4 Tips to Help Keep Kids Safe With New Pets | Allstate Insurance

Amid the excitement of bringing home a new
cat or dog, consider these tips to help keep everyone safe and comfortable — kids and
animals included. Make sure everyone uses an “indoor voice”
and approaches the cat or dog calmly — avoiding any sudden moves. Reach out a hand, palm upward, for the pet
to sniff. If your pet is eating, make sure your kids
keep a safe distance. Many dogs guard their food and get very protective
around their bowls. Leave your pet alone while it’s eating or
even feed it in a separate room to keep everyone safe. Remind little ones that although the cat’s
litter box may look like a sandbox, it’s not. Pet waste can carry bacteria and parasites
that may be transferred to humans. Wear plastic gloves or cover your hands in
plastic bags to clean up after pets — and make sure everyone washes their hands after. You may want to consider a covered litter
box. This could help keep curious toddlers from
touching the litter — and offer your cat a little extra privacy, to boot. Adults should always supervise young children
with their pets, especially when the relationship is new. Hold small hands in your own and show children
how to respectfully play with their new friend. Want more pet safety tips? Visit allstate.com/blog.

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