4K Video Sniffer Dog Training by Bangalore Police Labrador Doberman Pincher German Sheperd

welcome to this compilation on top training by Bengal police the testable the site is very organized what were training dogs early in the morning you can see all the three varieties of dog Labrador Retriever rubberband pincher and the German Shepherds being trained here this one is the most popular house dog in India and all over the world the black one is the government pincher is jumping up stop you can no longer see all the three dogs the first step in dog training is command obedience by the dog here the instructor is asking the dog to come near him sit turn around insurance of what we've seen here instructor and a black jacket is watching the performance of these dogs this rail basically sniffer dogs used in finding stolen articles and also feeding here the double gun pincher is doing an AB soft jump they're very agile lean and and they move very fast compared to the we are now and individual training and to being commanders along the three beats that are used the Labrador Retriever is the most friendly one you can see that it keeps wagging its tail here the dog is doing a sniffing practice there we met with him bags with different tests smells and then they typically hide this bag among other bags beside we do not have a ballon make the dog with at the police and walked in with the double band picture making sure it will base the commands here you see the German Shepherd or it's also called possession in the UK and Ireland a terrific dog and very powerful dog and they're very useful in managing sheeps and a flock and they are also one man dog they're not as friendly as the Labrador Retrievers they are doing the training here in following command Oh Hey Oh thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed this interesting video subscribe to my channel too and click on the bell symbol to receive the latest updates in my channel thank you and have a blessed

5 thoughts on “4K Video Sniffer Dog Training by Bangalore Police Labrador Doberman Pincher German Sheperd

  1. Dogs require large space which defence forces can provide, keeping them in lawn,balcony or roof of a house is sort of animal cruelty! Also officers dogs as shown in clip are not chained but most dogs owned by regular citizens are kept in chains almost all day long.

  2. Dogs are excellent for defence forces but are not so for regular people. Regular people can't give them that facilities that defence forces can provide them.

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