Dogs can sense and see ghosts and djhins
    And what made more cooler is not only dogs but other animals like donkeys . i hope everyone got some info about it

  8. First- dog catching bugs
    2nd- picture frame doesn't Free fall down on ground.
    First it skip from Left screw or hook,hang on second screw or hook and fall down.
    When frame skip from one side obviously scratching sound can be heard, And dogs are the best with ears.. That's why owner Wake up in shock when frame skipped from second screw or hook and Bang.

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