3 Different Chicken Breeds That Make The Best Laying Hens

there's so many chicken breeds out there it's hard to choose which ones you're going to get for your backyard cope today I'm going to show you three of my favorites that I'm sure you'll have success with let's go I'm Becky I used to live in the consumer rant race just like you but one day I had enough so I sold it all move to the country and built my own log cabin with my own two hands now I spend my time discovering new ways to live a simple healthy lifestyle with more free time and way less stress then sharing what I've learned with you welcome to Becky's homestead Oh I'm sure if you've done research on the internet you have found out there's a million different chicken breeds to choose from it makes it kind of hard so I'm going to show you three breeds that I have that I absolutely love and I'm sure you'll love them too this is my absolute favorite breed of chicken it's a black astral orb they are so people friendly and so gentle even I can catch them and that is a miracle because I never can catch chickens and these chickens just kind of duck down and let me catch them which I just love that about Oh as you can see she's a nice black color and when the Sun shines on her right here where I'm petting her on the back it's like a shiny green color and it looks really pretty they have black legs and they have white toenails down here on their little feet this breed gets along with all the other hens in my coop there are just no trouble at all this is my favorite this gets a 10 out of 10 in my book so if you want a really nice breed of chicken for your family in your backyard coop I would highly highly recommend the black astral orb this golden beauty is a Buff Orpington there's another one of my favorites they're very pretty to look at it's a poofy gold chicken there are fantastic egg layers they get along in the cook nicely with the other hands these are cold hardy as well she's not very happy being on display they also come in other colors there's white Orpingtons black or paintin's and there's also blue Orpingtons and this is the Buff Orpington which is gold it's a very nice chicken it has like white legs and white toenails and it lays brown eggs she's a little chatty but she's a very nice chicken I highly recommend this breed for your backyard coop this is a barred rock number three another cold hardy people-friendly great laying hen one thing I want to mention about the barred rock though that's very important if you have just a small backyard coop you have to have all barred rocks because they're a little bossy and can be kind of mean if those other breeds in the coop Witham so if you're just going to have three or four chickens just have all barred rocks or you can do what we do and we have a great big coop and we have two barred rocks mixed in there with our other breeds and they all get along just fine the barred rock is a very nice backyard chicken this is Mario the biggest chicken of them all he is so timid and he looks like the wimpiest dog on the planet but Mario protects the coop all night long and nothing gets our chickens you wouldn't think this little dog could do the job to chase away a fox a raccoon a possum but it just goes to show that even a small dog has the protective instinct there you have it three of my favorite chicken breeds I think if you choose those for your backyard coop you won't be disappointed sign up for Becky's homestead newsletter go to Becky's homestead comm and sign up on the right you'll get articles news and specials from Becky every month unsubscribe anytime no spam if you like this video please click the like button it really does help us a lot and if you want to be notified every time we post a new video click the subscribe button thanks for watching if you have any questions or suggestions please email me and doodles happy homesteading bye bye settle down Ellie hold still you're not being very nice you're on camera cut it out don't look at me like that don't look at me like that don't look at me like that mind your mitt look at it it's yours any challenge is that a chicken challenge don't you even think about it it's gonna Peck me I think it can stop

32 thoughts on “3 Different Chicken Breeds That Make The Best Laying Hens

  1. Just started watching your videos last night. Im so impressed you built your own log home!!!!! You are a woman who can truly do it all. My idol!!!!!

  2. Im currently fixing up a mobile hone i bought for cash!!! When im done im buying land and homesteading. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Hello Becky can you tell me if do you know about the silkies ?? I just get one hen red color the owner tell me she is 2 years old … but she look very old foot?? How to know the ago about ages of the hen or roster?? let me know .
    Congratulation about your new home and all the animals you have there.God Bless

  4. depends on the coon when I was doing community service this guy told me out how his pitbull got in a fight with the raccoon and the pit got sick and died male raccoons have bones in their penis so watch out

  5. Why did you paint the dogs face. This was your first video I've watched so I don't know if there's a theme with a particle joke.
    How long do you keep the chickens before they get repurposed? I've heard that after the first year their egg production starts declining.

  6. Very nice video..i am sri lankan.so iam most like ur farm chikens..i want to by your chikens varieties …but i dont know how to buy like this variety of chiken?

  7. Mario! wow I’ve never seen a chicken like him, he’s a rare breed I wish I had one like him
    he’s so beautiful ?

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