1. Bro, that song in the beginning, I thought you were being cheeky with the Frenchies ?? That's just the song tho.

    From the video, my gosh, what a bunch of lovely animals. Looooved the Sloughie, glad to see they are getting more stateside exposure. The Great Pyrs tho, can we just talk about them for a moment? My gosh, every face serenely smiley. And then closed out with the Anatolian Shepard, a phenomenal dog in So many respects.

    My heart though is with the Akita. I've had a lot of dogs over the decades, but nothing, can adequately prepare you for the level of devotion from an Akita, Japanese or American.

    All that said, Id love a bit on Tamaskans or some bigger breeds that work well as Service Dogs.

    Thanks so much for the quality content.

  2. I have a six-year-old dogo argentino that I got from a coworker 6 years ago as a puppy I live here in Los Angeles California and I'm looking for a dogo breeder So for I see a lot of Breeders on Instagram but mostly in Texas and overseas if you come across another dog show And They Have dogo argentinos at the show please let me know I would like to attend one In hopes to find a good breeder in order to get another Dogo argentino

  3. Please do a video on Poodles! There are so many misconceptions about the breed, it would be great to have a video showing all the amazing things poodles can do! Thanks, great content as always! 🙂

  4. Please do Siberian Huskies and more Spitz type breeds. Too many mastiff breeds. Not enough exposure for northern breeds.

  5. Can you maybe do a video on Shiloh Shepherds? They aren’t an AKC registered breed and are little on the rare side but I just find the breed really interesting and beautiful!

  6. How about a video with more sighthounds!
    I own Borzoi, and it would be such a thrill to see them featured on your channel, or any other sighthounds..
    They have a rich history, they survived the slaughter of the Tsars dogs in the Bolshivek revolution. They are superior hunting dogs, loyal companions and elegant eyecandy. I've had three, and I can tell you, it's the only breed I'll ever own. They have a cat-like personality, so they're great for small homes when given a place to run when outside.
    You could make a double-feature with retired racing Greyhounds and Borzoi. Ex-racing greyhounds are possibly the most overlooked pet breed. They come fully trained, house-trained and ready to love! Please help out retired Greyhounds by making a video about them.

  7. Chow chows..I know how u feel about the hair lol. I owned one and I totally feel u. Temperment is what u make it..I love the breed. Could u feature them?

  8. Today Thursday, June 6th Until Sunday, June 9th is Woofstock in Vallejo,CA, a unique AKC Dog Show where everyone wears Tie Dye , plays music , has tons of free food and watchs the dogs. you should come up and meet some dogs maybe a Clumber Spaniel or two great rare hunting dogs;)Clumbers.org

  9. Make video about Croatian tornjak and posavac. I know I may bother you,but I have one wish..actually two??

  10. A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.

    Cane corso is my breed, mastiff ❤

  11. Please do a video on service dogs! You are a dog channel after all and a special video on the work these dogs do for people with disabilities would be great.

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