2019 The Secret Life of Pets 2 Full Set McDonald's Happy Meal Toys Find Max!!

hey everybody welcome to Lila's toy box and today we're gonna be looking at some toys from McDonald's it's for the most secret of like pets – which just hit theaters yesterday on the 7th so it's super exciting I have not yet got to see if I'm going to tomorrow me and Delilah and her mom are gonna go um so let's open up there see what we got first let's look at this box isn't that cool so here we have rooster roosters in the front right there with his little eyes supposed to be the alpha male dogs easily yours cut there that's pretty cool so you go on the side here do this we got all the pets we can get all the characters let's see here we got a rooster we got max which was from the old movie he's like one of the main characters we got Daisy yeah Gidget put a little pink bow isn't that cute and this one is a little flower Daisy does that's how they call her Daisy probably then we got norm in the hamster and we got snowball which this should be nice no bakas who is that that's not snowball that's Captain snowball and that's really cool and then you know it says who will you carry home so you get the little box like is if you're adopting a pet so you're gonna put your name who belongs to like I'll put the lava and you know the proud owner or who she's getting the date and sign it's pretty neat on the other side if you go online to McDonald's calm you'll find all the little cool activities you can do and that's really cool let's see what we got inside oh look at this we got some apples we got some chicken nuggets we got some surprise oh man this is not what I expected it's a barbecue sauce oh I was looking for toys what is going on here oh maybe the toys are hungry let's look at the other one here there that around here see we're getting this one oh there's like this one better oh there we go yes some toys in here yes that's poor man are you Oh dirty this you got first we got this is rooster he hears rooster he is so cool it's a big old bar that giant bones come out no don't come out won't smoothest a look at that don't be scared and he's the one I was telling me you guys don't know but if you watch the trailer he was talking about tell him max not to be scared he sits on top of the car and howls how how is cool you hungry I'm hungry let's eat no I don't got any chicken for you like in the bone but how would this I put some chicken on your bone there you go you go over here let's look at the next toy here we have Daisy look at her she is this skating around as she look at that she can turn so skateboard she is oh look at that it turns with their little hair bow is so cool there's a little pink or I mean purple skateboard blue wheels a little Daisy on top forehead is really cute I like that apples okay I was surprised you were surprised not surprised okay you're surprised we surprised oops I'm sorry the roof sir I forgot your chicken nugget there here you go Daisy this is the next one look at her she has her own little vacuum cleaner she's sitting on that is so cool what you do is this try it you guys ready Oh rooster watch Oh Daisy is coming through oh I guess you want some fries she is this there you go sorry about that so she has a little pink bow little tiny nose look at the nose isn't that cute fur so cool wanted to make that do something but don't hesitate hey Daisy you hungry we got a whole bunch of food and it looks like you need unity I know exactly what you want some Daisy apples look at there you go healthy to go over here next hey rooster you want some barbecue sauce I forgot to give you some I love some okay here you go barbecue sauce remember we got all of your face what are you doing it's why you got a bowtie on though huh well they got some white dots under she got to be carefully here I'll sit over here you careful with that okay well it's all them in here what's we're missing some how many opposed to have this look again we have who do we have so far we have we have one two three four five six and we only have how many one two three okay so let's look at which ones we have so far we have rooster right there we have Daisy right there and we have Gidget so who we miss him huh it looks like we're missing max one of the main characters we've got to find him we're mr. Norman gotta find that little hamster and snowball aka Captain snowball to you we got to find them well we have another McDonald's Happy Meal over let's look in this one see what we got in here maybe they're hungry whole bunch of food left over oh you got here look at that we have Norman the answer yes sir will going on here got cool answers I get a Norman in here little stuff well brown light brown dark brown and white look in those little eyes look he's so cool-looking there's a little orange wheel what do you do uh huh huh look at that you know he move it makes it look effortless says why am i spinning I'm not going nowhere I feel like I'm just staying in one spot that's cuz you are I'm sorry Norman but you are you're saving one spot but hey don't worry Norman we have something for you chicken nuggets we know you like chicken nuggets oh you do Norman great we're nagisa-chan album chicken nuggets in fries you've been running I know you're hungry what do you think everybody is Norma hungry oh yeah I'll go hungry okay Norman here let's give you surprise – there you go buddy that's good yes snowball captain snowball see they got around here look captain snowball you guys see that you kept the snowball stuff I'm sure that he's got them right oh they got you double rat cat snowball you're special over here look at this he is freaking cool look at that it's like it's a little pink my nose oh yeah guys little key because ears are going back he's looking serious like he's about to do some business so how do I use this thing so I guess we're gonna so guys remind the backup look we need some room for kept snowball yes I'm serious serious business going on here huh what's going on here stress my finger is so cool I know you have to be hungry after that snowball I'm very hungry okay serious business to do top secret mission okay so mom well you need to eat before you do that mission because you're hungry I know you are let's see what we get you to eat what sounds good you want some uh you're a rabbit with a rabbit EU you like apples Brad does love apples you want a Happel I guess I guess let you to Apple okay it's no Bob you guys you can have it there you go what's going on here I feel it working we don't got everybody where's everybody yet we're missing max everybody we're a minute where's max at has any way you saw max we got a Toy Story surprise bag this is max what is going on here [Applause] listen I guess let's open this to see if babies in here anything is in here like Toy Story for what in the world is this a 1 in here for what are you doing here I just got into a battles bang I don't know what's going on have you have you seen max anywhere we were looking everywhere for max oh I've heard someone talking about a Max and he's inside of a big box and he's something to help him you need something to help him well well we have to give someone we need to call cap got this snowball we've got a special mission for you will you help us find max mission accepted let me eat my Apple first okay no delicious okay you ready snowball we got to find this box so you may see in the box over there the one me me what my face off real quick I'll get the box don't worry don't be scared everybody I got it good time you can you get it I think I got it sorry army ok here it is that's a big box that was real heavy these inside is there max can you hear me max oh I'm scared don't worry max come on everybody we need to help them everybody get around and we're gonna try to lift it thank you guys ready and one two three it's too heavy we can't lift it what are we gonna do Oh No cut the snowball we need you I'm not big enough though maybe maybe if you go into the super box you can do it super box what's that over there is the McDonald's box they said if you go in there and you and it'll start rolling and you can grow oh well let me try it okay get in there are you in there okay I'm in there it's gonna dark those scared it's okay don't worry buddy I'm spinning I'm spinning whoa are you are you okay get the snowball snowball get this little are you again are you okay in there come on out so nothing here you go where's everybody easy can you get up there look oh no look cat the snowball you've grown so much oh oh is that right doing superhero stuff well we need your help can you lift this please oh I know I know okay I like this new look – you're so much bigger but you're just it's amazing I know okay that's it snowball can you lift this box can you let's try let's do it oh my goodness max hey max are you okay oh yes whew yeah it's max everybody let's look at him now max he is sunk look he's a little green ball in his mouth look at this little head turns so you're scared are you max I'm not scared at all you're gonna go up here and get on the map there you go push it over let's get on top of this max let's show him how you're not scared let's howl huh there we go good job that was totally awesome guys max are you hungry we have a whole bunch of food left over we've got some more chicken nuggets some fries I got a whole bunch for you I know you're scared in there so much come over you everybody else good max Daisy you go look me you have a new friend everybody look at that that was so cool guys wow that was amazing I'm just amazed how kept the snowball grow and help us like that is amazing what are you gonna say I guess you were just doing superhero stuff that was amazing thank you Kevin snowball well guys that was totally fun we had lots of fun times there with that look at all this new cool toys we got so I want to say first thank you everybody watching if you can hit the subscribe button down here and leave a comment of your favorite toy here and because you were watching this long already guys you guys have so much fun with me one good thing is that McDonald's doesn t come out with Toy Story for toys next and we are so excited it should be coming up next week and because of this we want to give a lucky subscriber a new toy and that is going to be boom it's gonna be a sporky creative set so you gonna be able to build a porky you're gonna build a little duckie and a bunny and you'll be able to get a buzz light your thing so go ahead and tell in the comments leave a comment about what your favorite toy are here and what you like the best and next week we're gonna say next Friday we're gonna pick someone from that to win this it will ship it right out to you so you're gonna have before the movie comes out it's gonna be amazing so go ahead and order hit the subscribe button down here again and leave a comment and win a prize and don't forget we're over we already do our monthly prize winner to or where you win a box from Wireless toys and you get a whole bunch of cool toys with that so again just go through the videos leave a comment like it love it tell us what you like about this and tell us what you want we'll make tons of video for you for you guys let us know what you want otherwise you're gonna keep on making them how we want to make them so thank you again everybody say bye and also you know what whoever wins this one is going to get all these cool toys – we're gonna send you everything right here except for the school box that's my box that's mine I'm gonna go on outside I'm gonna go howl on this this is mine and are you guys done eating this Eric's I'm really hungry seeing you guys eat is made me hungry i'ma go okay Beth everybody I gotta go I'm hungry I gotta go eat nice talking everybody bye

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