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When five rescued black bears arrived at their
new sanctuary home, some were nervous about leaving their cages. After all, for most of their lives, stepping
outside their cages had brought only frustration and pain. My name is Brittany Peet, and for two years,
I’ve been fighting to rescue these five American black bears from an outfit called
the “Great Bear Show.” But for Andy, Cindi, Buckey, Brock, and Barney,
it was anything but “great.” The bears were carted around the country,
forced to perform tricks and pose for photo ops, often yanked by the chain around their
necks. Here you can see the show’s owner wrench
Cindi up by the neck and strike her with a stick in order to force her into position
for a photo, causing her to cry out. The owner then pockets the cash. Cindi consistently showed signs of severe
psychological distress. She paced and pawed at the barren, makeshift
cage and was desperate to swim, explore, dig, or do anything that bears do in nature. Barney, the youngest bear, has suffered from
a skin condition for most of his life. Prompted by PETA, the USDA has repeatedly
cited the owner for failing to treat it adequately. You can see the large, hairless patches on
Barney’s body. He constantly scratched, desperately seeking
relief. Barney is your classic young bear. All he wanted to do was play, but he was almost
always isolated from the other bears. You can see his frustration during the shows,
as he was forced to balance on barrels do and other tricks. PETA found that during one stretch, Barney
was kept inside this tiny transport cage, without any exercise. You can see him swaying, a sign of psychological
distress. He was trapped inside there for at least six
weeks. But, after years of pressure from PETA, the
bears’ long ordeal came to an end. They were transported to the Keepers of the
Wild Sanctuary, and the bears stepped out of their tiny cages forever. Even Andy, who almost didn’t make the trip
because of his severe arthritis, slowly made his way down the ramp before settling in for
a long nap. The bears’ new habitat has structures for
them to climb on, bear-sized hammocks, and even a huge swimming pool funded by PETA. And after years of pacing, scratching, and
pining to do the things that bears do in the wild, Cindi went for a swim. Barney, who finally has room to roam and other
bears to socialize with, ran and played as if he’d been doing it his whole life. He’ll finally get the care that he deserves. In the last five years, PETA has rescued 72
bears from roadside zoos and traveling shows, and I remember every single one of them. To see bears who, for years, had lost all
hope finally get to swim and dig and play and hibernate means everything. To the thousands of PETA supporters who wrote
and pressured the owner to send these bears to a sanctuary: Thank you—you did it! If we keep working together, then the rescue
of Andy, Cindi, Buckey, Brock, Barney, and the 67 other bears will just be the beginning,
and one day, we’ll have all the bears out of their hellholes.

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  1. Graphics that stick and beat that fucker to death people don't go to zoos or any place that animals,are put there for show they deserve to be free

  2. this is admirable…the PETA Stance on BSL Dog regulation in the UK However…… is bizarrely cruel. Poorly thought out and woefully vague..many people in the UK now think PETA are misguided, poorly advised and clueless about responsible dog ownership.

  3. I would love to torture people who mistreat animals, I know that violence is not solved with violence, but there are situations in which it is necessary for me to use violence to make people abusive of any living being that does not have the capacity to defend to pay for their evils, I know that my sentence is very extreme, but the anger I feel when I see things of this kind is so great that it is I end up saying something absurd.

  4. Donated Shared Subscribed Thank you for your hard work and compassion for animals. How can anyone not donate to such an important cause

  5. Please go see this video of Dogs and Granite State Transparency, she gets assaulted, the man's arm reaches out to her. Please help her with these officers and to file charges, please help her get that man with Tom (HIS ID). Watch entire video please, help her. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mGwVN1BHhk Granite State Transparency gets assaulted for trying to protect two dogs in a car with a lot of heat for over 20 minutes. 36:00 timer.

  6. GOD BLES!!!!!!!!!!! ???????????????????? thank you so much peta I love you so much xoxoxoxooxox??????????????

  7. Pra mim não são heróis impedem o avanço tecnológico. Podem achar que eu sou um Filha da puta, mas o mundo e assim, eles interferem em coisas que não deviam, eles nós atrasam na medicina e tecnologia. para salvar bichos selvagens que podem nós foder a qualquer momento, porque proteger se nós criamos abatedouros horríveis com a verdeira energia do mal e com o cheiro da morte…porque precisamos, o que adianta proteger os animais se a maioria dos humanos precisam matar animais para viver, o que adianta se os que protegem matam os protegidos para viver, você pode até ser vegano, mas o que um vegano fará para mudar a sociedade…nada!, obrigará a todos a serem veganos? Não adianta e de nossa natureza matar para viver. Se nós nos matamos, porque proteger animais?…se nós também matamos a maioria deles, ou vai me dizer que vacas, galinhas, porcos também não tem sua vida e sua alma. Então…pra que salvar pra depois matar.

  8. Its always nice to see a Animal that has Suffered..so Much..And Been Abused for years.. Smile.. Its because of All of the People.. Who have a Good heart.

  9. Why are people still paying to see these animals and paying for photo opportunities ?people in this day and age know how these animals are kept … seeing those bears swim and play has made my day thank you

  10. Thanks for helping the animals. I want animals to be happy like people are. If we were in a small cage we will go crazy just like animals.

  11. So much effort to free these poor creatures ! Can you imagine 2years! Well done PETA ! ?What determination! Luckily there’s rescuers like you otherwise these bears wouldn’t stand a chance. The abuse all starts from the idiots who take children to the circus or these incredibly useless , stupid shows where animals must live in horrific conditions to « please » children’s tantrums. If parents didn’t pay for a stupid photo on top of a bear or to watch useless tricks there would be no point in keeping a poor animal not only prisoner, but also victim of violence to force it to perform the silly tricks. Parents should educate children to respect animals and teach them how these creatures live in their natural environment. Children understand. I was never taken to the circus as a child and when other children went and asked me to go I asked my mum why we’d never been. She said “Animals are mistreated in circuses and I feel sad watching them perform tricks. They are forced to live in tiny spaces and look miserable.It was the end of the 60’s . Very little information, no hidden cameras and no Internet but she could see beyond the fake, glittery world of the circus managed by animal abusers

  12. Thank you Peta. If I had extra money I would certainly send donations. I pray that Gods kingdom will come to earth as it is in heaven. The Lords prayer Matthew 6: 9,10 with Christ Jesus rule from heaven. The earth will become the Paradise God ment it to be. Jesus baught back man's opportunity for everlasting life at his death. We have to choose to serve Our creator? God, Father, Jehovah God. PSALMS 83:18 The most high over all the earth , whose name is Jehovah God. The animals will never be harmed again.

  13. I don’t think you need to add the abuse videos. We all know what that looks like. I much rather see them play and swim please.

  14. I am so glad they are freed! I hope all creatures are freed from their abusive and oppressive environments and freed. Thank you so much for all this organization has done!

  15. Abuse such as this brings me to my knees, it extends beyond a feeling of depression. It actually instills an element of retribution within me.

  16. Wonderful , you are wonderful people thank uou for saving these beautiful bears , thank you over and over , God bless you all and the bears . Xxxx

  17. Can you please go to Cherichi Tennessee there is a place that grizzly and black cept in concrete cages with arethwrites and have been there for there whole lives

  18. I never support shows like this. I will never buy a ticket to events like this. I never been to a circus that showed off animals. Please do not buy tickets to these events because the people who run these things care more about money and not the animals.

  19. Awww an amazing video!!even saving one bear makes me so happy the fact they saved 70+ makes me relieved af!!!

  20. it’s disgraceful how animals are treated in this world. Used and abused, tortured mentally and physically. When will it all end.

  21. Thankful that these magnificent bears (who, ideally, should have never been in the positions they were forced into to begin with) are finally in a sanctuary…but absolutely furious that it has to take YEARS of court battles to get the help that these – and any other – abused animals so desperately need.

  22. Thank goodness for PETA! Mans cruelty and exploitation of any animals must be publicly called out and shamed by whatever means necessary for the liberation of these sentient beings.

  23. Why do animals lives cost less then humans I mean we’re free and we can do what we want why should animals be forced and abused and caged up? And also thank you PETA for all your hard work to help these animals your the one who gives them hope. I wish all my luck to you

  24. ?????????????????????????? animali così in cattività costretti a esibirsi per far fare soldi ???e la gente che ci porta i bambini,ottimo esempio davvero
    Tanks you veri much

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