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Matt and I got married about a year and I have to go now and we got Kiwi a few months after we got married it really did feel like when we got her we were starting this life together and she made us feel a lot more like a family we don't know much about her background other than that she came from Texas she's very cute obviously I'm biased but she caught my eye right away with her cute photos and the more we looked into Kiwi the more she just seemed like the perfect fit for us the fact that Kiwi is a tripod definitely raised some questions in our mind we want to make sure you know we had hardwood floors that she would be able to walk on that was okay she was like any other dog she could do anything that a four legged dog can do she is very memorable partly because she's a tripod but she's also known for sure is like the happiness dog in the world and people will say that all the time that she just seems so happy she didn't know what to do with toys my first car now she's just obsessed with toys she'll like destroy them in two minutes she has this funny quirk of ripping off away her toys which Rico is laugh about Kiwi you know you come home from work and she's just super excited to see it does this body and it really it makes any day just hit her she's not much of a lap dog but she can be at times now I really can't imagine our life without Kiwi I'm a little bit surprised myself by just postman I am we're not exactly sure how old qe is we think she's about two and a half right now she was about 1 and a half when we got her Kiwi is the most social dog I've ever met for sure and she's certainly forced Matta need to be more social when we're walking her around the neighborhood she just wants to go up and greet everyone who seems even slightly interested in her she loves giving kisses I've really gotten into the habit of warning people that she's going to lick their face and when she sees someone she recognizes she doesn't just whack her tail she has like a whole full body why she's just so excited I didn't know that I would necessarily have a dog as an adult because when I was growing up I was never that into her family dogs to be totally honest growing up I always had dogs it's different having a dog in the city we don't have a backyard we can just let her out we have to take her on for walks a day we walk Kiwi in Brooklyn Bridge Park pretty much every day often multiple times a day which is beautiful because we can go down on the water and get the skyline view see the Brooklyn Bridge in the Manhattan Bridge Kiwi has an Instagram account of her own I like the photos where you can really see Kiwis personality coming through there are a few videos also one where she is like jumping who you can just see she's so having so much fun with it she is selectively obedient I'd like to say she knows how to lie down and roll over but she's not big tricks tuck people are very impressed because in the elevator she knows to sit in the corner when I say corner yeah that is her most impressive skill so it doesn't really extend beyond her if I were just to describe how Kiwi is in New York City dog that she is like that transplant who doesn't get that it's not cool to be really friendly to everyone okay from Texas she's super friendly and just like totally unabashed one over I mean our doorman all love her she goes into the bodega with me and the bodega guys love her so she really like a true New Yorker has that crew of who she needs in the neighborhood Huey has definitely been really helpful in making us feel a little bit more rooted and like we have those different relationships in the neighbor because she's just sentenced an icebreaker so that's been fun to have her you

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  1. My GSD loved when there would be a tripod at the dog park! He was bored with most of the dogs there, something about the gait maybe, just loved to hang out with them!

  2. This is kinda hard for me to get a dog bc my dad and me LOVE DOGS SO MUCH and I really want a dog but my mom and my brother is allergic to some dogs and I have another brother he’s a bit allergic I’m not sure how allergic I don’t know really if he’s allergic or me a bit allergic and another reason is the house I’m living in is not my house my mom and dad did bye it we moved in it but not bye it :3 the dog has to be small bc you know my mom and 1 of my brothers is allergic to dogs they can be by small dogs at least

    That’s my story about my problems of getting a dog
    I just want to say this bc it’s about dogs and the vid I’d about a dog

  3. ? ? First of all, I LOVE that she is chewing on a miniature Donald trump. And secondly @ 3:34 that is definitely one of the cutest faces ever! Love KIWI! ? ?

  4. I have an amazing story about my 3 legged cat called tripod it’s incredible is there anyway u would like to hear it !

  5. I had a three-legged black lab mix for years growing up. He was the best tempered dog I’ve ever owned. He used to run all over the neighborhood with us.

  6. Tripods are wonderful. We have had our girl two years, and she's amazing. Loves everyone and everything. She'll even have a chat with the magpies. She adores toys, and has her favourites. But the thing is – she is just pure love.

  7. What will happen, over time, is that her chest muscles will grow stronger with exercise and, therapy. And the weight of that remaining front leg may in fact shift just a bit, to support her. We have several tripod dogs in our nabe, and to see them running around at the Union Square dog park, you have to look close, to even notice they are missing any limbs – they are really that mobile..they get around superbly. The best of luck and congrats!!!

  8. What the hell is going on with American women… they are incapable of speaking without sounding like they have a sore throat? Speak properly for petes sake..

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