2015 American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards™ – Guide/Hearing Dog Category – Chara

Gide or hearing dog sponsored by club restore Netta farms i was born with congenital hearing loss and as I got older end up becoming profound hearing loss it was difficult actually as a child I kind of shut down a little bit because I wasn't aware of my surroundings I didn't know what was going on so I would spoke with the experts and they said well eventually as an adult she would be completely deaf I have about 70 percent loss in this one and I have 95 percent loss am i right and when we heard that service dogs were available later on in her life we thought that was wonderful when I was 18 I got my first service dog Casey we had a partnership until she was about 12 years old when it's time for her to retire I ended up getting Shara that was love at first sight she was a rescue and she was only six months old I got to get her as a young pup and start early we knew right away that she had a knack for this we always used to laugh and say she could hear the worms in the ground because she could hear everything which is what I needed a dog to be able to hear things that I was missing in charas particular thing with Chris she will block her in traffic if she could hear moving vehicles and Chris does not and tries to move Shara will impede her or travel my children cry and I'm not gonna put to hear them or their doorbell she'll not realize those sorts of things it makes me safer and it makes my children safer and it makes me feel more independent I'm able to accomplish more things July of 2008 I had an accident at work and developed a neurological condition known as reflex sympathetic dystrophy I also developed dystonia it's a neurological condition that also contort your muscles and it looks very similar to seizures it was very painful and these episodes can occur sporadically have no idea when they were going to hit the safest place to be was on the sofa I couldn't drive I couldn't do anything it was 5:00 a.m. I was laying in bed sharra jumped up on the bed and started pawing me and I was like what is she doing he's nuts but she was so persistent she kept on and on she's picking up on something there's something there and in about 10-15 minutes later an episode occurred no Adi she knows veterinarian with 31 years experience I refer to it as the magic of Daleks she wasn't trained for this she picked this up on her own if we're in public and we're walking she get in front of her and stop to kind of give her the warning that hey something's gonna happen you need to get to a safe place because the alert is about 45 minutes ahead of time the medicine has time to kick in so then we're safe my son was about two weeks old and he developed a very severe cold he was asleep and sharra jumped on the bed and kept Pauling and Pauling and I finally got up and I had to realize it wasn't me who needed help it was my son the alarm was going off that was telling me that his breathing got too shallow he had stopped breathing when it lost Oh she's always been by my side she has a gift a gift that you can't train it's a gift that was formed by a bond Chara is a carton nature for a rescued dog food to do all this for a family it is very much a hero she's a gift to us all

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