2018 Petco Foundation Love In Action Award

My name is Amiee Sadler. I’m the founder
and CEO of Dogs Playing for Life. I’ve been an animal trainer since I was 19.
That first introduction to a shelter in trying to implement a training program
was back in 1998. Fast-forward to now and a little bit over 200 shelters later
have had the fortune of putting together a phenomenal team. Every dog, every day in
every shelter across the United States we want them getting out of their
enclosures and to be happily enriched even with the best intentions to create
a decent environment being kenneled and being socially isolated from one another
can create kennel craze and all of that behavioral deterioration that we really
don’t want to see. It’s very difficult to judge the true behavior and nature of a
dog when they’re frustrated and jumping on the kennel door wanting to be let out. So many people go to a shelter take a look become overwhelmed and leave. By
implementing these play groups, you’re giving the people an opportunity of
seeing the dogs in an open area and ultimately get to know the real dog and
learn more about their true temperament and behavior. For them to be able to come
outside and be able to play with other dogs. It’s just like socializing them
it’s like like Amy said they’re going to a party, letting the dogs bounce around
like that I think from my experience of walking dogs you’re gonna have to walk
them for about two hours to get them to the same state of just satisfaction
that they will get from bouncing around with the other dogs for 20 minutes.
We’re here with her with her team building shelters around the country, and
they’re changing our staff here how to socialize dogs and allow them to play so
they’re they’re imparting knowledge that they will leave behind that will benefit
us for years to come, so this is really amazing. I think it definitely increases their
adaptability. It’s really a win-win for everybody
we’re getting to a new age of sheltering. We’re not gonna have to be killing as
many animals anymore. We’re gonna be saving these animals, and let’s make sure
that we’re maintaining their behavior They and their ‘dogs playing for life’ is
a game changer. I see a lot more happier dogs that stay here less amount of time. Dogs are happier, we’re inspired by that
and that we can continue to give them the best quality of life. I
really want this to become not so surprising to people. I want people to
think of course we clean them, we feed them and they go to play this every day
and that this is the norm, this is should be the standard I think it’s rockin’ and rollin’ and I hope one day we’ve kind of worked ourselves out of a job.

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  1. We are SO honored to be a Petco Foundation award recipient. Thank you Petco Foundation, Petco, and all of their supporters for this incredible gift!

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