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Hello friends, welcome to our channel nutshell school Today, We are going to talk about 3 Amazing Crazy Cat Breeds In Our World. Minskin: The Minskin is a new breed of hairless cat with small legs. While it’s hairless, it sometimes has fur on its face. Playful and affectionate, they are especially good with kids and are also intelligent, coming up with unique ways to solve a problem. Key Characteristics * Height: 7–8 inches * Weight: 4–6 pounds * Life expectancy: 12–15 years The Minskin looks something like the Corgi of the cat world, with its short legs and stocky body. These cats are outgoing and affectionate with a unique coat. They have round heads, large ears and large, round eyes. The belly is hairless, but there are patches of fur on some parts of the body. Where They Came From Minskin cats have Boston roots. Cat fancier Paul McSorley wanted to create a cat with points of fur similar to the color points on a Siamese. Beginning in 1998, he crossed a hairless Sphynx with a Munchkin and later crossed Burmese and Devon Rex cats. He achieved his desired result in 2000. Breeding efforts continued, and by 2005 there were 50 new cats. The name is a combination of the words “miniature” and “skin.” Because the cats are still considered a new breed, the International Cat Association is monitoring the development of the breed. How Friendly Are They? Minskins are engaging and affectionate. They love people and children. They absolutely live to greet you at the door when you come home. These cats also enjoy spending time with dogs and other felines. They are intelligent, playful and entertaining — in other words, a cat lover’s dream. One common characteristic of Minskins is their love for being lap cats. A virtual heating pad, a Minskin will enjoy tremendously snuggling with you. Is this the Right Cat for You? Minskins are as active as most other cats, but they can’t jump as high because of their short legs. This won’t stop them, though. Being quite creative and clever, they will use various pieces of furniture to reach their destination, sort of like cat parkour. Note that Minskins should not be allowed outdoors for several reasons: 1. Their coats are sensitive. 2. They are affectionate and trusting with everyone (even other animals) and may not identify dangers or threats. 3. Their uniqueness may make them a target for theft. 4. They may get lost or injured. Lambkin: The Lambkin is a cross-breed between the Munchkin and Selkirk Rex breeds. They can have very curly and wiry hair along with very short legs. Unfortunately, while the short legs might look cute, they can cause cat spinal problems. Lambkin Cat History The history of the Lambkin breed is a bit murky. The Lambkin, also known as the Nanus Rex, has its origin in the late 80’s or early 90’s – it’s not entirely clear. Characteristics The Lambkin is cute as a button on the inside as well as the outside. They’re practically made out of stardust and rainbows so let’s take a look at this adorable little breed on both fronts. Lambkin Cat Appearance As a cross between the Selkirk Rex and the Munchkin, the Lambkin features the small legs and long body that the Munchkin is known for and the soft, luxurious fur of the Rex. Lambkin Cat Personality Lambkins are cuddle bugs This sweet breed is known for its docile, gentle, calm demeanor as well as their unending affection. * Their warm, tolerant personality accepts affection in any form from humans to other cats and even dogs. * They get along well with kids, as well, making them an easy addition to any family. * Given this cat’s high energy level, lots of toys and lots of one on one time are recommended. * Don’t be surprised if your Lambkin becomes the best TV buddy you’ve ever had. The Lambkin Cat is a Gem Although the jury is still out on whether these little guys should be bred, we know one thing for certain. they have an infectious zest for life. These friendly, good-natured breed makes a perfect pet for almost any family, as it gets along swimmingly with humans of all sizes as well as other animals. Lykoi: The Lykoi is a very bizarre looking breed of cat that’s shocking to look at the first couple times. Their wolf-like appearance earned them their name off of the Greek word “Lycos” which means wolf. Cautious to a fault, they eventually warm up to humans and their new situation. What is a Lykoi Cat Breed? The Lykoi is also known as the werewolf cat or wolf cat due to looking more like a wolf than a cat. The bald patches around the luminous eyes and muzzle cause a resemblance closer to a werewolf still in transition. This appearance is due to a random mutation found in feral cats. They were called “Lykoi” after the Greek word for “wolves”. A man named Lycan angered Zeus by tricking him into committing cannibalism. Physical characteristics of the Lykoi This new breed of cat has no undercoat, causing the fur to stick out a bit as if it were perpetually in the act of still growing in. This fur is often grizzled. Patches around the eyes, nose, toes and tale are often bare. (Incidentally, in the old werewolf stories it was said that the werewolf had no tail but would stretch out a back leg to pass for an ordinary wolf from a distance.) The nose is rather long and black at the tip like a wolf. The Lykoi is the newest, rarest and possibly most unusual looking of all cat breeds. Random mutation among ferals seems to be the most likely explanation for how the breed got started. They get their name from looking like werewolves, but are at heart, gentle and loving creatures. The developers of this breed are being responsible and trying their best to keep the werewolf cat breed healthy and viable. 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