[Applause] yeah is the first time because you're only the oldest copy your eyes yada yes I'm watching with your hand with your hand that's it that's it rather Monday week is the free colors coming up 40 on our first one is going to be last one there you go got the glues like Donnie Moe's what color would you like to get married purple good luck them on the purple all right over to you there muddy and look the look at that though on the white what's cool and muddy squeezing out blue boogers but did you spread you did the video on each other because my favorite color when you stop mixing my day everything changes baby pink look at that already we might do just put a little tiny bit at a time you see so nice of Madison to stir I'll is because your activators Blin no I like it could it's glitter the glitter in there tomatoes coming in there's nobody doing anything that's good that's good sign them I mean the colors not changed oh I think that's a good thing for me though I think this is the best color are you Nam then what do you think so far your sister would look cool ah this looks like galaxy right now because I just like some other deactivator on the top compared to what it was yeah from the bottom oh yeah a look of mud is the color of the glitters in there as well Tiana's yours looks like you just want to eat it yeah it's really good well done girls soon after very nice what do you think yours the muddy yeah can you get bubbles the table I need to clean up my small mover whoa nice and Claire is wrong clean wha-ha-ha-ha-ha that was the other first go well done mine's the pink unicorn nose is amazing when I was very small and keeps my uniform doing these are not that day okay so this was the poking test and ready is going sink young okay mine thank gosh don't forget to comment TT squad wins I'm nothing don't forget to comment Maggie Ford wins do a little swap whatever field Wow the Sun you literally cannot that sunny today you

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