2019 Unity Murphy Bed

Hey, Dean from Leisure Travel Vans. We’re live in beautiful Clear Lake, Manitoba. How great is this? The brand-new 2019 Unity MB. This is the best looking B+ motorhome in the industry. Big bed. Big bathroom. Stand-up shower, dry bath, lots of living space, The Leisure Lounge Plus chairs is a great
option. The big pop up TV. This is the motorhome for you! Come on in. Let’s have a look at the brand-new
2019 Unity MB. We have the optional [patended] Leisure Lounge Plus chairs How great is? Full footrest. Comes up, built-in armrest Down we go. Standard is the Leisure Lounge with many configurations and I think you’re absolutely love this – want to watch a little TV, why not? That is a smart LED 39 inch TV I can actually swivel the TV and watch the TV from the two front captains chairs as well incase you have four people over and you
want to watch a movie. now that’s a beautiful big TV and you’re also going to like this little feature You can actually watch the TV down low as well. next little option on the Unity MB is the optional front table. Have coffee in the morning. sit back, use this to put my laptop on there. Use as a computer desk. So, very versatile. Turns and swivels so it gets out of the
way when I want to move up into the motorhome, slide back bring it across. Great little work desk. When you order the Leisure Lounge Plus chairs, we have a
little coffee table that slides up we can have coffee for two. We have our on/off switch and our dimmable LED lights in the ceiling I can also turn my chairs at a 45 degree angle and make a little eye contact So it’s time to have dinner, and you want to put the big table down. you’re gonna absolutely love this – the versatility of the Leisure Lounge Plus chairs is incredible. Chairs turn, they face each other, and now my main table comes down out of this wall look at that! Dinner for two. Versatile sitting area, versatile sleeping area, living area, and of course dining room area. Let me show you how it goes from a dining room area into a bedroom area Let’s, this is real time. This is how fast Two locks here. Look at this. I’m going to bed in about what, 20 seconds? and now that is a bed! 68″ by 76″; is that not incredible? Look how big this bed is! Leave the pillows right here. If you don’t want to go to bed at night, you want to do a little work – look at this Built-in headrest. which is fabulous for watching the big LED TV. Hello. You can watch movies in bed, you can work on your laptop, we’ve got USB plugs here We got a 110 electrical inverted plug as well so you can charge your phones at night. If you have a sleep apnea machine, you can plug it in right here on the side, run it off your 1000 watt pure sine wave inverter. I love it. Reading lights built-in, look at this. and awning style windows. Lots of fresh air. to come in and out of the motorhome. they have a nighttime shade so that no light can come into the motorhome What a great use of space, I can almost sleep this way. It’s huge It’s an actual Island bed, which means you can walk around the bed Look at this I can walk completely around the bed area Have to the bathroom at night? I’m not going to bother my partner but I love it it’s comfortable foam mattress. If somebody still wanted to stay in bed and sleep, I still have another table here that I can have coffee, or work on my computer or just sit back and relax I can watch TV so a lot of people said “we need to have a daybed during the day” but they didn’t want to put the slide-out out so let me show you how that is – just open this door and you just bring in the bed there we are slide out is completely in
and I have a daybed so if you’re stopping at a truck stop or a Walmart you’re not allowed to have your slide out, middle of night, you still want to have a nice good night sleep. Look at this I still have a full-size bed slide is in I’m super stealth, nobody knows I have a slide out. So in the morning when I want to make my bed, I can just simply just clip your strap on, that holds all your bedding in place pillows up top pull this, make sure if you have somebody
else with you that they’re out of the bed otherwise they might not have as much fun. up it goes look at that locks in place now we’re back to a dining room area for breakfast in the morning. We order the Mercedes-Benz swivel seats, so they turn face into the living room become part of the motorhome that’s quite exciting This has the Espresso wood stain color we also do Cherry, and Maple we have three different Ultraleather colors We have the Coal, the Fog and the Pebble we have two glamour packages: The White and the Gray which is quite spectacular Above the cab area, we’ve got some storage and we also have our optional safe very nice so lots of big storage bins above the passenger seat cabinet, we’ve got our optional Solar Panels so we have either 200 watts or 4 watts of solar that you can put on our fiberglass flex roof and the controller system is right here so we have the Jensen stereo system this is a DVD player, CD player, does bluetooth, streaming Bluetooth it also has an HDMI plug and a USB plug and it’s also 12 volt, so it also runs your two ceiling speakers So looking up on the ceiling, of course: six-foot-five interior height very nice and we have the LED lights, which are dimmable they go through the entire Motorhome ducted air conditioning: very important right? ducted air conditioning goes through the
entire motorhome including the bathroom so I have cold air in the bathroom,
cool air up here 15,000 BTU air conditioner with a heat pump so I can actually send heat through the ceiling as well on a colder day looking over here with work we’ve got our famous Skylight. Look at that: the beautiful trees we’ve got the beautiful lake beside us on the left. we have a few mosquitoes out here, so if I want some fresh air with the no bugs, perfect. or if it’s a super hot day today’s supposed to be 92 here today I can turn off the Sun, and still have some fresh air coming in to my left, we have a nice little closet for hanging jackets and I like this little feature: place to put my shoes not in the step-well, I’m not gonna fallonto my shoes and fall out of the motorhome you’re gonna love this feature at nighttime when the bed is down we cover off the step well that way you’re not going to fall into the step well when you’re walking around the bed area now that is super smart okay above the door we’ve got our control center this unit has the optional 4-point hydraulic leveling system so press a button, automatically levels the motorhome that’s a brand new option for 2019 on the Unity models you want to have your emergency brake on ignition off if you’re on a aggregate surface you wanna make sure you have some blocks underneath the jacks It’s Auto level turn it on, hit the auto level, it will automatically level you can also adjust it manually if you wanted to as well so that’s all done right here you can also have the option of Stabilizer Jacks we also have our slide-out control for bringing the slide-out in and out always be facing the slide-out when you’re bringing it in and out we also have the Truma AquaGo Comfort Plus control center right here this is our control center to tell us what’s going on So our batteries are kind of low right now 12.4, freshwater’s empty grey is empty, black is empty, and the propane that’s thirty-six percent here’s your water pump turn your water pump switch on and off we also have our Onan control system right here so turning it on you always push it to the stop until it lights out that means it’s primed and then you start it we also have an hour meter on here so how many hours you run the generator versus your changing of the oil on this side here, we have our inverter so I want to turn my inverter on I for example we’re dry camping right now, I can then watch TV charge my phones, takes the house
batteries flips them from 6 volt our into 110 power let’s have a look at these switches right here where this is our battery disconnect switch, you can see
I turn off all my power. turn it back on This is our switch for our beautiful 39 inch LED TV here’s our switch for our main lights in the Motorhome they’re also on a dimmer switch here’s our lights for our outside and our inside it’s on a three-way switch for handle for coming in and out this turns our camping mode for our step, so camping mode turning the
camping mode off and then of course the rope lighting up in the cabinets, look
spectacular. that’s standard for 2019. (even if you don’t order the glamour package) and this little switch lets me know that I have my outside lights on in
my compartment and in my service module breaker box right here just like at home for your breakers and your fuse box we’ve got our pre wire for our satellite dish. you have an HDMI plug in as well or we have the optional Winegard T4
satellite dish that does Bell, Direct and DISH I love how you can put the TV down
look at this all this counter space and I mean look at this beautiful picture window looking out into beautiful Clear Lake. We have our daytime shades so no ultraviolet rays can come in little shade holders that hold the shade
in place and the awning style windows once again, I can open them up if it’s pouring rain outside I don’t have to worry about rain coming in but I can have some fresh air coming in and at nighttime you can put the nighttime shade down as well so new for 2019, we’ve gone to Ultraleather on the valence. No more cloth, that looks very modern very nice above here, we’ve got some storage cabinets look at the beautiful curved doors. We have soft close I love how they lock in place so standard on all 2019 Unity’s is the Winegard 2.0, which
is a Wi-Fi booster 4G capability if you want to be your own personal hotspot and that’s all controlled right here you can turn it on here turn on the digital TV antenna and you can turn on the Wi-Fi booster I like this, we have strip lighting. LED strip lighting. underneath the cabinet’s lots of beautiful light and we’ve got our control center for our 15,000 BTU air conditioner with the heat pump our 16,000 BTU furnace so pretty simple just like at home you would set to whatever you want you have the fans on the air-conditioner work you can have the air conditioner work the heat or the heat pump set your temperature that’s all you got to do Let’s have a look at the gallery on the 2019 Unity MB. Up above, nice big cabinets now these are deep cabinets if the plate doesn’t fit you must acquit right? look at this that’s even bigger than your average plate and look how that locks in place that is very, very smart. double shelves, look at that but my coffee cups up there plates down low nice big cabinets European hinges look at the big handle here once again soft close, locks in place. always nice to have a window when you’re cooking you can look at the great outdoors right there once again Ultraleather valences for 2019, we have the daytime shade and the nighttime shade on the window with the locks to hold them in place Awning style window once again some fresh air coming up we’ve also got a fantastic fan right here you can also order the optional rain sensor, which would automatically close if it started to rain outside so let’s talk about this cooking surface solid Corian countertop half inch thick This is Antarctica White, we also have Carbon (Grey) so two different colors of Corian countertops. Deep stainless steel sink chrome faucet well done I really like this little feature, built in garbage can a lot of people use that fill it full of ice use it as a drink cooler nice little convenience feature in the galley we have at 110 inverted plug, run it off your inverter when you’re dry camping two burner stove spark ignition the splash guard built in very smart there. Easy to start look at this fires right up beautiful, make sure that you have those off never have this down because you can shatter the glass stainless steel backsplash and then accessory channel right here you can hang things and what galley wouldn’t be complete
without a galley extension? now that’s a great use of space so as we work our way down, you need some place to put all your kitchenware, pots and pans right there. look at this; beautiful pullout drawer extension glides, new handles for 2019, full drawer extension glides they pull all the way out full water filtration filter that’s a charcoal filter look at that lots of storage so on the other side of the galley, we’ve got our convection microwave so a standard microwave also convection so you can bake and our Dometic three-way fridge six point seven cubic feet separate freezer separate fridge and what I mean by three way it does 12-volt power, it does 110 Shore power, it also does propane, so you’re not limited to one source of power very very smart so you probably need a place to store all your canned goods? how about this pull out pantry yes but look at this. Now this is a bathroom I had an apartment that didn’t have a bathroom this big. hello bathroom this is what we call a dry bath this is a residential three-piece bathroom you’re not gonna find this on a Class B Motorhome you’re only gonna find it in the Unity. look at the size of this bathroom shower. glass doors. beautiful. LED lighting handle for getting in and out. six seven interior height I am six one, look at this I can’t even touch off on my tippy toes touch the top I love the skylight I can see the great outdoors while I’m showering it’s beautiful I like how we’ve designed this and I can have them all on my shampoos and my soaps we’ve got an on/off switch on the
showerhead so you can conserve water very smart there I love the handle for getting in and out but look at the size of this shower I really love the frosted glass shower door so nobody can see that I haven’t been going to Jenny Craig anymore in the morning you got to get ready I love this big vanity with the solid surface sink, chrome faucet we’ve got an accessory channel here built-in cups that’s beautiful we have a GFI plug right there down below look at this we have our easy access to our water pump and our full filtration water filter
right there easy access and lots of storage space towel holder and look at the size of this medicine cabinet mirrors for getting ready in the morning can see we’ve got our Leisure clothing on We have a great little Leisure store
on our website you can get some really cool Leisure branded merchandise storage place for towels very smart and look at this hanging closet Wow full hanging closet you can move this up and down if you want to even have more
hanging closet and look at these drawers solid wood full drawer extension glides Two big deep drawers right there we have our China toilet with a bowl cleaner which is very nice towel we’ve holders, another medicine cabinet: Two looking up here we’ve got our fantastic fan this one has the optional rain
sensor so it would automatically close if it decided to rain on you we’ve also got another dressing mirror and you can see that the Jenny Craig things
not working but I like the privacy of the door wow this is really incredible to have this size of bathroom in this size of motorhome I love the open space of it all you can actually have the slide-out in and the motorhome is still fully functional we only use the Mercedes-Benz swivels because they’re just easy to turn and swivel I really like that feature look at that I’m all the way ready to take off and go on a journey We’re powered by the Mercedes-Benz
3500 series cutaway chassis 188 horsepower 325 foot-pounds of torque 5-speed automatic transmission you can go up and down with your gears when you’re driving down the road which is nice if you’re going up a hill or down a hill it has all the conveniences that you want power steering, power brakes, air
conditioning, power mirrors, tilt steering, which is nice, telescopic steering also all the controls are built right in here on the smart wheel which we order from Mercedes-Benz you can see what’s going on audio deck that we order right from Mercedes-Benz it does bluetooth streaming bluetooth for music, you’ve also got your backup camera you can have on all the time you can see there’s my
bicycles still there and you can also do navigation right off of the deck itself so everything is built right in you never have to take your eyes off the
road when you’re going down the highway so up here on the mirror this is the
smart eye in the sky as we say so this has got your front collision impact
Assist and your Lane Assist and this is where you lock and unlock your doors
right here lots of cup holders on the Mercedes-Benz chassis both doors, up on the top of the dash, right here as well we also have a 12 volt charging there and a 12 volt charging plug here over here we have a USB charger and we
also have an axillary port as well in the glovebox, you’re gonna find your
Mercedes-Benz owner’s manuals and your navigation. we’ve got courtesy lights and more storage areas very nice plus you’re gonna love this option on the 2019 Unity’s, we have blinds including the front windshield blind as well lock into place lots of privacy you can see how far the seats go back I have a 34 inch inseam and I can’t touch the pedals unless I bring the seat forward which is really cool lumbar support plus I can move the back of the chair back or forward and I can move the chair up or down great fuel economy and I mean just super fun to drive if you’ve never
driven the Mercedes-Benz chassis especially on a Leisure Travel Van, then you have to go into your local Leisure Travel Van dealer and take one over for a spin it is pin quiet and we have roadside assistance that we provide for the first two years so you’ve got technical support, roadside assistance, towing, tire assist, that gives you lock out, emergency
fluids, RV service locations, RV mobile mechanic, that’s all included for the
first two years courtesy of us We also have my LTV for all of our owners they can sign up online and we have great photo contests and we have lots of product resources on our website walkthrough videos service centers and you can also join one of our Travelers Clubs I love how easy it is to move from
the cab area back into the Motorhome We run the Unity’s on the 3500 series
Mercedes-Benz cutaway chassis 188 horsepower 325 foot-pounds of torque five-speed automatic transmission this is a 3 liter v6 turbo diesel and it’s a clean running diesel because we order some really cool features from Mercedes-Benz we want our customers safe front collision impact assist, Lane Assist, the bi-xenon headlamps we order the washers on the headlamps we order the fog lamps chrome grill if it starts to rain – auto washers, we also have high-beam assist on the chassis as well auto lights at night and I love this little feature little step here for cleaning the window fiberglass front mask, LED lights up at the top man that looks good fiberglass running boards for easy access into the Motorhome courtesy lights when you’re getting in and out and very important our Unity is 7 feet 10
inches wide so sometimes you’re in a tight area, you can actually push the
mirrors in out of the way and fit into a smaller area of course we’re running
diesel fuel you can open up your diesel fill it up no fumes going to the
motorhome close it nobody can tamper with your diesel fuel and then this is
the slide-out believe it or not awning style window once again frameless glass we need storage look at this this is very smart you’re gonna love it as you
can see we got our fiberglass compartment doors built-in struts
they’re not going to fall on hitch in the back of the head so the storage compartments come out with the slide out as you can see you can take your stuff
out of the slide out you don’t have to go underneath to get to the compartment let’s talk about these compartments galvanized sheet metal; never rusts, super-strong we spray foam them also no damage can happen you can see the spray foam on them also quieter when you’re going down the road you’re not
gonna hear the rocks banging against the galvanized sheet metal underneath and of
course we talked about the beautiful curved compartment doors double tracks
top and bottom both sides you look up there we got our slide topper awning so
no bird droppings or debris can go into the slide count how many screws hold
that slide-out box together because this box is made just like the Motorhome vacuum bonded aluminum framed walls vacuum bonded steel frame floor listen to the sound of that and vacuum bonded aluminum framed roof we can see the
curve of the wall just like the main curve awning style windows so the
windows open out if it was raining out and you’d have to worry about water
going into the Motorhome easy access to your shore power connection Truma AquaGo Comfort Plus hot water heater standard on all Unity motorhomes and I
want to tell you this is the best hot water heater there is in the marketplace is it has a 1 liter of hot water that stays hot when you have it Comfort Plus, it stays hot all the time we have three lines going to each hot water faucet in the kitchen, sink in the bathroom, and the shower head when you turn it on the hot water it uses that one liter by the time that one liter gets used up the heat exchangers
are hot and you have consistent hot water and here we are we can see our
optional aluminum rims nice little option to have, you can check your inner and
outer tire pressure they’re easy to clean we spray foam all of our wheel
wells so these stones aren’t going to cause any damage I love our little
outside Service Center everything is very compact and right here you can see we have our winterizing valve right here we’ve got our cable connection and our satellite connections so we’re pre-wired for an outside
portable satellite dish we’re also pre-wired on the roof for a satellite
dish city water fill right here so you run your water hose up through here so
you can fill up Shore water and you can also fill up your freshwater tank don’t worry when you fill it up too much we have an overflow valve that will come
down exterior shower hot and cold running water, always talk about this great little feature to have because if you have pets
or you here for example you’re fishing you want to catch the fish and clean
them outside you can as well we’ve got our water pump switch so usually have the water switch inside the motor room so you forget to turn on I can’t use my
outside shower boom turn on the water switch I can use
my outside shower propane switch nice little feature you’re going on ferries
or tunnels you have to turn off the propane one simple switch plus when
you’re filling up the propane very simple to turn it off speaking and
filling the propane that’s filled up right here plus we have a black water flush for cleaning your black water tank right
here as well so we’ve got our dump valves right here we’ve got our black
and our gray always dump the black first and the gray that cleans the line we have a nice option called the macerator pump you can turn it on right here it’ll actually pump your waste uphill if you want and your gray water nice little attachment if your dumping into a 3-inch line you can connect it onto here but make sure you take this off otherwise really bad things could happen have you ever seen the movie ‘RV’? that’s exactly what would happen or if you have a small
little sewer dump at home you can We always include the three-inch manual
dump system You can see we’re at the rear mask nice little use of the receiver
hitch down to the bottom there you can also tow a vehicle if you want you can tow up to 5,000 pounds on the Mercedes-Benz chassis 15,000 250 is the GCWR minus your wet weight looking up there we’ve got our backup camera LED light, fiberglass mask at the back aesthetically looks
beautiful right? it’s all molded fiberglass, LED lights, we have a separate
bumper so if somebody were to bump your bumper you could replace the bumper and
not the full mask it’s fully insulated it’s easy to clean we’ve also have a
seven pin connector here so everything is pre-wired for you so as we come
around to the passenger side we can see how beautiful the paint job is we use three coats of color each colors painted three times two coats of clear we have seven exterior colors for 2019 White Suede, silver, graphite, Bordeaux , Eurosport, denim, and this is the champagne color looks spectacular in the sun have a look at this oh yes have to have the clubs you can at
least put two or three sets of clubs in there or you can forget about taking the
golf clubs and take me with you that’s good too I’m all in for that look at the storage area in here – we have a built-in LED light, some shelves built-in great use of storage space boom, once again full fiberglass compartment doors
built-in struts are not gonna fall and hit you in the head galvanized sheet metal
compartments all spray foam BBQ Quick connect real smart 15 gallon propane tank bring your barbecue plug into there you don’t have to carry an extra propane
tank optional generator; this one has the 3.6 kilowatt propane generator or you
can go with the optional 3.2 diesel generator As we work our way down, we’ve got our refrigerator vents 170 inch wheel base so a nice stable ride the dual wheels very important underneath here we’ve got more storage space very important and we also have our 1,000 watt pure sine wave inverter but look at that we spray foam all the tanks underneath the motorhome very very
important fresh water gray water black water tanks spray foam protects them
from all of these when you’re rolling down the road smashing them also gives
them a little insulation value Let’s talk about the sexy frameless glass windows I love them they’re tinted and look at this awning style that’s what it means
by awning style windows can be open to be raining outside I still have lots of
fresh air and I also like this we have nice little LED light outside and it
also does the handle here so I light it up at night let’s just talk about the
entrance door here in the step we have a power step we also have a little camping
mode on there so that I can leave the step out don’t panic when you turn on
the ignition and automatically goes up Ilike this little screen door right here so I can have lots of fresh air coming into the Motorhome also because
everybody’s got pets we don’t want the puppies and the kittens going through
the screen so we got some blockage there and we have our RV house batteries 2 deep-cycle 6 volt batteries they’re hidden underneath here out of the way so we’re very excited to show the brand new 2019 legless awning with wind sensor built-in LED lights that’s great turn the wind sensor awning on and out it comes so one touch it comes all the way out by itself well I’m ready to camp now look how beautiful this is over 12 feet in length seven feet wide but a little trick you don’t want to turn the wind sensor off because if you turn the wind sensor off
it won’t automatically come in so if we have a gust of wind it’ll automatically retract so the ping driver really doesn’t work anymore anyway so I can use
it to demonstrate the wind sensor there you go box awning with wind sensor. legless perfect. another great option for 2019 on the Unity models is keyless entry so I can lock it double click nobody’s getting in double click it and I’m getting in small motor home, big galley area full-size fridge, pull out pantry pop-up 39 inch TV the optional Leisure Lounge Plus chairs
which are spectacular Thank you for watching the 2019 Unity MB video If you’ve never seen a unity MB in person, go into your local Leisure Travel Van dealer, look at that I’m going for a swim I can’t take Dean from Leisure Travel Vans! Cannonball! you can configure your Leisure Tavel
Van today we have Build & Price You can compare floor plans you can pick colors of exterior, interior wood colors, Ultraleather colors, plus you can pick all the options
and you can price it out and know exactly what you’re getting in your Leisure Travel Van.

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