yeah we're gonna get back into the swing of things to seek sweets ladle whoops anyways it's actually kind of ironic that I'm uploading today because the whole reason I haven't been uploading is the same reason that I am and that is pets storytime so Kili asked me every single day this year to have a puppy she wanted me to get her a puppy it was her new year's resolution and she not only did that but she exceeded that New Year's resolution she upped it to three times a day and I decided you know what after six months I'm gonna surprise her and I did but yeah when I haven't been working I've been taking care of him what are you doing back there exactly so pets in Hogwarts mystery is probably the biggest update they've had since the game came out two months ago and there are four possible pets at the moment owl a cat a rat and a toad and even though it goes against Hogwarts rules to have more than one pet you can have all four pets but you can only choose one pet to go around the building so I guess that's their cop-out for having one pet anyways if they're willing to go off the Harry Potter storyline I would have mind having a Krupp or troop I don't know how to pronounce it one of these is a pet I mean it looks like a Jack Russell Terrier just with a split tail which fun fact those dogs actually do go to Hogwarts in 1996 when Hagrid is teaching about them and care for magical creatures but if we don't get them in this game then I kind of assume they might be in Wizards Knight which I mean I could go for some information on that there's a look at the different common rooms of where you can house your pet and here's what it looks like when you're going around with your pet now each of these pets give you energy whenever they fall asleep so the owl falls asleep once every three hours the cat falls asleep once every four and a half hours and the rat in the toad both fall asleep every six hours so if you do a little math you can figure out that 100 gems equals 60 energy according to their best deal and you can figure out how long it would take for these gems to make up for themselves in energy costs so with the owl the rat in the toad it would take 24 days to make up the cost of these gems the cat on the other hand takes 28.6 days to make up for the cost of it in energy so if you're trying to play to maximum efficiency don't go with the cat unless you really like the cat personally I'm more of a dog guy so if you do get all four pets it'll take about a hundred days to make up the cost of gems to energy but I might hold off on spending all your gems because there might be different variations of the pets included I mean this doesn't really look like a snow owl to you does it but that is in the code also dumb bomb attached to the toad I think there's some exciting things about to happen with these pets but unfortunately at the moment all they do is give us energy and or something Malacca who doesn't like pets some other things within that date is that moving between floors looks a little different as you can see it's more in the center of the screen now and it seems too low to me personally I don't like it almost seems like a bug attribute levels have been increased by quite a bit so it's harder to level up your attributes however we now have a purpose for coins so whenever you buy something from the store you can now get attributes from whatever you bought so finally these coins have a purpose within the game other than buying clothes that you probably don't even like cuz they're from the 80s in if you bought any clothes beforehand they still give you the attribute points for whatever you bought so thank you jam city for doing that I know I personally benefited from it another thing that I know is really frustrating people was when they were so close to finishing up a star but there was only a four or five energy things to tap on now with this update you can tap on a four or five energy thing and the difference of whatever it takes to get to the end of the star will be refunded to you so say it takes two energy to get to the end of the star and you tap a five energy item this means you'll get three energy refunded back to you because that's the difference of however much it took to get to that star I know this was one of the things I was really frustrating to people because we're wasting energy the Forbidden Forest will be here as soon as well and I heard that you can get an energy from tapping a spider web within it so I'm looking forward to that as well you can watch advertisements for gems or energy I heard from ghost Johnny hunter that it refreshes every 12 hours or so but I've had an experience where I had back-to-back energy items that I could watch from advertisements so I don't know the exact amount from that it also seems like there may be a new reward within the game because I had the option to get six gems six gems as a reward in one of my classes and I've got it twice and the eight hour class scare for magical creatures so maybe give it a shot let me know if you get them as well I think it's pretty cool the dueling Club was also introduced and there's not a whole lot of information about it yet so far it looks like it's a random person from somewhere around the world but in all reality at the current moment it's an NPC though it I could see it changing to being a PvP being a player versus player and this up it's huge because it's two of the biggest things I've been asking for pets and who knows possibly player-versus-player I've been I don't know I'm just excited about this update because I feel like I've been the one advocating the most towards jam city for these two things so thank you I have heard that it's hard to win these duels you have three tickets which means you can lose three times per day and if you lose all three tickets then you have the option to buy more for 150 gems which seems kind of ridiculous because you're only playing to win tensions but don't worry about it also upcoming in year four is nifflas Hippogriff centaurs and giant spiders anyways I hope you enjoyed this one don't forget to give it a thumbs up down below and also subscribe since there's more Hogwarts mystery content going forward and if there's anything that I didn't include in this video make sure to check out the pin comment because that's where I'm going to put any extra information so thanks for watching bye

18 thoughts on “4 PETS IN HOGWARTS MYSTERY!!!!

  1. I just watched this for the pets and how often energy is produced per animal, very helpful. I got a choice to in year two learning engorgio just a day or two ago for 6 gems as well, just though I would mention it since its i got it in year tw o and you got it in year four, mustve just been a timed updte in the game for class rewards like you said

  2. So I am curious to know if there is a benefit to having multiple pets? So like if I have the cat she falls asleep and I waken her for energy , then she will take 4.5 hours to use again. Could I then take out the owl and be able to waken him in 3 hours for energy before the cat is ready to use again? The remainder time for the cat would be 1.5 hours to use. I could see a real benefit in having all 4 pets if you can stagger their use / waken time to maximize energy you could receive from them 😉 Has anybody tried this?

  3. Great I wondered what the difference was between the little critters I’m going to hold off and save for an owl thanks ☺️

  4. Someone FINALLY covered a comparison of the value of each type of pet, thank you! Couldn’t find that anywhere.

  5. I wonder what will happen after year 7 and you graduate. Will you go to Hogwarts again with a new character and a new storyline?

  6. Current theory: they may add a new floor above the East Tower (hence the reason for the strange floor spacing)

    Also, I said if you get all pets then it takes 100 days to make up for all of them in energy. However, it sounds like they give you energy regardless of if they're walking around with you… so that means they all pay for themselves after 28ish days.

    Definitely get pet(s) if you can. The game's already been out for over 60 days and they want this game to last for years to come… so a pet is a good gem investment.

  7. OMG UR UPLOADING!!!!!!!! The puppy is soooooo cute!!!! I want the cat, idc if it’s less Energy. I loves ur vids!❤️❤️❤️

  8. Thank gosh you came back. XD 3 weeks passed once again, and I had to send a Howler at the last most recent vid. Lmfao. Dunno if you've read that yet, but it's CRINGY. I know. Plus, you got a new pup?! That is the most adorbs thing I have ever seen. Aside from my two doggos….

  9. Welcome back!

    It's the ad for gems that refreshes every 12 hours, I'm not sure if there's a pattern to the ad for energy one 🙂

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