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welcome to how to cook that I'm Ann Reardon and today we're making a dog cake this one is inspired by Max from the secret little pets but he can customize it to make it look more like your own dog if you like the first thing we'll need is some yummy strawberry ganache frosting to make that whole year strawberries and then wash them really well and I like to make the frosting and the cakes the day before I'm actually decorating the cake place the strawberries in a blender and puree them and I'll put all the recipe quantities on the howtocookthat.net website for you and I'll link to that below pour the puree into a fine sieve and push it through using the back of your spoon now this will take about five minutes so just be patient keep going until you have just the seeds left and all that lovely juices in the bowl now we're going to mix half of the strawberry juice with some melted white chocolate now I'm making more than you actually need for this cake so I can use it for another recipe I'll decrease the quantity online to just give you the amount you'll require once that's combined place it in the fridge to thicken up put the other half of your juice in a pan with some sugar and you want to heat that up until the sugar is dissolved so what we're making here is like a really thin Jam that we can use on the layers of the cake just to give it a bit more of a strawberry flavor bake one and a half times my chocolate cake recipe in two trays and the recipe video for how to make this cake and the dog template are all on the website for you now because this cake is tall and skinny it's going to need support or just topple over I'm using a cake spike down the middle and we'll use two small cake boards about halfway and 3/4 of the way up and some cake pop sticks too now on day two trim the top of your cakes to level them out and then place your template piece over the top and cut out the circles use a spatula just to ease it off the paper so that you can lift it off now continue to cut out more circles from your first tray of cake and then repeat that with your second try cutting out the ones that you have left place your cake on some baking paper now you see wood stuck it straight onto the cake board but because the spike is not centered in the cake if we do it over here we can ship the layers around until they're just right and then pick it up and put it over on the spike add some of your thin fresh strawberry jam followed by some strawberry ganache and I've warmed this a little just to make it easy to get a thin layer between the layers of cake continue to stack up your first four layers and that takes us to where the first cake board needs to be you can see on the template just there and you can also see the cake is not stacked straight and that's how it needs to be it needs to be a bit further forward at the front and the cake spike is also not central on the cake so line the cake up with the spike and place it over the top check that the cake is sticking out of the back and going in at the front once you've got that right push a cake pop stick down to the base and take note where it comes to pull it out again and cut it and another stick to the same height and we'll need those to support it at the front because the dog is coming forward because of his head and just push those two in there add the mini cake board on top and the cake pop sticks are just stopping it going down too far cover that in ganache and then check where your next layer sits and place it on top add more Jam and continue to stack up three more layers and now again to support his head we're going to need to add two more cake pop sticks just going down to where our previous cake audience and then add the next little board on top cover that in ganache add the next layer of cake on that and then if you look at the template you can see the last layer sits towards the back for the top of his head there so just pop that into place that looks like a leaning tower of cake now if we didn't have the supports in here it would not stand up like this it would just topple over good doggie place your template in front of your cake and cut away the pieces of cake that you can see once you've cut those out now it looks Doug shaped already turn it to the back and put the back template over the top and trim off the sides now max is quite a skinny dog if you have a broader breed of dog then you don't need to trim the sides like this from those two cuts you end up with the right shape but the corners are still a little bit box-like so just take your knife and trim off a tiny slice so that it becomes around it now we want to cover the whole thing in ganache and again I've warmed the ganache up just a little bit to make it run eeeh with a fresh carved cake like this it's quite crumbly which means it's yummy and moist but it also makes it a little hard to cover so by warming the ganache that just makes it easy once it is covered take some acetate or bendy plastic and run it up the sides to smooth out the ganache then put that in the fridge for about an hour for the ganache to set firmly now at this point you need to decide if you want to make a dog or a dinosaur what's your favorite pet do you prefer dogs cats or would you like a dinosaur let me know in the comments below to make a dog wrap some white fondant around the front of the cake and then at the back just squeeze it together to make a join cut off the bulk of the excess so that weight doesn't drag it down and then continue to smooth it and shape it using your hands and once you're happy with it trim off the rest of the fondant closer to the back now we have a join at the back because he has a spot here that will cover it so we won't see it anyway trim the excess from around the base using a knife and just tuck it in underneath now take some more fondant and drape it over his head and squeeze it up at the back to give him a mohawk now he does look like a dinosaur trim that off roughly and then smooth and shape the fondant around his face now if you don't want to use fondant you could watch the teddy bear cake video for how to pipe fur on a cake using buttercream and that would work really well for this dog to trim it off more neatly and then using a knife cut it at the neck at the we're the other fondant came to and we'll cover this with his collar in a little while so don't worry about making it perfectly neat roll a ball of white to the size of his hind leg and flashing it using the palm of your hand now using enough trim it off on an angle so that we can join it to the cake make a cut at the lower front and then use your fingers to smooth and shape it so that you make a little leg and a cute little foot there rub a bit of water on the side of his body to make it stick and then add that leg into place now at this point I realized there's a problem he should be facing the other way on the cake board so that there's room behind him for his tail so when you make your cake make sure he's facing the other direction I'm going to take the very risky move of moving him which means his central support is no longer going to be connected to the board I'm a little worried he might fall over and collapse all together okay so he seems to survive but I might have missed shaping him a little bit in the move but hopefully we will survive had his other leg and then add some fondant around the base speaking of moving our house is currently for sale so after making this cake I have to completely clean the kitchen and get it ready for a home open tomorrow which is probably why I'm not thinking clearly use your knife just a trim off that fondant around the board so that it looks like the Matti sits on when is sitting at the door waiting for his owner to come home we are moving to Melbourne at the end of this year which is very exciting for us just run your knife along the mat there to give it more of a fabric you texture so it looks like a match now before we leave Sydney I thought it would be nice to do a catch up so Dave and I will be at burqa low books in Cronulla on Saturday October 22 and you can get the deep Enders book there or if you've already got it bring it along and we'll sign it for you and I might even make some macarons and bring those too I'll put all the details of times and everything below now to make Max's front legs roll a snake of fondant and make it narrower at the ankle and then curl around some to make his foot or you could just roll a ball and add top trim it off at the right height and place it on the front of the cake using a knife add indents to the paws for his toes and cut patches in the sizes shown on your printout and add them into place on the cake now if you dab in the back of the patch it will just stick right on but don't make it too wet or you're going to get drips of that different color going down on your white now the biggest patch on max is around his back so add that piece and wrap it around him like a cape he has another patch on his other shoulder and a big one across one half of his face that makes him super cute for his eyes roll two balls of what and squash them to make them the shape of the template if you rather tiny bit of cooking oil on your fingers it will stop it from sticking to the fondant now we rolled two balls of Brown and flatten them in the same way and shape them just right and then add them to the eye repeat that with tiny balls of black dogs don't really have eyes that look like this they have hardly any white visible but this style just makes them look more human-like so we can relate to them in the movie then add a really tiny ball of white on one side of the people to make it look alive add those into place quite close to the line of the patch in the center of his face and then add an eyebrow now you can cut those out using the guide on the template the other eyebrow needs to be a darker brown so that it shows up on his patch now eyebrows are very important for expression so choose the expression you want the dog to have and position your brows accordingly add a little bit of water around the eye and then roll a tiny snake of black just use your fingers to roll it and get it even and really skinny and then carefully wrap that around his eye and this gives us that difficult cartoony look and it also helps the white eye stand out against the dog's fur you don't need it as much on the other one but we'll add it just to even it up now to cover the join on his neck wrap a strip of blue of and for his collar take a rectangle of black and cut out a little chunk from each side and then place that over the bone template and squish it to make it the right shape then indent each side to make it like the bone now you can write max on this or the name of your dog if you want he can just leave it plain brush that with gold luster dust and then add it into place on his chest just below the collar add a snake of black running up from the bone and over the collar and use your knife to fo get around the collar and trim it off to just the right length then using some luster dust mixed with lemon juice or a little bit of alcohol just paint the black bit so that it becomes gold and it matches his little boy in there roll another snake and bend it around it sort of squarish and then trim off one end add this around the collar on one side and then paint that gold too now these little details just make the difference between the cake looking okay and it looking really good poke a hole in the center and add a short bit of fondant and use your skewer to position it correctly and then again paint that in gold cut a thin strip of blue and wrap it around his collar so that's the bit that holds it in place and then trim that off with your knife and then poke a couple of holes through the collar for his tail roll together some Brown and some white so that they join together it doesn't really matter what that joint looks like place it over the template and shape it to make the tip of his tail trim map to size and then add some indents running down to make it look like scruffy fear add his tail into place at the back of the cake position at how you want it and now for his ears add some tylose powder to some Brown fondant now the tyler's just makes a fun it set quickly because we want his ears to sit up roll a reasonably thick layer and cut around the template for his ears use your finger to smooth down the edges especially on the bottom side where it's joining the head is a spot really for not those worms now you can see one splotch comes down lower than the other so make sure you get them on the right side add a little water to the back of his head and add one ear into place and allow the front of the ear to flop over and I'm going to use some paper towel just rolled up to support it into position add the other ear and position them how you want them to sit now because it has tyler's in it that will set in about two hours and you'll be able to take that paper towel out add a few indents on the edges of his ears and some lines going down so they look like they've got fur on them and then do the same on his tummy just to give it a light fur texture and you can do that all the way around until you're happy with it now for his nose take some black fondant that's been left on the counter for about 20 minutes and roll it into an oval and then flatten that to the size of his nose then add the two indents for his nostrils now because we left this fondant out to dry out of it before we rolled it you get this rough crackled texture on top a bit like a dog's nose looks like using a little water add that into place and now he looks cute and use your template as a guide for where his mouth should go and again there are so many expressions of Max in the secret life of pets so just look at different pictures and change it up depending on what you want roll a ball of green and put it to one side carefully remove those ear supports and your max cake is ready for a party subscribe to how to cook that for more crazy sweet creations click here for the recipe and here for my channel here for last week's candy video this cake was requested by Tom mayor Adrianna Tom to doodle time page' Luo ate lily Brian Lissy sassy Sara 29 refugee Madison Nagoya faith ami Rebecca legs Suzy Kylie April Brianna Taryn Maddie Alicia Sara Winston Lally 2g DIY at ABS skills Brianna Mori Taryn live le animal madman la sdhd Lillian Melinda Ryan Jessica Gabrielle Kim sweet Jessie 207 Janie Jin cute cupcake cool panna Florencia Katie mati Helen Abby Lauren Alejandra systematic animal lover nyan broccoli sofa kale 64 Kaden and many more put all your requests in the comments below make it a great week and I'll see you on Friday Oh

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  2. I love this character…my disabled pooch looks just like this guy…and its so funny…thr only toy she doesnt shred is a toy of this dog…she treats it like her baby..

  3. It looks so real that I feel as if it can move on. I think it's too good to eat. It's more like an artwork than a dish. That's cool!!

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