4’s Pet Project: Pet-A-Palooza

it’s 8:52 in time for fours pet project joining us this morning is Alison Abbott with friends of Jacksonville animals thank you so much for coming in and with you is Marsha Marsha Marsha this is Marsha for Animal Care Protective Services let’s show let’s show everybody at home come here girl oh she is beautiful where are we on 6 no we’re in the gym here it’s a though and she takes it so gently yes yeah Oh Marsha she’s eight years old she is completely housebroken we can attest of that she is sweet it has a sweet demeanor she just wants me happy wagging tail oh he needs to go home because she’s been one of her long timers and um today’s got to be her day to go home yes so if you at home are thinking about a pet let me tell you a dog Marsha is your girl she’s your girl she’s sweet she’s friendly she loves you no way she’s 8 years old 8 years young eight years young and she is such a happy girl she’s she’s happy and you have a lot of friends at the shelter I’m told Marsha and today folks can meet those pets during petted Palooza pedda Palooza is gonna be held at the home and patio show today at the prime Osborne Center and they’re gonna be placed at the courtyard for 12:00 to 4:00 today and they’ll have dogs and cats bail for adoption and if you show if your home and patio participant you get a free adoption and if you don’t quite find the animal that you like today they’ll give you a voucher that will honor the free adoption for the next 30 days at the shelter awesome and also if you bring an item a shelter item that’s listed on their Facebook page and I’ve shared it on photos Facebook page for the shelter you get a free admission today so today’s to go the home patty is show how improvement the best improvements take a new best friend home is Marsha going no but she’ll be at the shelter so you can find her there so you have two places to go to yes definitely check them both out you can thank you so much for coming thank you thank you and Marcia’s ready to go home again pedda Palooza is today from noon until 4:00 it’s in the courtyard up the plazas board Center was you could see this she’s rolling all over the floor there will be Pet Marshall that is there will be pet adoptions and local pet vendors with all the peg gear you need you can also stop by Animal Care and Protective Services at 2024 Street that’s where Marshall would be yes open from noon until 7:00 this evening Tuesday oh no excuse me Tuesday through Friday and from 10 a.m. until 6 o’clock tonight and Sunday thank you again so much thank you

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