432Hz – Angelic Reiki Music | Angel Healing Music – Angel Choir Ambience – Angelic Meditation Music

20 thoughts on “432Hz – Angelic Reiki Music | Angel Healing Music – Angel Choir Ambience – Angelic Meditation Music

  1. Mission & life purpose: Heal our planet. Make Earth a better place for all living beings. If that resonates with you, please subscribe to our channel to help us. Thank you for connecting.

  2. Almighty give me the power to let go what is no longer serving me. Allowing love within myself to flow in the deepest of my subconcious and to radiate in my body and soul.??❤??

  3. I want to enjoy eating, enjoy to sleep, enjoy to drink water, become stronger and healtier to help humanity

  4. This is beautiful !! Makes me peaceful …wish we all could live in peace love & joy ….gratitude for this beautiful music…

  5. I have had 2 to 4 deaths in my family and closest friends every month – 14 consecutive months – since December 24, 2017 up to Saturday, January 26, 2019. Most of them all to cancer, except for 3 to Alzheimer and heart attack. I have been and continue to question why this major "End Cycle" that seems to be ongoing. I moved back home 7 years ago to help my parents because Mom has 3 terminal cancers and Dad is also very ill. I must be strong and positive to help them in all of their grief.

    I am a medium and a spiritual psychic but the veil is not being lifted for me to see and understand because it affects me directly. So I am asking all of the Angels to help me in this mournful journey to help me not lose myself to depression, to melancholy. I ask all of the Angels to guide me, to light my way, to help me understand why, to heal me.

    This beautiful, peaceful, all loving, positive and relaxing music lifts me up to higher levels that my Spirit Soul and Human Soul opens up to. I feel like I am transported to another realm with this magical music.

    My God bless all of us and may all of the Angels protect, heal and guide us.

  6. This is so beautiful as we have had so many in our family pass away the last few years. It leaves a void in your heart. But you still feel as though they are right here yet you cant see them or touch them. The music solidifies we are still together but in different realms. Heaven is so close and even though they are happy healthy and near, we long to have that time with them now. Thank you so much for this music. We pray all will heal and feel peace through this. We even feel our pets are so close to us that have passed and when we think of them and hear music like this it brings assurance they too are waiting for us on the other side while we long to be with them. Thank you so very much!!!

  7. I am archangel shialoh. I am here to remove your worries of the past present and future. I ask of you to release any issues of past disagreements with others or yourself at this time as I help you do so.
    I am here with you in full guidance and support. I ask of you to open your heart to this musical tone. I ask that give your open hearted answer to my questions.what is the reason you have decided to come upon to angelic help?? What is the motive behind your search.are you ready to ascend into higher levels of the love and light?? Are you open to angelic blessings?? I want you to ponder on these questions for a while. Then come back when you are ready.
    I ask that you are safe and well with me. That each one of you are the most loved child to me in my eyes.
    I will give you the gift of an angelic blanket over you to you. I am ready to start my healing.
    I am ready to give you many presents. All free. Hehe. Relax deeply and allow me to embed higher light inside your light bodies. Please allow me to say that I love you to your hearts. Please open you hearts by a spiraling motion rotating your fingers where it is necessary in your heart.
    There is more. I want to you to know that I am always here for you. Please call on Shialoh. The newest archangel. In the highest love and light, shialoh.

  8. I also request prayer. To be a light to others please God ,keep my mind clear and free from anxiety of the traumas endured that I have been fighting against. Please overtake and do the shifts required in my favor. I thank anyone who prays for me. God bless you

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