5 Dog Gadgets You Should Have

this is Murray he is a dog and he can speak I think bears look very manly okay okay that's my voice but it came out of this pet speak is a revolutionary device that makes your dog speak using recorded messages that are triggered by your dog's motion profile your dog can speak I'll have that beer now I took a walk that's bad kind of you can record any message you want and choose when to trigger it through the app hey do you see that babe over there let's send our message do you want to get drink sometime okay well hello there hello do you want to get drink sometime or choose from the audio library and let your dog's motion profile trigger messages throughout the day what's squirrels OS world I haven't gonna happen pets big even makes it possible for you and your dog to text you can talk to your dog remotely they'll be home soon buddy I'll be home soon you can even make your own funny videos of your dog and share them with the pet speak community pretty cool meet buddy buddy is a fully integrated LED dog collar packed with Wi-Fi Bluetooth and GPS technology that's connecting humans to their dogs like never before because we believe dog ownership is all about enjoying quality time with your pet buddy needed to be practical and easy to use that's why buddy is completely autonomous meaning you spend less time playing on your phone so you can enjoy more time with your dog but it takes care of the rest pet safety is paramount that's why keeping them visible at night is so important we give pet owners the ability to express the unique character using light buddy has an almost infinite amount of beautiful lighting effects in color combos which can be preset or manually adjusted on the fly we've built in some really cool innovations say you're at work and you want to know what your dogs up to at home buddy tracks activity via Wi-Fi you set up an area within the app called a geofence and if they happen to escape or get stolen you'll get a notification on your phone so you can track them in real time by GPS buddy monitors their activity using a built-in three axis accelerometer displayed right on the collar how about a light sensor that turns the collar on and off and adjusts the brightness automatically to keep them nice and visible there's an ambient temperature sensor and buddy can connect the stuff around the home like your smart locks thermostats and lighting set the temperature or create zone areas around the house set activity goals by offsetting their food intake against their daily exercise to get a clearer picture of your dog's health and receive notifications and alerts when it's time to feed them go for a walk or take them to the vet buddy also lets you know when your friends are in the area so you can meet up the local dog park or just compare stats when designing buddy had to look special but it also had to function and look like a regular collar one of the biggest problems with existing smart collars is a lack of a traditional d-ring so we added one in even though buddy is a sophisticated piece of kit it doesn't require you to be tech savvy to use it that's why buddy can be operated with a single press of a button you can scroll through vital information at a glance and once your preferences have been set you never have to think about it again just enjoy time with your buddy I think any dog owner can relate to it you look into their eyes and share a brief connection and see that they really want to understand so when you think about trying to talk to your pet there's really only so much you can say but what if somehow you could communicate more what would you ask them first this was the inspiration of a clever pet hoverpad is an interactive device that rewards your dog for solving simple puzzles we know that when you reward an animal for performing a certain behavior it's more likely to perform that behavior again in the future we use this every time we try to get our dog to do something for a treat and to the most important factors in making this work a repetition and consistency so clever pet uses your dogs morning meal and the time it spends at home to encourage interactions throughout the day it starts out simple your dog will get a treat whenever she presses any of clever pets buttons once she's got this down clever fit makes her job a little bit tougher now she only gets a treat when she presses the button that's lit up once she's learned that the game changes again clever pet gradually teaches her to interact in more interesting ways and she stays active and happy all day long the really great thing is that this is all automatic clever pet engages your dog even when you can't be home my favorite part about working with dogs is seeing progress on a daily basis I've learned a lot about how dogs interact with their surroundings and the most important takeaway is that a dog with a job is a happy dog what's really interesting is that all my clients have the same requests they all want a happy healthy and well behaved dog so when I was first introduced to clever pet I learned that there was something for these problems keeping our dogs engaged and busy while we're not at home I've introduced dogs to just about every interactive toy and device on the market and nothing challenges your dog like clever pet does the dog collar is a promise that you'll always return that you'll have their best interests at heart that you will keep them safe healthy and loved it's time for a color that helps you keep that promise introducing the world's first all-in-one smart dog collar that seamlessly integrates and communicates the family pet products we are dog telogen and this is the connected collar hi my name is Patrick rein founder of dog telogen dogs have always been a critical part of my life and a primary source of happiness and fulfillment my goal with dog telogen is to use technology to improve the lives of dogs and their owners Riley is my best friend and co-pilot in life I wanted an easy-to-use tool that would help us stay safe healthy and connected at and away from home like most dog owners my biggest priority is safety that's why we developed a proprietary virtual leash and fence technology the notification on your smartphone will let you know if your dog wanders outside of the designated zone at home and outdoors it works by combining inaudible ultrasonic frequencies vibrations and a simulated leash tug to humanely keep your dog from going any further training your dog can sometimes be difficult so we've made it easier than ever using our app you can control a variety of pre-programmed and customizable whistle tones to build skills and deter barking easy to follow guided training will help you cover the basics fitness trackers empower us to live healthier lives and now they can do the same for our furry friends using the app owners can set goals view highlights share progress and receive suggestions to build healthier habits your dog can get lost sometimes but that doesn't mean you have to gps partnered with two-way communication and smart leds give you the ability to track speak to and keep your buddy safe no matter where you are Riley sit stay good boy this is more than a nap it's a gateway to helping your dog live a longer and healthier life dog telogen sends automatic reminders to keep you up to date on vaccinations allowing you to easily share health records with any bed in order to have all of this functionality and style and one integrated device we designed it from the ground up by combining and customizing the same technology seen on smartphones and tech wearables we have created an intelligent collar unlike anything on the market all this power is housed in a sleek waterproof rugged flexible and customizable body with a battery that will last up to 14 days removal and recharging is made easy due to our buckle is magnetic latching system and conductive charging the connected collar is the key to unlock in a future family of pet products to communicate and interact with each other we brought the dream of a truly integrated and stylish smart dog collar to reality now we need your help to bring this exciting new product to market please take a look at a reward to see how you can get involved together we can use technology to make life safer healthier and more convenient for dogs and owners worldwide this is beaker he loves to play fetch he'd play all day if we could now with I fetch he can I did this is my grandson grant we've been working out I fetch for nearly three years it's an interactive on-demand playmate for your pet our dog Prancer always wants to play fetch so we set out to build something I would play with them and we couldn't we designed I fetch for indoor use the miniature tennis ball it launches is perfect for small and medium dogs who often require a lot of exercise I fetch only powers up after balls dropped in the final saving energy and staying quiet with not in use some dogs can be trained to play with I fetch on their own while others require a little bit more help I fetch doesn't necessarily replace humans role in playtime it adds a whole new element of fun this toy puts a smile on the face of everyone who sees it next you

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  1. ▶️ Link To All The Dog Gadget Listed
    #5. Petspeak➡ http://www.mypetspeak.com/
    #4. Buddy➡ http://www.squeakerdogs.com/
    #3. CleverPet➡ http://getcleverpet.com/
    #2. Dogtellingent➡ http://www.dogtelligent.com/
    #1. I fetch➡ http://amzn.to/2CeRB3K

  2. how can i purchase the dogtelligent collar
    can some tell me the link takes it to a site that doesn't have the product as shown in the video… ugh

  3. Please make one of those for our wives. Make sure it has an integrated camera, since no idea where they keep sneaking around all the time a few years down the normal marriage path.

  4. Introducing the Roomba. Hours of entertainment for your dog and the internet. it also picks up your dog's hair because it sheds like crazy. And the best part is it does all this while you lie on the couch.

  5. So I was watching this video and at around 5 min there is the dog dish with the buttons. If you connect, wifi, a heart monitor, and the ability to send that data, you could use the same training system to save lives of older dog companions (people). Heart monitor detecting irregular patterns would make the light flash and the dog receiving the treat would transmit the monitor data to medical responders.

  6. can someone give me the actuall link to the buddy collar because it isn't they're or is it seriously the prototype and same with dogtelligent i dont get it

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