4’s Pet Project: Kittens up for adoption!

and welcome back it’s time for for its pet project joining us this morning a unity board with friends from Jacksonville’s animals and she brought along Grayson with her this morning and Grayson you brought along a few furry friends well the kids this morning we got to see you all yes these kittens are up for adoption this morning they’ve been in a foster home since they were tiny babies with their mommy and so we just wanted to talk about how children can help with the foster process during the summer all right cuz we talked a lot about an adoption saying you know these pets are always up for adoption but fostering something that many people don’t thank you yes and fostering is really good during the summer for children it helps keep them busy and if you’re not sure about the commitment of adoption fostering is a good way to find out if your family is ready for that commitment all right in a little boys like you have a little bit of more of a flexible schedule during the summer right so are you fostering this summer Grayson keep the cats like calm and get them used to being in a human environment exactly that it’s a great practice for kids so that’s the water it’s a good way to find out of your children are allergic if you’re not sure fostering is a very short commitment okay what is the window of time typically looking um it depends bottle babies can be about six weeks or you can just take a kitten overnight the shelter has a lot of urgent needs or they just need someone to take them overnight and bring them back in the morning and tell a more permanent foster home can be found I’m like that okay so if you want to test the waters and bring one of these kitties home how do you do that unity oh you can just show up at the shelter today they’re open from 10:00 to 6:00 p.m. for adoptions just come in and let us know you want some kittens oh thank you cute kit thank you together two words together thank you so much of grace and angular2 for coming on this morning remember you gonna the dachsies or foster them for a little while to adopt today’s bet stop by Animal Care and Protective Services at twenty twenty fourth Street they are open from noon until 7:00 Tuesday through Friday and from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday

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