4K CC. Western Ground Snake, Catching Reptile & Amphibian Pets in AZ CA NV UT Herping HD..

we got it so it's a king snake here on the lake and we just gorgeous he might not be a Sonoran king snake is these colorations he's missing a band can I get pictures of him too I'm taking a video right now guys happy the daddy found you a king snake do you want me so he's smooth he's got smooth little skills I'll pet him wow he is so soft I can't believe the way his skin feels he sneaked the only all I have to do in the u.s. to avoid being bitten by a poisonous snake is just don't grab rattlesnakes and don't grab coral snakes and he's not a coral snake because our coral snakes are all red black and yellow here at the late up you go buddy up you go scoot scoot so somebody doesn't come along and try and make dinner out of you

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