3 Ways An Animal Can Save Your Life | Win-Win Life Hacks

So word on the street is, they say that sitting
is the new smoking, apparently sitting for extended periods of time throughout the day
can have similar negative health effects as smoking a pack of cigarettes. And get this, just exercising once a day isn’t
a solution, if you want to keep your body’s metabolism at a healthier level you need to
actually get up and interrupt that slouching more frequently… At the same time, I know a lot of people are
feeling kinda lonely in this world, and looking for somebody to love. So check this out I got the solution to both
of your problems at the same time, its called: Rescue a mother-loving dog! (♫) Vacay, I want to go to where the sun
is shining. Stage a little getaway. And go where only all my friends can find
me, yeah. Now to get serious for a second, if you’re
not ready for the huge commitment that it is to bring a dog into your life, but you
still want to get in better shape, and save a homeless person from certain death in an
overcrowded shelter… …consider allowing a little feline to become
ruler of your world. There’s all sorts of exercises you can do
together to stay in shape, like *cat squats*, cat lunges cat salsa cat merengue, cat yoga cat chess Etc. Feeding, cleaning and giving them water takes
about two minutes a day, and the rest of the time you’re free to just bask in their magical
healing powers, and contemplate how such a small animal can have such god like powers
over primates many times their size. But let me be clear, don’t just adopt a
cat, or a pig, or a goat …Or a dog because you want to lose weight, If u just want to lose weight you already
know what you need to do, just put down your phone and move more, eat smart, go vegan,
you know the obvious stuff Yes, dogs can be vegan, and just like with
humans, a diet high in antioxidants and low in carcinogens…
What’s your secret? No seriously, if you’re still doubting check
the science linked below, or just take a look at Bramble, she’s the vegan border collie
who broke the Guiness World Record for longest lifespan in her breed. She lived to be 27,
or 189 in dog years. But like I was saying, don’t just adopt a
dog for your own survival, and well-being, rescue a dog because they’re some of the
nicest people on the planet, and millions of these little wolf babies with hearts of
pure gold are killed in shelters every year, just for need of a home… 9,000 Healthy dogs
and cats are have a lethal injection put into their paws every single day, about one every
10 seconds, and that’s just in the US alone. Rescue a pig because over 300,000 of these
intelligent, loving relatives of ours are killed in slaughterhouses every day just in
the United States, 13,000 pigs an hour, or about 4 every second, most of them no more
than 6 months old. But when you rescue one animal you’re not
just saving one life, because by sharing images and videos of your new friend over social
media and introducing him or her to your friends and family you’ll help people realize that
as crazy as we think it is that people still eat dogs and cats somewhere else in the world
there’s no objective reason to treat equally sentient, and even more intelligent beings
any differently. But in the end its a win-win situation, cause
when you rescue a dog or a pig you don’t just reap the physical benefits of walking
more and being less sedentary, you can meet new friends in your neighborhood, there’s
psychological gains of being outside more that have proven physical health benefits,
and the emotional benefits of companionship, and being around such a loving, adorable person
all the time also have empirically observed positive, brightening effects on your health. All in all saving a animal’s life might
just end up saving someone else’s who you might know.
Say what? Oh yeah we’re done here lets go outside…
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  2. Holy shit, sitting is really THAT bad? I am a really health conscious person, however, I like to spend a lot of my free time at my computer. I am a vegan, a bodybuilder, and I work out 9 times a week. (some cardio). Would you advice me to just stop sitting at the computer?

  3. Word of advice for dog owners: If you see random tenis balls in a park or somewhere like that don't let your dogs go near them. Lately there is been some sick individuals making home made explosives and it may sound farfetched buts not worth your life or your dog's life.

  4. Such a great video. Maybe one day. What if…. every person rescued animals instead of shopping for animals? What if, what if. Great video, Gaiaisi!

  5. Broth could you send me some vegan print pictures, which you have on your clothes in your videos please? If you could, then send some to [email protected]
    Greetings from Belarus! I have so much respect for you and for all what you do for animals! The bright heart! Keep it up! Viva Vegan!

  6. Something from this video may be something you can use for a future project. I think that it shows that all animals even lions can show love in a way that we can relate to and that all animals even wild ones are emotional beings . https://youtu.be/JXkUNdEQKl0

  7. I enjoy all of your videos and I share widely. Hope to see you before too long Gabriel. All the best to you and your lovely lady this holiday season 🙂

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