3 Tips to Ensure LadyBugs Stay in Your Garden after Release

Alright, we got out here to sun set for evening
night water. To water my plants. Well actually I am not really watering my plants in there.
We’re just gonna wetting em down because we’re gonna today is that we’re gonna
release some beneficial insects. So I love releasing and using beneficial insects to
basically eat the bad bugs because when you got too much bad bugs, the bad bugs suck the
juice or the life outta your plants. So first what we have to do is to water this down because
what we’re gonna do today is release lady bugs. So by watering down the plants and once
again release your lady bugs at night, they have the highest probability of actually hanging
out and not flying away. Once again lady bugs are well they are wild animals or wild creatures.
And even though you release it doesn’t mean they are gonna stay in your garden. So a few
things you could do like you know, release em at night or when it turns light or when
the suns down, or actually probably wait a little bit and release em in the little bit,
when it gets even darker. But then I couldn’t make the video. Number 2 you want to water
your plants down. You know get it nice and moist for em, you know that’s going to be
really important. And the final thing and the most important thing before you release
any beneficial or beneficial insects in your garden, is to make sure they are going to
have food. Haha, because if your like… oh lets release some beneficials I don’t know
if I need em or not. If you release em and there’s no food for them… guess what they
are gonna split. Cause your gonna go somewhere else where there is food you know. I mean
I’d love to hang out at my house cause I have all this food to eat. But my neighbor
has a lawn, so I am not gonna hang out at his place. So lemme show you what I mean by
some food. These are some actually flowering ummm brussels sprout tops. And you know it
makes the Brussel sprout flowers. Which are quite edible, and the top these are the unopen
buds. They look just like broccolis and you can eat em just like broccoli but if you do
a close up here on this so here’s all this grey thing I don’t know if you can see them,
and here’s the flowers here’s the unopen buds. And all of these little grey dots, and
if you look closely those little grey dots are moving. And those little grey dots are
the aphids, and aphids are not good bugs. So the easiest way to solve this problem is
to basically just snap this whole top off… I got it now, and now we’re gonna take and
dispose off this. So now we’re just gonna get this off the property what I am gonna
do is put this in my green bin which basically goes into the central composting facility
to get these off my property cause I don’t want these aphids on my property. Cause what
happens is these guys are sucking juice like in the life out of your plants. Taking the
life force out of your plants, and multiplying. So if I come back tomorrow, you know they
have affected this much of the stem though…. they will be down here. And go down even further,
and there are all this different stem. Well you know you could pick em all off, and once
again I recommend manual control as your first line of defense. You know, yes it takes some
time, you gotta use your eyes be perceptive. Helps keep your brain active that’s good
stuff. But uh pick em all off and get em outta here. Step number one. Then you probably won’t
get em all cause they are little, you know, they hide. That’s why we’re gonna release
the lady bugs. You know, definitely another good step. Another good step would be blast
them off with water. But today we’re gonna release lady bugs. So let me go inside and
get em out of where I’ve have been having them for safe keeping. So were here in my
kitchen and here’s my nice fridge. We’re gonna open this up and and check out what’s
inside. Well besides all my food, we got the lady bugs hanging out inside. Now why am I
storing my lady bugs inside the fridge. So basically that stimulates winter time and
in winter they are dormant. And they are like in slow motion, slow animation. So they are
just kinda hanging out waiting for spring time. So that then they can become alive.
One you do get your lady bugs. You know you don’t want to keep em in your fridge too
long. They do ship with some food but you know what, if you keep em in there too long,
they might not make it. So uh let’s head outside and release the lady bugs. Okay so
now we’re outside, getting darker out here . And we’re gonna take of the cover… woah
watch out!! Haha , just kidding. So you can just take it off, and see them you know climbing
around in there in the state of like slow motion or spended animation cause they are
just not moving really that fast cause its been too cold. And you know the good thing
is that the lady bugs don’t fly at night so that is one another reason why you want
to release these at night and water the area. And there actually just trying to crawl out
of the container here. So I am just gonna simply take the container and you know with
the bedding and everything I am just shaking em around the infected areas. And the others
are gonna drop to the ground, but you know what they like to climb at night. So they
will actually just climb up on top of the plants and find all the aphids and they’ll
say oh this is a good place to live. You know we’re gonna hang out here and lay our eggs
and then we will have more lady bugs later. And so sure enough I did a nice big lady bug
release last year and I still have lady bugs.. you know that before I even released any this
year. So lady bugs can eat up to 50 aphids a day. That’s a lot of aphids. They can
just probably clear cut the tops, and just eat em all. And when the lady bugs actually
hatch the eggs, they are really a trip they look like little alligators. They are kind
of red, so you see those don’t be alarmed . And they also lay these little egg sacs
that are funny hanging things and I do have a video of like a baby lady bug, if you look
back at my old videos. I was so amazed the first time I ever saw one. I mean I have already
seen some of them in my garden this year. They are super amazing. But I love lady bugs,
and once again lady bugs are beneficial insects. You can release them in your garden, to control
some of your pests. Oh and don’t fall for it. If you see the lady bugs, it says stay
home lady home lady bugs. Like they are supposed to stay in your home stay in your property.
Don’t believe it, cause you know what they are gonna go where there is food and once
again the main thing to remember. Number one water your area down release them at night
and make sure they have food in the area so that they could all hang out and feed on your
bed bugs. Alright , so let’s check out some lady bugs. Get it on!!! Haha…So I did a
lady bug release as you saw. Here’s some lady bugs, I don’t know if you can see that.
Right there, like one is right on top of the other. They are mating. Oh man look so there
is one there, and there’s also one underneath here I don’t know if you can see that underneath
that. And here wo go look, there’s even more. There’s a lady bug orgy going on right
here… right there. More right there… and even right there and right there. I have released
one whole container of lady bugs and they are all mating right now, and I think they
know that this is a good place to mate because just right above where they are mating and
then they are also soon be laying some eggs… is their food source. Look at all these aphids
in my flowering dinosaur kale, so I love to release lady bugs, so that they will mate
and lay eggs and so then I will have continual lady bugs you know in my garden, to prevent
aphids aand other insects because, baby lady bugs are voracious aphid eaters. So hopefully
you’ve enjoyed learning about lady bugs today. Once again this is John Kohler, with
growingyourgreens.com. We’ll see ya next time and use some biological controls to control
pests in your garden.

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