2018-2020 Mustang GT Fastback AWE Track Edition Cat-Back Exhaust & Black Tips Sound Clip & Install

If you’re looking for one of the loudest systems
out there for your 2018 and newer GT that also just so happens to include an H-pipe
design, then the AWE Track Cat-back might just be the system for you. Now, the Track will totally eliminate any
mufflers from the equation, allowing for maximum volume and delivering premium materials in
the process for right around that $1500 price tag. Install will not involve any cutting or permanent
modification. So let’s go two out of three wrenches, a soft
two at that on the difficulty meter with a detailed walkthrough to come later in the
video. So AWE’s time in the domestic market might
not be as long as some other brands in the category but that doesn’t mean they are new
to what they do. In fact, AWE has been making some pretty killer
systems for high-end European stuff for nearly 20 years now. So they’ve had plenty of time to hone in on
their skills, before embarking on the S550 systems back in 2015. Now, the Track system that we are talking
about today is the more aggressive of the two offerings from the Pennsylvania-based
company, the other being the slightly milder Touring system. And the big difference between the two is
pretty simple. The Touring is gonna feature a couple of mufflers,
the Track, as you can see, does not. Now, this does feature a couple of bullet
style resonators, as you can see right here but essentially this thing is a straight pipe
system from tip to tip, with the beautiful 4-inch tips here on the ends. So expect things to be very, very loud. In fact, going to my highly scientific and
patented wake the neighbor scale, I’ve got the Track system coming in with some of the
loudest in the category at a robust five out of five on the one to five or one to wake
the neighbor scale. The Track is a loud system, no doubt, but
I will say the inclusion of the resonators here and the H-pipe do manage to keep things
from being overly distorted or overly raspy. And what do you say we talk about that H-pipe
a little bit more here because the majority of your options in the category are gonna
utilize a variation of an X-pipe, which traditionally, will accentuate the rasp on the Coyote even
further, which some folks might like, others not so much. Now, the H-pipe is gonna help tone down some
of that rasp when compared to some of your other systems, give you a slightly deeper
tone, overall. And I will say, you’re still getting a little
bit more rasp here with the Track because of the lack of mufflers. But, overall, still not that bad when compared
to some of your other category screamers. Now because the Track does not possess any
mufflers whatsoever, don’t expect AWE’s patented drone canceling 180 technology so things,
again, will be a little bit louder inside the car while cruising, something to be aware
of there. Now, that pretty much covers the sound but
what do you say we get into the construction of the Track system. And as I mentioned earlier, guys, you are
going to find nothing but the best from AWE. Now that concludes the U.S. sourced T-304L
grade stainless steel which is used for the 3-inch mandrel bent tubing throughout, the
twin bullet style resonators, and finally exiting out of the dual-walled 4-inch tips
done up very well in that Black Diamond finish. Now this system, of course, does feature the
2018 and up quad tip configuration and is aimed at the non active exhaust cars. However, that being said, if you do happen
to have an active exhaust car, the system will bolt right up, you’ll just need to grab
AWE’s valve motor bracket to eliminate the possibility of any check engine light. Now, non active cars, on the other hand, don’t
need anything extra as the system is ready to bolt right up right out of the box. And speaking of bolting everything up, let’s
get into the install here as promised in. As mentioned earlier, this system will not
involve any cutting or permanent modification. So soft two of the three wrenches on the difficulty
meter. And to give you a better idea of how it all
goes down, here is a detailed walkthrough along with a quick tool breakdown. Now to begin the disassembly of our exhaust,
we’re gonna use a 15-millimeter socket on our impact gun and disconnect the clamps at
the front of the exhaust that connect it to the catalytic converter pipes. Now we’re just gonna loosen up these four
bolts and the clamps here, this way, our entire exhaust will slide right out. Next, using a 13-millimeter socket on our
ratchet, we’re gonna go ahead and disconnect our hangers from the rear of our vehicle,
this way, we can slide our entire exhaust out as one unit. But we’re gonna do it with the help of a friend
because we actually have our vehicle up on a lift, not down on the ground with jack stands,
where it would be a little bit easier to do it by yourself. Okay, using our 13-millimeter, we’re gonna
go ahead and take out these two bolts here to disconnect our hangers. Next, we’re gonna move up above the mufflers
to get the two hangers that are up there. I’ll show you those in a minute. Okay, moving back here to the rear, we have
two bolts that have to come out of each hanger. Now, we have one going up from the bottom
and one coming in from the side. You’ll still utilize a 13-millimeter socket
to remove these. So we’re gonna go ahead and get these disconnected
and then we’ll get the help of a friend to side our whole exhaust out. Now there’s one of these hangers on each side. All right, now, we’re ready to pull our exhaust
out, we’re gonna get the help of our other installer, Nick, to give me a hand. And we’re just gonna unhook these from the
crossmember and slide the whole exhaust out as one piece. There we go. We’re gonna begin our installation of our
new cat-back exhaust by installing our H-pipe first into our factory clamps. And we’re gonna support it using our screw
jack until we get the rest of our pipes into place. This is simple, just slide both ends right
into our original clamps that are still on our factory catalytic converter pipes. Now that our H-pipe is in place, we’re gonna
go ahead and get our mid-pipes installed. And when we install our mid-pipes, we’re gonna
use our hangers that connect to our factory crossmember. Now, we’re gonna get those hung on there and
go ahead and just bolt those into place. But we’re not gonna tighten down our clamps
until the very end, this way, we can get everything adjusted accordingly. Now using the new supplied clamp that comes
with the kit, our mid-pipes slide right onto the back of our H-pipe and hang from our factory
hanger. Now, just make sure you repeat this on both
sides. Using our factory hangers, slide that on,
plus a new clamp supplied with the kit and we’ll go ahead and slide that over our mid-pipe. Go ahead and hang this off of our factory
hanger for now. Now I’m gonna go ahead and get the other one
in, and we’re gonna put our hanger bolts on. Then after that, we’ll go through and we’ll
tighten up all the clamps and make sure our exhaust is nice and level and straight. Now that all our pipes are into place and
our hangers are bolted down, we’re gonna go ahead and start tightening up our clamps. But while we’re doing that, we’re gonna go
ahead and make sure that all our pipes are level and even. That looks good right about there. Our pipes are in and tightened down. Our clamps are all tight. We have our hangers snugged down. We can go ahead and move on to installing
our tips. All right, now let’s go ahead and get our
tips installed. As you can see, we have our clamps installed
on our tips already. We’re just gonna go ahead and slide these
over the pipes. Go ahead and line them up right where we want
them. Yeah, looks good, right there. Using your 11-millimeter, go ahead and tighten
them down, Now, just follow the same process on the other side and that’ll tie up the rest
of our exhaust. Now that ties up the installation of our AWE
Track Edition Exhaust for our 2018 Mustang GT. I hope that you got a lot of information out
of this and now you can do the exhaust yourself at home. For more parts and videos like these, make
sure you visit us at americanmuscle.com.

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