4 Ways to Tell Your Cat “I Love You!”

Team Cat Mojo– it’s in the air. Love is in the air. It’s Valentine’s Day. That’s right. It is a perfect time to learn
about the cat I love you. Are you guys ready
to get catified? Oh yeah. Let’s go. [MUSIC PLAYING] All right, y’all. It is time to learn
about the cat I love you. What is the cat I love you, you
ask yourself, or you ask me. If you’ve watched “My Cat
from Hell,” even that all, you’ve probably seen me
walking around talking to cats by blinking at
them, the slow blink, right. Believe me, I know a
whole lot of people know about this now because
you walk up to me in the street and you blink at me. Which is weird,
but totally cool. Because the concept
is everyone’s getting to know the
language of cats. Way back in the
’90s, early ’90s, I was learning how
to be a cat boy. I was working at
an animal shelter. And I learned that
cats liked me. I was so obsessed
with these guys and obsessed with learning
about their world. So I started reading. And one of the books that jumped
out at me in the beginning, made me feel like, hey, there
might be a community of people who think like me,
or who are obsessed the way I am, and this woman
right here led the way. Her name is Anitra Frazier. This is actually
my copy of the book that I got back the early ’90s. Go figure. In this book I was reading
about the cat I love you. And basically she was talking
about how she learned this by walking down the streets in
the Upper West Side of New York and just looking in the
windows of the brownstones and seeing cats in
there and noticing that they were blinking. What is that, she wondered. So she would blink back at them. And suddenly there
was a language between Anitra and these cats. And that became
the cat I love you. They’re letting you know that
they are vulnerable to you. These are prey
animals, animals that sleep with one eye open,
almost literally, cat napping. Because they don’t want to
be preyed upon in the wild. So the concept of closing their
eyes to you in a slow way– not something that they would
do very willingly unless they’re trying to tell you something. In the spirit of
Valentine’s Day now I’m going to teach you how
to do the cat I love you. If you stare at people they
tend not to trust you very much, you know? So if you’re doing– we’re
going to lose our glasses now. When you do this, stare. Now I’m even– let’s remove
my facial expressions. Not very inviting. So the secret is to
relax, relax your face. So do this with me–
a little scrunch up, a little Gilbert Gottfried here. And then release it. Now you got it. Now we’re softening our eyes. This is the way that we want to
approach a cat, with soft eyes. We’re not staring at them. So let’s take it
to the next step. When you look you soften, and
then behind your vocal box– don’t use your words,
just think them. I’m not speaking right now. I’m thinking. You’re hearing my
inside voice right now. I love you. One more time. Take your time with that. That’s kind of key. When your cat does
that to you, remember– they are showing
vulnerability, in which case we’re not just going
I love you– oh, what? I love you– oh,
are you still there? You know what I’m saying? That shows lack of trust. Trust is really closing
your eyes to the world. Practice that with your cat. What about the cat I
love you how ya doin’? When you walk into a room
and your cat sees you, tell me your cat doesn’t do
yeah, yeah, how ya doin’? I just did it. So let’s incorporate the cat
I love you with the how ya doin’, which is the cat I love
you how ya doin’, originally enough. So you go– Try it! I’m telling you, you
feel stupid doing it. But try it, all right? Now let’s try the bow. And the bow is you’re literally
just bowing to your cat. But you don’t necessarily
have to go all the way down. And in the same way, you don’t
have to do the all the way blink. The I love you bow is like this. It’s almost as if in the back of
your head you’re saying, yeah, I love you. Yeah. Let me teach you about
the 3-step handshake. The 3-step handshake
is using the cat I love you in succession
with some other things. People are always wondering
why they can’t pet a cat. Because you didn’t
ask permission. That’s why. This is how you ask permission,
the three-step handshake. First we’re going
to try the blink. Yeah, throw in a how ya
doin’, throw in the bow, OK. Next thing you do is you present
something with your scent on it for them to explore. Often I will use these bad boys. Step three finally
of the handshake, the real how ya doin’, is
offering your hand to your cat. Now the thing that
I will always do is extend my hand in
a very relaxed way. I’ll treat this
finger like a nose, because cats often
will nose to nose. There’s my nose. I’ll present to them. And often what they
will do once they trust you is allow
them to pet you. They will then push their
nose up, towards the third eye here, and down. These are universal
signs that your cat has fed you over and over again. And if you just use them up a
little bit, don’t feel silly. I mean literally, we’re behind
closed doors here, just you and me in the cat cave. Try it. And try it with your cat. Of course that’s homework. Go and try the cat I
love you with your cat. A true expression of your
love for a cat is saying, I will communicate
on your terms. The cat I love you,
the 3-step handshake, the how ya doin’, the
bow, the finger nose– all those things are going
to their side of the fence. And let me know about it. Write some comments
right down here. Subscribe to this
channel, by the way. Write to me on Facebook
and Twitter and Instagram. Show me some videos, man. Show me some videos,
and pictures, of you doing the cat I love
you, or your cat doing it back to you, or doing the how ya
doin’ or the finger nose. I would love to see
all those things. I mean, honestly, if you want
to do a great Valentine’s Day thing for the Cat
Daddy, show me some of that stuff with
you and your cats. Videos man, I love that stuff. Some pictures on Instagram–
I love that stuff. Please bring it on. I want to tell you
one more thing. I want you to look
at this right here. Cats are cool. People we all knew that, right? Go to catsrcool.org
and you can find out some more about this
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Cool, Cats R Cool sponsors me and my tour,
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out when I will be traveling with Cats
Uncaged at a shelter near you, in a town near you, under
the Cats R Cool banner. So folks, happy
Valentine’s Day to you. Go and spread that love. Go blink a little bit. Go do the how ya doin’. Let me see it from
you and your cat. In the meantime, I have
no way of expressing how big my heart is
for team Cat Mojo. You people have been
coming out in force, letting me know how you
feel about Cat Mojo. And I’m pretty psyched about it. Until next time, all
light, all love, all mojo. [KISSES] Love you. [MUSIC PLAYING]

100 thoughts on “4 Ways to Tell Your Cat “I Love You!”

  1. I am crying, I did everything and my cat reacted back in a very positive way, it feels like we have a closer bond right now. Thank u so much.

  2. Dude my act is really mean and I did the slow blink and now she loves Mae like she was licking me and she never does?thankyou

  3. my cats had been doing this to me for years and i never knew it until i watched my cat from hell! thank you!

  4. My cat closes her eyes to my husband and then opens them then LOL he asks me because he knows that I have watched your YouTube videos and videos and have learned more about cat than he’s ever known so every time she closes her eyes at him and opens them he automatically asks me what does that mean sweetie and I normally tell him sweetie that means she’s telling you she love you and I even ask him if it’s a slow movement he says I don’t think so it’s just that she closes her eyes when she looks at me and then opens them I said maybe that’s her way of telling you she loves you because maybe she knows that you don’t understand the slow blink like I do so she’s giving you it and that way most of the time he just says hi and says I love you to bamboo which is our cats name and I just laugh and when he says what I say tell her you love her the same way she did and he actually tried One day and now he knows and thinks it’s pretty neat

  5. Ok my cat's strange. I got him as a kitten to keep my other cat company (she had been upset after the older cat died). I have been doing the slow kitty blink for as long as I can remember (I was raised by a cat). So I'd blink at him as he got older, and he wouldnt blink back but took it as an invitation to sit on my lap. Recently my other cat passed away and now when I blink at him he blinks back and stays where he is. Obviously this had something to do with my other cat dying…he was very upset about it at first because they got along. But for 10 years Ive been blinking at him and suddenly he starts blinking back? What gives?

  6. Slow blinks work.She is often doing it back.Im having a issue with her taking my hair accessories and hiding them behind her toy bin.

  7. One more thing.. I am confused if my kitten wants to play or wants me away. Like she will want me to play with her but then bubble – bite me. But if I leave. She will follow me.. She does have biting toys

  8. OMG! For YEARS, I thought the feral cats in my yard were bored by me, giving me this slow blink! They won't let me near them but they've been saying "You're cool with me." All these years! Now I slow blink back.

  9. I mastered this from an episode you did I while back and it works! I even slow blinked at a squirrel on my balcony and it started blinking back! Instead of running away it came closer and allowed me to throw it peanuts! So cool!

  10. I had rats and now have dogs. They all do "how you doing" move, rats do it without blinking. Maybe dogs learned it from me (like they learned a "slow blink" move because I do it to everybody and even humans, this is ridiculous) but definitely not rats. So, I think, this move is common not only among cats. 🙂

  11. My cats are so calm and happy and your videos made me realise how brilliantly I communicate with them they actually talk to tel me when and what they want its strange but I actually understand them we are a great team

  12. I have a cat that is 13 weeks old. My cat doesn’t do the “finger nose thing” but he grabs my finger and brings it to his chin and start purring when I start rubbing his neck chin area. The tail isn’t mad at all when I do this either. Does he not like me petting him? Am I doing the finger nose thing wrong? Is he too young to understand where he likes being pet?

  13. Hi. I got a kitten a couple weeks ago. She 's litter trained, plays with her toys and i play back with a fishing pole toy. She can be very lovable. She'll sleep on my chest and pillow and purr and fall asleep, she likes to lick my face and hands. Then bam. She's turned into Freddy Kruger who like got into a bag of crack. She sprints around jumping from thing to thing, my head included, and attacks my hands wrists and feet and she's so fast its like dealing with a lion. Like you can't even look around to find distracting toys. I am covered in scratches so bad it looks nuts. I've tried everything online. The scheduled playing time, routine, I talk to her. Then, just like that she's giving me those sweet meows and purrs and is loving me again. Bi polar kitty? How do I prevent this?

  14. Ok so this is what happened
    I slowly blinked he blinked back really slowly but thn didnt open his eyes for like few minutes i think he is just sleepy? or is it too much love?

  15. So i have 2 cats that like to hide under the bed sometimes there scared sometimes there playing with eachother or sometimes there just hotel and want cool place to lay
    So insted of the waterbottle when ever there under bed i give one a treat for not being under there and ignore the other cuz she was under the bed or sometimes i lure them with treats but scence its been getting hot all they do i hide under the bed even if give them treats the eat it and run back under the bed any idea to keep them going under the bed all the time?

  16. This works! My cat and I talk all the time… If I do repeated rapid blinks, she knows it's time to get crazy and play. She plays fetch like a dog! Other times she brings me her favorite toy, "the wand" she sure is my best friend.

  17. I honestly didn't believe this until I tried it with my cat and she does it back everytime ❤️
    My question is this though: why does she stare at me sometimes like I got the devil on my shoulder? Sometimes while reading a book I'll glance over and there she is giving me that look while slooooooowly walking over to me like she's that sneaky

  18. Hey CatDaddy – I enjoy both the YouTube vids and the Animal Planet show. Thanks for your work with these amazing critters we call "Felis catus domesticus". Samuel Clemens said that one could tell a lot about the character of a man by how he treats a cat; it's well known that some of the most vicious dictators in history also have been cat haters – Benito Mussolini and Josef Stalin are two examples. Napoleon Bonaparte was scared to death of them. On the flipside, Winston Churchill loved both dogs and cats.

    Personally, I didn't know I was a cat dude until one adopted me. Now I can't picture life without a cat. They really are fascinating, good-natured, and very funny animals. My cat Skittles will do the slow-blink head-bob thing with me for minutes at a time. I get the best response to the hand-rub by doing it with my hand in the palm-upward position – it's a gesture only humans do. By the way – this also works with meeting unfamiliar dogs, because a hand held palm-up indicates "I won't strike you."

    Again, thanks.

  19. I just tried that with my cat! He rubs himself against my face over and over again and purrs so loud, I’m all tears?

  20. My cat is laying right next to me while watching this and i tried all this stuff on him and he scooted closer to me ?❤?

  21. Love your tutorial videos Jackson. I did the slow blink bow to my snow bengal kittens now. 1 looked up confused and the other walked towards me and is sitting next to my slippers now.

  22. Jackson I have a rescue cat. Had her for 10 years now. At first she was hard to show her love. She was skiddish and always seemed to hiss. I've watched My Cat from Hell a lot and your channel. A few years ago I started doing the Cat I love You and having her pet me. Now she's my best friend. Follows me everywhere. Says I love you to me a lot. Rubs her head on me and kneads me w her paws. She also tries to groom me sometimes lol. She is always in my room and when I get home from school she always runs up to me. Thank you Jackson a

  23. I’m feeding a very timid cat that was abandoned by someone. She was starving. She looks much better now but I can’t get her to trust me. After she eats she runs. I want to take her to the vet and get her spayed and adopt her. How can I get her to trust me?

  24. Hi my cat looks like the cat in the big picture at the back. He is black and white, 12 years old and is black and white. His name is Bebish.

  25. 1. slow blink
    – slow blink with a nod
    – slow blink with bow
    2. offer something with your scent
    3. rest hand loosely (using middle finger as a nose) in the air and wait for cat to pet you

  26. I just did the "cat I love you , how you doing?" and I can't stop laughing at myself haha! My cat is just staring at me like I am mad lol

  27. Love my Isabella, she has been with me for 15 years. She is the best. It is true, you have to know cat language. We talk to each other. I ask her what she wants and I have learned her language by her behaviour. I don’t become intrusive, I give her space. She has also learned my language. She can look at me and I can almost know what she needs. If she wants to be alone, she curls up in a certain spot, that is the NO zone. Respect the “zone”. That is nap time. Sitting in the middle of the floor starring at me is I need to play now. If I ignore this or don’t catch it , I get one meow, pay action to me please. Sitting one the arm of my chair at 5 o’clock is, have you forgotten my “kitty supper” time; she is very particular about this meal and we make a lot of fuss over it with a special diet served with a treat for desert. ( not too spoiled) even dad is aware of this routine and makes just as much if not more fuss because he works away. Funny, when my husband is home she loves him to serve her supper and talks to him the whole time. He will ask her a question and she answers back. Like they have a complete conversation. Is that strange? She always answers back when we talk to her.

  28. Will this work on my kitten ? She’s about 8 weeks and I’ve had her for less than a week ? she dry nurses my neck when she’s tired, but she bites my hand all the time

  29. My most recent cat taught me this! He is very anxious because how we got him was a person threw him from a moving truck!!! Eventually we bonded after some much needed tlc and now he does the slow blink to me when he is relaxed. I could tell it meant love/trust so I do it back all the time! So cute. ?

  30. I tried the " i love you blink " with my cat and he came to me purring and started rubbing his face on mine im cryingggg ??????

  31. I’ve been doing this blink the whole night and my cat keeps either biting or staring at me and wagging his tail. He doesn’t love me???

  32. Am I a cat whisperer? I love cats, can't live without them and all my life I did this things without knowing this was how it's done. I just always thought that respecting your animal is key ?

  33. I learned about the slow blink from a documentary years ago. It talked about how oftentimes it seems that if you're the only guest in the living room who doesn't like cats, the cat automatically homes in on you. It showed the person kind of giving the cat a disinterested look, then looking away — with a slow, relaxed blink. Naturally, the cat takes that as an invitation and he or she goes to that person. I have a new kitten, so I've been bringing all my cat knowledge to bear with her. She's been here 8 days now, from a rescue organization where she'd been left at about a week old (with mom and littermates), and is adapting wonderfully (she was surprised about TV and traffic!) and we have long cat conversations. Her "meow" (more a squeak) is getting bolder, too, and she's been talking more and more. Sorry going on here, I'm just so happy to have a fur baby again (been 12 years — first I've been emotionally ready after losing my ferrets).

  34. It’s so cute when I pretend to cry my baby comes up to me to see what’s wrong and starts meowing then proceeds to try and suck my ear ??‍♀️ she’s still a kitten btw lol she’s been doing this for 3 months

  35. I usually do that slow blink with my family's cat, Osiris, and he definitely likes it. Also, Osiris will usually let you know if he wants your attention: He'll walk up to you and meow nonstop. I definitely think Jackson Galaxy would definitely like to meet Osiris.

  36. So amazing, if i ever get a cat again, i will definitely be using this information…Not saying i was a bad cat owner, but some of these thing could have come in handy…Every little info helps…Thanks for this!

  37. You are the most awesome teacher of cat everything…i work at a shelter and thanks to all ive learned from you. I have way more success with helping the cats.

  38. My cat and I do this all the time. My fiancé doesn’t have the same luck but I will continue to encourage him to continue.

  39. for years before i found your tv show i use to think i was a real nut cause i had learned from my own cats these very ways to communicate with your cats. i am really thrilled to know that 1 im not just imagining their response to me. 2 that there really is a large community of cat lovers. in my city you can tell theres a definate leaning to dogs and cats are not given much credit so i suppose this is why im so passionate towards the amazing creatures. they are really quite a complex animal to live with. thanks again for your posts the whole family enjoys them.

  40. Anyone with a show called "Mt cat from hell" is an asshole, making money by claiming they are from hell, and he has some special quility. and this guy knows very little about cat behavior, a con man creep who exploits cats by claiming they have issues, no animal is more gentle and zen like, he claims he has some connection by claiming they can be communicated with by some blinking. What a freakin weido, know nothing exploiter.

  41. Cat's know you're an idiot. All cats look at you like a whackjob, cat's are smart, unique, they don't buy this shit. This guy's a kook who want's to sell books and treats. A con man.

  42. Slow-blinked to my cat…she held up one paw and blinked back, "I'm good, but thanks anyway. Have an early meeting." Awkward silent look followed. Lol

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