3 Biggest Surprises New Guinea Pig Owners Discover

Scotty’s Animals, Scott here I’m at the L.A. Guinea Pig Rescue let’s talk about what are the three biggest surprises
that new guinea pig owners discover right no matter how much research you do
into what it’s like taking care of guinea pigs and and learning about
guinea pigs you will never know as much and learn as much as you will when you
live with them once you adopt your guinea pigs and take them home set up
the cage and have them moving in that’s when you’ll really start to learn about
guinea pigs so let’s talk about what are the top three things that new guinea pig
owners discover okay number one the first thing that new guinea pig owners
discover is oh my gosh nobody told me how much guinea pigs eat right so seeing
that that is the case let’s talk about what the guinea pigs eat well okay
eighty percent of guinea pigs diet should be high-quality timothy hay if
you’re allergic to timothy hay you can supplement with orchard grass and other
haze so do some research about that and i’ll cover that in another video but
really and I’m super allergic to timothy hay but really what you want to do is
try to figure out a way that you can give them timothy hay if it’s keeping
smaller packages if it’s using a dust mask if it is washing your face and
hands after you feed with timothy hay you really want to commit to giving them
good quality timothy hay even if you’re allergic so that’s number one it’s
making sure that you’re giving them that all that food that that they are gonna
eat you want to have a full bowl of pellets at all times and then you want
to give them fresh veggies not too much that’ll give them soft poops but it is a
myth that guinea pigs can overeat given the appropriate diet they cannot overeat
and will stop eating when they’re full be careful giving them too many treats
or fresh veggies that can negatively affect their digestion
if you see soft poops stop treats for three days
you’d be surprised at how much guinea pigs eat and when you’re giving them the
appropriate amount so they should always have maybe a snack shack log full of hay
always they should have hay and once that hay gets all over the
floor of their enclosure they’re gonna pee and poop on it so you want to try to
keep it up off the ground and keep it fresh with some kind of a hay rack and
that’s why I like the snack shack okay so that’s number one
now if we follow that if we that train of thought if we digest that a little
bit then what’s the next thing poop people are so surprised how much guinea
pigs poop in the span of five minutes and guinea pigs might push out ten poopy
pellets why is that well guinea pigs have super high
metabolisms okay they’re always eating they are always digesting if you listen
to a guinea pigs belly you’re gonna hear grumble grumble grumble if you ever come
upon your guinea pig and your guinea pig is looking lethargic and they’re bloated
sometimes guinea pigs are very prone to gas and so their tummies can get bloated
up if that’s the case and they stop eating and stop pooping that is
life-threatening for them so you want to get them to the vet right away
if you notice that they are bloated you can give them half to one cc of little
remedies gas drops now I’ll put that in the link in the description but you can
go on my website and there is a video by skinny pigs one it’s a it’s a first-aid
kit it’s an emergency kit that you can keep on hand and so I’ve got links to
some of those different products that you want to load up your emergency kit
with so that’s the second thing is oh my gosh they poop so much now what’s the
third thing what is the third surprise that new guinea pig owners discover that
is Wow guinea pigs have such big and unique personalities now that’s the
number one thing really guinea pigs are amazing individuals they have unique
personalities their personalities are huge and unless you’ve ever gotten to
know you pigs then you really don’t know what
that’s like I’m like like look as a great view of the trashcan yeah let’s go
like that how about that so if you want to get to know your guinea pigs
personality and guinea pigs have amazing individual personalities just like all
of your friends okay guinea pigs – Is that a little birdie? Birdies in the trees. – Um, the
best way to discover your guinea pigs personalities are they can’t live alone
they have to have a cage mate okay they need lots of space so your guinea
pigs will flourish in an environment where they’re not the only guinea pig
and they have enough room to be themselves
guinea pigs need a minimum of eight square feet which is represented by the
Midwest Guinea habitat but we recommend more at the Los Angeles guinea pig
rescue the most space you can provide a CNC cage which stands for cubes and
coroplast those are those grid cages are great because you can make them as big
as you want and I’d recommend at least a 2×4 for a pair of pigs so the top three
let’s recap number one was oh my gosh guinea pigs eat so much number two or oh
my gosh where’s all that food go then they poop so much and the third one is
oh my gosh their personalities are so big and so crazy so when you have new
pigs you’ll discover these three things sadly one of the surprises new guinea
pig owners don’t discover has to do with cage size a lot of times unless they’ve
done the research or or found us through social media they don’t realise that
this is not an appropriate cage and like I said eight square feet minimum ten
square feet is better in the most space you can give them as the best but sadly
people often have their pigs for years and that is one surprise that they never
discover is that their cage is entirely you small so that’s the top three plus a
bonus one that doesn’t happen that often so I hope you found this enlightening or
at least interesting that this has been my experience please share this video
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48 thoughts on “3 Biggest Surprises New Guinea Pig Owners Discover

  1. I noticed in the video there's a pointed seagrass hut on a shelf. I've been looking for one like that but can't find anything like that anywhere not even online. Can you tell me were you got it?

  2. happily owned 🙂 Mine are very good at out witting me, or I have not learn their way yet in that capacity, is closer to the truth. They keep me on my toes. They eat, poop, sleep and repeat

  3. I didn't realize that they chew as much as they do. Their pretty wooden houses are only pretty for a minute. Two if I'm lucky.

  4. Scotty, I have a question. Where do you buy your kiln dried pine from? I am starting to switch up my cage from all fleece to part bedding, part fleece, and I bought a very large bag of aspen from a pet mountain website in Pennsylvania or Virginia, I don't remember off hand. I started doing one part of the cage with the bedding, and fleece for the rest, but I don't like this aspen, it's only been 24 hours, and there are some areas where I had to scoop out bedding and replace it, this stuff isn't as absorbent as the pine, but the Petsmart where I get the kiln dried pine has bags that are only so big. I want to buy in bulk, so can you let me know where a good website might be? I know you're in L.A., but most places will ship to me in N.Y., thanks!

  5. I used to as well but since is a small part of their diet I've limited their pellets to the portion they actually need.

  6. "They own you" Yes! So much yes! Truer words have never been spoken. Or written in this case ?
    Even the shyest will yell at you until they get their veggies.

  7. I love your PSA's (Piggy Service Announcements)! Very informative. Great for new and experienced guinea pig owners alike.

  8. I adopted a female guinea pig and I quarantined her before adding her to my other sows. I noticed right away that she had constantly crusty and wet eyes. No nasal discharge, no sneezing, clear lung sounds. My sister is an veterinary eye specialist and could find nothing wrong with her eyes. I took her to the regular exotic vet. They could find nothing wrong. I tried everything: different hay, different bedding. No change. We came to the conclusion that she simply had overactive tear ducts so I decided to end her unusually long quarantine period. She warmed right up to her new friends and her eyes cleared up immediately. I know this sounds crazy, but I think she was literally crying because she was lonely. Now I have another male who I have to keep separate from all my other males. He immediately fights everyone I try to put with him. I keep him in his own cage side by side another pair of bonded males and that works for him. He's happy and active and personable. He rumbles through the bars a bit. But it's just amazing how each pig has their own personality. They are nothing like human personalities though but they are truly unique and lovable.

  9. My big surprise was finding one of them peeing blood within minutes of getting them home the first time, on easter weekend no less so it was several days before they saw a vet. PS, he's fine now and the rescue covered his vet bill since they hadn't known either. Also guinea pigs are loud when it's food time.

  10. I just got my Boy Diseal and I am in love ? with him. I found a 50lbs of Timothy/orchard grass mixed hay. For $7.50 for delivery for my piggy but I am looking around for a little smaller bale of hay by farmers. I will get a buddy for him though he adjusted well in my home. He wheeks at me when he sees me ? and he makes the happy guinea pig sounds when I pet him ?.

  11. my 2 girls gunea pigs goes through 50 lbs of oxbow hay every 4 months pellets they go through them 20 lbs every 3 months! they know thier sceldule on feeding and if im 2 min late i hear from them loudly

  12. Merry Christmas Scotty. Right on all accounts!! Wow do they eat a lot!! And the ???????? is never ending!! But those little personalities make it worth it

  13. Scottty how can i contact you directly ? I cant figure out this DM on youtube. I just wanted to ask some questions since I'm a new GP mom.

  14. Hey Scott, I've got a request! I'm loving all of the info for new pig owners (I am one myself). Would you be able to share your tips on taming new pigs to the point of being handled comfortably?

    I hope that, in time, my boys can be as comfortable with me as yours are with you!

  15. My biggest surprise as a new guinea pig owner was that I didn't have two boys. One was a girl. Now we are expecting babies any day now. We've seen a vet and the boy will be getting neutered.

  16. Oh my gosh amen…..the next top 3 things I learned? 1. No one ever mentioned boar cleanings, surprise. 2. I love their noises so much, its so cute. 3. No one mentioned how much Id fall in love with them. Bonus….Scotty would be such a huge help to this new owner of 5 months, with 2 male guinea pigs. Thank you Scott you rock.

  17. I need help. As a new guinea pig owner, I was searching up how to pick up skittish guinea pigs so I can clean their cage. I learned that I can let them walk into their tunnel and then proceed to pick it up and move it to a diff place. Well the first time I did that, the pig in the tunnel bit me and ever since then they wouldnt stop biting. Now I'm just afraid to give them lap time because I feel like they will bite and run away and I wont be able to put them back in cage. However I can touch them while they are in the cage, but that's about as much as I can do. I've only had them for about a month, but I feel like I need to do something about it before it gets worse, I just dont know how.

  18. You also learn it's fun to crinkle plastic to get maximum wheepage. They will also give you stink eye if you tork them off big time. Mine are doing that right now because I switched them to the 1cc of vitamin c over the vitamin c tablets rrom oxbow.

  19. Having a problem with my 2 boys , a 2.5 year old and a 1yr have been together for 3mth and have recently started fighting (chattering, showing teeth, chasing) I cleaned their cage, bathed them together & introd them again & now I’m noticing that the 1yr seems to want to get close/groom 2yr but 2yr gets mad and chatters… they haven’t drawn any blood and they settle down in their seperate huts and eat together. Should I be concerned?

  20. Just found you and instantly in love with your awesome personality and the radiant love you have for the animal world. Subscribing immediately. <3

  21. Hey Scotty! If I need help finding out the sex of my guinea pig babies do I need to make an appointment to go ? Or can I just stop by? They’re 2 1/2 weeks old. I know the males have to be separated from the females before they hit 3 weeks old ? I’ve tried doing it myself but they start wheeking a lot and I don’t want to hurt them.

  22. All I want to know is how you get your lil piggies to be so relaxed with you. Mine run like I'm about to kill them when I comes handy. I have tried everything;(

  23. I was lucky to have done at least some research before getting my pigs. But it was still a bit of a rushed decision in the end.
    Around 3 wks into having them, I pretty much discovered everything you just listed and more. LOL.
    It’s been 4 1/2 yrs since then, plus 3 hamsters, and my pigs now live in two connected Midwest cages and pretty much rule my home! My mother calls them her grandkids, LITERALLY. They really do slot into your life like people don’t realise in enough time, that they don’t always take the best care of them like they do.
    I live in the UK, so it’s honestly frustrating that such a wealth of piggie info is so far away! I’d really love to see what you guys do upfront. Good luck in future! ?


  25. Hi Scotty here in South Africa houses are built with a backyard house for the helper to live in I don't know about other countries if they do that, I don't have a helper by my house so that backyard house is for my piggies, and I can say the room meant to be the living room is actually the piggies area & I blocked the door way so that they don't move to the other rooms. & yes the main door is always closed so ja my babies have a lot of space ?to run around in. In the other rooms I keep the hay, pellets, blankets, medicine kit, shampoos, towels, vet baskets you name it? and yes I know each of my piggies personalities and I have 12 of them ??????thank you for the wonderful videos. Nancy K

  26. I have two Depale guinea pigs and we Got one of them already pregnant when we Got her bit we didnt know so now we have 3 more and thank god they are all female bit they all have tottaly diffrend personalitys and all that you sef is true

  27. Thank you so so much for the great info on guinea pigs ! You and Saskia have helped me so much on knowing how to take care and have made my piggies such a joy !!! ??

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