3ft Long Bunny Set To Become World’s Biggest Rabbit

BRAD PAYNTER: This is Dexter, he is a 10-month-old continental giant rabbit and when he is fully grown, hopefully, he will be the biggest rabbit in the world. BRAD PAYNTER: When we first got Dexter, he was nine or ten weeks. He was tiny, in comparison
to what he is now. Compared to a normal rabbit his age, Dexter must be three times the size.
Comparison to a normal continental giant, I’d say he is at least 50% bigger. COMM: Contending for the title of the world’s biggest bunny, this enormous rabbit comes
from a family of giants. BRAD PAYNTER: He is the son of Darius, who is the longest rabbit in the world. He is
only 10 months old at the moment. He is roughly 3 foot long and weighs about 8 kilos. I do
expect him to get longer and bigger. COMM: And naturally, the bigger this bunny grows, the more food he gets through. BRAD PAYNTER: This is typical veg that Dexter will eat in a day. It’s five or six carrots,
two apples, half a broccoli and quite a bit of spring green. BRAD PAYNTER: Dexter’s always gotten on well with our dogs. He has always been quite
interested in them, likes to play with them and my dogs have been really welcoming to
him as well. But his paws are quite a bit bigger than your normal rabbit, more like
my dog, but a bit sharper and so if he is not happy he will tell you. You might get
that odd nips, and that’s why we have a little skull and crossbones above his bed
saying “Keep Out”. COMM: As well as a custom-built rabbit hutch in Brad’s garden, this pampered pet even
has his own room in the house. BRAD PAYNTER: This is where Dexter comes to sleep at night, once we go to bed, he will
just come here, have a run at the room and sleep in his little bed down there. Just keep
him warm and comfy at night because he spends all day outside. BRAD PAYNTER: I thought having a puppy would turn a few heads but having a giant rabbit
does so even more. BRAD PAYNTER: You want out? Come on then, let’s get you home. Yeah, I think he’s
had enough.

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  2. HA, you should see the rabbit my local rescue has, twice or maybe even three times the size! He's a good bun, tho has head tilt 🙁

  3. I have a 11 week old flemish giant bunny and I did my research before choosing the breed I wanted since I've had three others growing up.
    Baby rabbits need alfalfa hay till 6 or 7 months then they can go to Timothy hay. Also there diets for pellets needs to be 16% protein and 12%-14% crude fibre. Be careful with fruit since seeds are poison for the same with corn and broccoli they have a sensitive digestive system so rabbit pellets that are dark green in color are best for them and fruit/veggies should only be given as treats.

  4. ok so, he doesn’t have the best diet but you have to admit, he has a better life than most bunnies. he has lots of room and toys to play around with.

  5. All those apples and carrots and other fruits are sweet and rabbits shouldn’t eat them everyday. That is only a treat for them and you only give them a little.

  6. I see quite a few problems with this. There’s absolutely no hay, so many fruits and veggies, the man picking Dexter up so much.

  7. People in the comments acting like feeding him that much food is cause of him being that big.? hey i have an idea. Why dont I get and feed a rabbit a ton and get the world record for the biggest rabbit???

  8. Oh my, I love rabbits! They are clever, adorable, playable upto whatever you can put here. I can pass my day just with them.

  9. No wonder he’s huge look how much your feeding him I’m about to get a baby bunny btw and she’s so cute

  10. I’ve got four rabbits and we all know that all pet owners on YouTube will get annoying people telling you your doing it wrong and I get that, but I would just like to add as a price of advice for you and Dexter, you have him apples, well apple seeds contain cyanide, so please core the apples before giving them to him

  11. (sings)
    You can't stop him!
    He's the Bun-Bun-naut!
    You can't stooop this murflee-flurflee!

    Holy! Sheeples!
    Oh, holy sheeples!
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    Oh, holy sheeples!

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    Oh, holy sheeples!
    Oh, holy sheep!

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