24 Nostalgic 90s Trends That Died Out

Who can forget the 90’s? It was such a simple time full of experimental
fashion and devoid of social media. Kids in the 90’s grew up without outlets
like Facebook and YouTube for entertainment, and it was certainly a different time. But what has changed since then? How is our world different? Well, we’ll tell you in a second… But first, before we begin this video, don’t
forget to subscribe to our channel for more daily tips like this and turn on notifications
so you never miss our new videos! Even though it was only almost twenty years
ago, the ’90s have essentially become the new 80’s when it comes to looking back and
remembering how different things used to be. There are definitely a few things that were
seen as socially acceptable back then, that would have most people raising an eyebrow
today. Here are 24 things that were seen as normal
and acceptable in the ’90s but would be seen as completely bizarre today. Whether it be a fashion statement or a form
of socialization, a lot of things were very different. 1. Brown Lipstick. For some reason, this used to be a thing. Perhaps they were aiming for a natural look,
but brown lipstick really just makes it look like you’ve been eating chocolate. 2. Phone Numbers. In the ’90s, it was pretty common for people
to memorize a handful of phone numbers. We remember a few family and friends’ numbers
that we could dial by heart. Nowadays, people rarely even know their significant
other’s number by heart. We let our smartphones handle that for us. 3. Making Plans. In the ’90s. it was all about scheduling
ahead and keeping plans organized. There was no way to quickly check if plans
were still on, and if your pal was already out for the day, there would be no way of
reaching them. 4. Middle Parts. While this mostly goes for men’s hair styles,
most women tend to part their hair to the side or pushed back rather than rocking a
full-on middle part as well. 5. Frosted Tips. This was a huge thing for guys in boy bands. Who remembers Justin Timberlake’s frosted
tip look? Unless you’re Guy Fieri, this look is pretty
much extinct today. 6. Watching TV. Back in the ’90s if you liked a show you
could only watch one episode at a time. Sometimes one episode per week! Show binges were not a thing unless you owned
the box set. You would have to wait a week to see a new
episode and if you wanted to watch an old episode you would have to wait for it to air
as a rerun. 7. Airport Meetings. It used to be a pretty romantic gesture to
pick up your loved one at the airport gates. Or maybe you want to meet a family member. But thanks to new rules to avoid airport traffic,
you now have to meet them in the departure area. 8. Sweater around the Waist. Okay, so we guess technically some people
can still pull this off, but not with any sweater. It’s definitely not something you see as
often as you would have in the ’90s. 9. Photo Backgrounds. Photo Backgrounds/ Elementary school photos
from the ‘90s are usually pretty hilarious. The strange hairstyles and wardrobe were one
thing, but the strange backgrounds were always wild. You definitely don’t see any school pictures
with lasers in the background anymore. 10. The Macarena. Doing this dance was a pretty popular thing
at most school dances or weddings. The sad thing is if this song started playing
today there probably would be a few 90’s babies who remember the whole routine. 11. Pushing Someone in the Pool. This was seen as a funny prank back in the
day, but if you were to do this to someone now you would definitely be facing a friend
who is demanding you to replace their water-logged phone. 12. Shopping. In the ’90s, mostly everything that was
purchased came from stores. Shopping online was very new still with Amazon
being launched in 1995 followed by eBay. 13. Internet Patience. The internet was still pretty much a baby
in the ’90s, and things went a lot slower. You would have to wait for pages to load or
programs to start up. Nowadays when something takes so much as 3
seconds we start getting frustrated. 14. Sending Faxes. In the ’90s, faxing was a pretty common
way to send documents and files quickly. This was before the days when documents were
in the form of a computer file. 15. Platform Sandals. Although platforms are coming back, there
is a limit. In the ’90s, it was hip to rock a pair of
platform sandals that could get up to this high! This looks like a recipe for a broken ankle
and it should probably stay in the ’90s. 16. Cassette Tapes. Even if you’re a die hard fan of a musician,
you’re most likely not going to be listening to your music on a cassette tape. People would have to drag around a walkman,
as well as multiple tapes or mix tapes if they wanted to switch artists. Nowadays most people just use their phones
or their iPhone to store 10 times as much music as a tape can hold. 17. Scrunchies. Ask yourself this– when was the last time
you saw someone wearing a scrunchie? Unless you work at a daycare, you probably
haven't seen one in a while. To be totally frank, being a man the idea
of scrunchies going out of style barely crosses my mind. However, after some research, we found out
that scrunchies are versatile, fun to slingshot, and less damaging to your hair. What the heck? Why did they go out of style then? Well apparently according to a writer at BUSTLE,
it might have had something to do with this quote from sex in the city: "No women who
works at W Magazine and lives on Perry Street would be caught dead at a hip downtown restaurant
wearing… a scrunchie!". Harsh, Miranda. 18. Beanie Babies. Remember these little guys? They would have the tag that said "TY" and
when you opened them it would be their name and an adorable little poem? When was the last time you saw one of these? That's right, 1999. It's unfortunate because we really liked these
sweet little creatures. But hey, if you're ever feeling really nostalgic,
just head over to your local garage sale and look through the 25 cent box. It's almost guaranteed you'll find a beanie
baby hidden in there somewhere. 19. N64. With games that are frequently populating
most reviewers' top 10 of all times lists, the N64 never really went out of style. But if anyone still plays this, there's a
good chance they do it on an emulator. We're not sure what people looked like in
the nineties, but apparently, they had three hands. Seriously, how were you supposed to hold that
dang controller? In any case, the N64 was still a landmark
system and good luck trying to get your hands on one these days, as they end up being pretty
expensive. Then again, there was that aforementioned
garage sale. Maybe you'll get lucky. 20. Fanny Packs. Efficiency. This was the name of the game for this nineties
fashion trend. However, they were ugly as sin and if you
wore one, you practically emanated radioactive waves that screamed: "please rob me, I am
a nerd". Still, it was and probably still is one of
the only socially acceptable ways for a man to carry around a purse. Hmmm let's see, get robbed, or have the ability
to keep our wallets, phones and other knick knacks all in one place. This really is a tough one… hmm…. 21. Tamagotchis. Somewhere in your basement/garage/attic, there
is a pet begging to be fed. Oh heck, what are we talking about, that thing
is totally dead. We abandoned our beautiful little virtual
pets years ago and they slowly passed away in the darkness, crying out for the masters
that once loved them. Hey, bet you didn't think a point about Tamagotchis
would've gotten so morbid, did you? Don't worry, just go look around your parent's
place and you'll find it. Hopefully. 22. Pokemon cards. Maybe kids these days still play with Pokemon
cards, but we doubt it. Apparently,, however, there's an actual game
you could play with these things! Back in the nineties, it was all about comparing
your cards to the guy next to us. Who the heck knew what an energy card was? Anyways, we're sure there's either A) some
kids who still compare cards or B) some older gentlemen playing this in a musty
card shop, but for us, we haven't seen these babies since the 90s. 23. Goosebumps. We have no idea, but does R.L. Stine still
write books? If so, we'd like to be directed to them, because
the Goosebumps books were awesome! Their chilling covers, their shocking twists,
it was the perfect series for any 90s kid who wanted to be spooked! And the TV series was pretty awesome as well,
last time we checked you could watch it on Netflix. However, heed this warning from us, your Bestie–
watcher beware, you're in for a scare! 24. Butterfly Hair Clips. Again, as a man, I didn't wear too many butterfly
hair clips as a 90s kid. Apparently, they were a thing? Who knows. What did you think of our list? What do you remember from the good old nineties? Did we forget anything important? Let us know in the comments section below
whether or not we remembered all our killer 90s trends!

10 thoughts on “24 Nostalgic 90s Trends That Died Out

  1. What did you think of our list? What do you remember from the good old nineties? Did we forget anything important? Let us know in the comments section below whether or not we remembered all our killer 90s trends! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! ?

  2. Now I wanna go back to the 90s, when TV shows, movies, and people were better back then. No Facebook, Instagram, Smartphones, tablets, Fortnite, Roblox or President Trump then. Enjoyed my teen years in the 90s.

  3. Now we have Bluetooth, makeup experiments, hover board, crazy hair dye experiments a lot has changed ( oh yea and air pods)
    Edit: I love beanie babies ❤️❤️

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