4.MY (new) TATTOO ⁄⁄ CatCreature

it’s been a while since I had a nice
proper meal at home. I don’t feel like going to the cafeteria because I’m just not dressed. I do have the time to make curry, which I’ve been missing lately so I’m going to make Japanese curry. I got a potato for this reason. I’m cooking rice on the stove, very non Chinese my rice cooker was actually Tyler’s and Tyler took it when he moved out and I actually also hate using rice cookers for some reason. I know I wear the same old thing but you what- I did the laundry yesterday.. changing it up. that yellow kitty crewneck, if you’re
interested I put it back on sale just for a week and some. it’s linked in the description if you wanted to check that out. rice is done! looks good! I should’ve put the rice in first *laughs* I was too excited. *knock at the door* Lilith stopped by to get -hi!
-some of her, the rest of her stuff. Kira has been living with a lot of her stuff lately -I’m sorry Kira so Lilith lives 15 minutes away, I think it’s like a couple miles but with finals I not able to go and she works everyday, so that’s why we barely see each other despite living both in Providence. she didn’t tell me she was coming over, so like I was like ‘what is that ?’ recently I’ve just been so used to
being home, and barely seeing anybody, and also I’ve been trying my best not to be
too down because of the seasonal affective disorder like I’ve been putting the blinds down even, and when I shine the bulb and it really reflects off the white panels, it helps me. so when I talk to other people, it’s been difficult for me to like… call Tyler or something because
it’s… Like, I want to talk to people but then when you do, it’s difficult for me because I’m… I suddenly don’t have that energy. just what I needed! there’s basically no point of trying to
sleep early on Friday, Saturday nights aka: nights where.. young people like me go out to party and stay up, and our very thin, built-in-the-1800’s walls and window panes block out barely any sound. …so it’s basically like every 20 minutes, drunk people coming by, yelling stuff thinking that no one else can hear and
then me lying in bed… angry. prairie is really enjoying herself. she’s sleeping in the cardboard that the wet food came in. I have been crocheting for the last
hour and a half. I think it’s starting to get to me how slowly it’s coming, so I’m going to take a break. I’m gonna meet somebody for coffee in five minutes, and then go to the post office to drop off some of the parcels going out to you guys and then, coming back to do other work. *yawn* I changed my mind, I don’t want to go to the post office just yet. maybe I’ll go in the afternoon because
I’m gonna go out again. but it’s already lunchtime. I tightened it too much around
this area so now it’s like a dome.. it’s becoming something, though. I gotcha! *deep breath* *sigh* Bambi… the sky is so blue and cloudless today!
I love it!! *bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow… there’ll be Sun* *for the first time in forever* wooo! *morning’s here, morning is here, sunshine is here* I don’t know any other songs about mornings.. except 2 a.m., but that’s actually a sad song. *begins singing* wait I forgot the words. *nevermind* “2 a.m. and I’m still awake writing this song if I get it all down on paper it’s no longer inside of me, but you can’t jump the tracks, we’re like cars on a cable and life’s like an hourglass glued to the table. no one can find the rewind button, girl, so crater your head in your hands. and breathe… if you can paint your ceiling, or decorate in any way- what would you do?? I feel like… I want there to be something where it’s
like every time I look at it, there’s something different. you know? isn’t it great just to lay here? I have a confession, that… earlier, before I ate the curry, I might have first eaten some of it cold without heating it up.. you know it’s like, if you wait long enough, one of those very intense but.. necessary farts might just come along. but.. not yet, not yet. just hang in there! hang in there my friends. if you’re wondering why my couch has the
towel on it’s because Io thought it was a scratch pad and I kept it on there to keep it safe. but I actually like the pink in this palette. it just looks tacky, I know. look at my crochet! I looked out my window and I saw a mail
truck. first I got really excited. I thought it was FedEx so my phone case is
here! but, it was actually USPS. but then, I lit up for another reason so I literally ran down there. no shoes, and luckily, leggings are acceptable pants in 2019 so I have my backpack and these pedestrians are staring at me and I couldn’t find the mailman anywhere and then just when I was about to turn around, he was coming up from down the block. and so I asked him, could I drop off my outgoing package to you and he said sure! so I did that instead of having to go to the post office later on today. I gave him everything I needed, so that’s a win! today’s a good day. yay! I finally got my phone case and I checked just now: so excited because it has been over a month since I got this new phone, and I got the case maybe.. two and a half weeks ago and I realized I ordered it for the wrong model, which is so dumb and I had to pay for the return shipping because Pela doesn’t cover it but I was very adamant about purchasing from Pela and I got the dark green one. very simple. dark green is one of my favorite colors right now, and I love the speckle print. I think that’s just the nature of a material they developed, because this is 100$
biodegradable. I’m gonna get dressed and eat a really quick meal. I’m just gonna have a corndog because I want to get an icee and have snacks at the theater and I want enough room for that. okay. who’s ready for dinner! hello my girl! one hug! Wow. I really enjoyed “knives out”, more than I thought I would. and on the way home I was just thinking two things: OHHH MY GOD. and I love you Chris Evans! but it’s not as good as “Parasite”, but I feel like they’re two different animals altogether.. so I really shouldn’t (compare) well. I have watched so many movies this year. and I’m normally not a theater goer I’m not sure why, maybe it’s because my biological dad
really liked to go to the movie theater? but also.. maybe because I ‘m just trying to save money. but nowadays at school it’s nice to get a student discount for the tickets and also it’s just a nice refreshing thing to do from the routine of classes, so that’s probably also it. okay *kitty screams* *whining* and I’m quite paranoid right now.. feel like a murderer is gonna come out and get me. gonna call my mom later. after this. but I almost forgot that while I was gone, a package came for me. I think
it’s from Tyler. ohh! I really really really appreciate the gift packaging it’s so sweet, but it’s also, um… but it’s also… polyester. “a sweet something from my sweet someone

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