for okay uh… actin and welcome to another heading at the
system training my name is nicole the son of the office of public meaning housing at
howard as for the delay in the start of this webcast this afternoon today’s training is gonna be focusing point
initially ivy system training basically letting you know how to use yet
need from the date is east of let’s get in today’s agenda with byron you about the e_i_t_c_ started access to the ice of any system how do you see i_d_ system in your day-to-day
operations and then also show you how to utilize the multiple subsidy report as well as the existing tenant search identity verification report and everybody’s favorite being when describing
the report that is deceased tenants report what we split
up the bout this will be here today but will show you that
report as well today and then another report that is new in the
navy that most folks have not started utilizing will share a few the immigration report and then we’ll have any idea system questions and answers so for those of you that may have questions we will be showing a email address is was a telephone number by
which you can call in oregon email your questions and will ensure during this segment so without
further ado let’s get into the ivy system overview what folks won in ot exactly what is the agee system said this
segment of the training is going to go to sleep focusing boring he had the system basics what is it up front income verification or what is he had the system we classify in ideas and obtaining compare fication told
if you’ll notice here it’s available to all program administrators to image to the public housing the housing choice belcher as well as various
p_i_ section eight programs such as project they spell chairs and this system is designed to allow housing
authorities to validate tenor reporting wages unemployment benefits as well as new hires permission social security income during mandatory inner man injury examinations net as you all know the any system is a web
based application which allows for you to access the system through cuts secure systems and native also available too and staff as well as huddle i_g_ inspector general’s
office and we use a stool or at the hud level to do oversight and monitoring a program compliance uh… as well as hitting statistical information regarding
the program so that we can make informed decisions here in washington and in the system contains information is
obtained through computer matching programs with that u_s_ department health and human services awesomeness h_h_s_ as well as social security
administration as you kindly note as f_f_a_ and this information about the e_i_t_c_ some
also contains information from you the ph a community point that’s thirty ph a as well
as termination information for your yuppie families are and participation
families who have left the program so let’s talk about any content source for
the information so security administration provide tied with
the following information death records validation of pic reported social security
numbers data burks uh… as well as the mains as they also provides tied with social security income information known as s s as well as supplemental security income also
known as specified benefits a lot of p_h_d_’s seemed to you not cdu entitlement benefit information to entitlement
is a paid benefit that is paid to a beneficiary under another
person’s social security number and typically those are benefits in which the person is
eligible men uh… spouse dies or uh… the dependence
about of an individual who has got the uh… living guardian is eligible for benefits
under the deceased person so security number any does contain dole entitlement information
in the system and i’ll show you what that looks like uh… please be aware that hud has had a few
glitches in processing the dole entitlement information from eset say so it’s not uncommon
for you to be aware that your clients are receiving delete item
that you don’t see it in the i’d be so feed on sea the benefit any idea we advise you to follow ph noticed twenty ten
dash the raid however the caveat for dole entitlement is that you have to have the uh… the claim it’s social security number or the
deceased person so security number so if you have all benefit verification letter that your client
may have provided to you’ll see that claim number uh… which is the other persons fsn you would need to ensure that social security
number again two f_e_c_ automated service so if you were to call the eight hundred-number
or to request a benefit verification letter the s_ assays internet service you would have
to put and the answer send of the claim it which is the
disease process of security number also asa say provides us with medicare insurance
premium information uh… whether not there’s a body and we’ll
talk about that as stars by hand for insurance premiums please understand that
hut does not obtain any additional uh… medical insurance is that may be paid by your client’s most folks
have supplemental insurance in addition to the medicare hunt is not get that information so you would
need to consult with your client to obtain verification of the additional insurance premiums
outside of the medicare insurance premiums now the source of the essence a information
is very simplistic as a state has a database uh… that contains information with respect
to the benefit and so we call that the esa say benefits database as far as that deaf information that has to
say provides us that comes from nasa says deaf records and this information is reported to have to say by medical examiner’s
more serious and other entities to basically have knowledge
body individual’s death and so had does get the deceased information from assets and that’s how we
came up with the deceased x report right now let’s look at what did you just
provide time h_h_s_ provides had with data from its national
directory of new hires database many folks don’t know what this data bases but it’s a
database owned by health and human services office of child support enforcement agency and they treat this national repository of
waging employment information to assess local child support offices in identifying non-custodial parents who may
have defaulted on child support orders and so they use this information to locate where that non-custodial parent
is working so that they can issue the britta garnishment to collect the child support
payments itself had actually obtained statutory authority to accesses database so
that you the ph a skit had access to this information to identify income that you may not be aware of and sell h_h_s_
provides us with quarterly unemployment compensation information quarterly wage information for both federal
and nonfederal employers and then they also provide us with monthly
new hire w_-four information if you know read recall when you started working at a job one
of the forms you have to fill out when you started job is a w_-four and that’s a record uh… you being newly hired a company and so had actually gets that w_-four information
from h_h_s_ and they provide us with the date that the individual was higher along with the employer information name and
address and federal employer identification number now the source of the and the n_h_l_ permission
is as follows now keep in mind as i’ve mentioned to you
yesterday though information it’s in these data bases
come from specific sources so for that unemployment insurance or unemployment benefits this information comes from the local state
workforce agency in your jurisdiction or the agency within your state that has the responsibility of generating unemployment checks to unemployed
individuals who were eligible for those benefits your quarterly wage information comes from these lawyers the employers are required to
report information with respect to poorly earnings in wage information for each individual
on the payroll and then again your w_-four information the
source is the employee or so you’ll start to understand why it is when i say that had cannot incorrect data and we talked about this yesterday the sources of the information is the responsible entity for fixing incorrect
information it’s in the ending okay and then you’re gets hurt the ph acheson
termination information again the source of that information is you the ph a family okay now let’s look at the end the system
functions basically the intent of the eddie system is
to identify tenants who uh… uh… wheat we identify tennessee’s identity
cannot be verified that’s first thing that we do when we do computer ching we wanna make sure that everybody who
use of nato into the five a_ we can validate your identity and we’ll talk about that just
a minute sewer validating the identities of individuals were identifying potential are required to
disclose the social security number they had the system is also identifying tenants
who are deceased no longer with us and also it’s identifying tenants who may
be receiving multiple assistance either in the a public housing housing choice about
your program project based section eight program multifamily
housing section eight programs and so there’s a cross match between p_i_ jim multifamily
housing programs to identify tenants who may be double dipping in receiving uh… multiple rental assistance the system also identifies individuals or
applicant’s who may already be receiving run also states okay so keep in mind what he had me is primarily targeted towards current participants or tennis yet he does have the capacity to identified individuals applicant’s who may be already receiving assistance or identifying individuals old uh… made though debt to another house and order had an adverse
status when they left the program so he had he does do a couple things for applicants but primarily
the system is designed for current participants
and so the other thing that he had he does let you know when you’re ten it’s got a new
job and we’ll talk about that in just a little
bit and then also if there’s a despair ready between what was reported on the five
eighty sparse income for the family he had the war identified income discrepancies based on comparing pick
reported information would be ideal reported information so will talk about income discrepancies in
a little while any also obtain means tenant in common employment information
in these are the categories uh… the information again poorly wage information including federal
wages most people were not aware that he had the also has better wages federal wage information is any eddie along with the employment information the hire date as well as the employer information also poorly unemployment compensation monthly
s_s_i_ benefit information along with medicare premium insurance payments is included in
the e_i_t_c_ esta manana function of the i_d_ system is basically to serve as a republican
or a of information for you to utilize during your heels in in a reexamination one thing i love about you i mean if many
of you were using the tendon assessments subsystem many years ago or tests um… that system only works when it was time for the family to be weary exams
so if you remember you can go and pull the reports for two from task for these families do for reexamine in december unlike test even she has data available twenty
four seven all the time so you can access this information
anytime anyplace said you’ve got computer you’ve got data uh… the other thing please keep in mind
data available for existing tenants only is county idea operates their is now
income information for applicants because hut does not collect information from housing authorities about
applicants and in order for had to do its computer matching what must exist is a current
form five zero zero five eight will talk about the matching process in just a moment and that he had the system basically request two years of information
of waging unemployment information from indian h database and then we get current acess s_s_i_ do entitlement
and all the so security benefit information uh… in the last eight changes answer that information is readily available
to you in the system and this just goes back to show you that the
computer matching their data collection process associated with the ivy is contingent upon
the existence of a five zero zero five eight four one and data is collected from section three and
section seven of the five eight four now the household member estes and name and
date of birth are collected for the sole purpose is now
doing the identity validation process okay we use that you identified validate the
identity of your tenants your ph a reported in verify wages unemployment unemployment uh… benefit information one section seven of the five day based collect
it so they denied me to do the data analysis
to compare the pic reported wage unemployment social security benefits to g_i_ d reported
wages unemployment so security benefits nampak sense the as a sense of the names and
the date date of birth overtures to social security administration basically what’s happening
is that’s three day at the altar gone never necessary and those fields are matched against the database as they say and so one of the things you need to be aware of
is that how does eight free screening of all data before we send it over to asses
say and one of the things that will happen is
that if brett determines that the information that’s one of five eight is inaccurate or invalid we will on a medically excluded those individuals
from matching inside i’ll show you about what your identity verification reporting a immigration
report how that comes in the plane is matching process
but we’re basically making sure that what we get data for is balik okay so we don’t send any invalid s a sense of over two efa said also please understand the alternate i_d_
that you generate intact for an individual who does not have a so security
number who has not disclosed the source charity number hi cannot match an alternate i_d_ it’s not
valid so security numbers so anyone who has an alternate date we do not match we cannot
get any income data for those individuals because the primary key for doing the computer
matching is the essence n so basically what is happening is is that we tried on a pre screening process
um… for identify uh… identity validation process we obtain uh… failed identification errors and again
these are outline for the outline of shown to you in the reports we obtained f information from eset say and then for anybody who’s been validated we then say okay at the social security numbers
are good as they say give us all the income information you had in your database is about
these individuals along with any death information he said that
is what is returned back to her and so i guess it’s a computer matching process
begins the first in a month and typically it’s finished around the fifteen cell just understand that if you send in a five
day to day that five eight importance of our computer matches schedule
will be met attched the following month okay the estes a information if he had these updated
every three months and i do have a star last slide in here that reflects the schedule of the computer matching the s_s_ s_s_i_ benefits are modified in delhi as we all know this year there was
no cost of living adjustment but traditionally when there’s a cost of living
adjustment or cola the uh… security council security administration
will issue eight notice or bulletin in opto bura advising what that new percentage colin is going to be and have an impact the
benefits affective january one and so when there’s a cost of living adjustment
scheduled hud will actually automatically update every
single tenant uh… towards the end of the year with all
information being updated many eddie by december thirty first of the year if it’s applicable
so we don’t uh… of what we were in september
so the next month we should be finding out whether or not there’s
going to be a cost of living adjustment and after it is one in i’d be will be updated in december no later than december thirty first say that
once you come back from happy new year uh… the abbey will reflect those new benefit information
so that’s how that works in this is that actual
schedule for the computer matching and this may be a little hard to read but
noticed that uh… weak you are matching an batches and we basically dissect the united
states and we match certain states during certain model so you’ll be able to seeing your state and what month your data
is going to be updated okay nasik i was talking about ac estes a joins
identity validation process i want to share a few years some of the identity
verification status is that you will see i’d be a new standard status is the first one being verify which is self-explanatory bear five means that the
personal identifiers that were matched with us a match your tenant gets verified so there’s no further
action required if you see not verified that simply means height is not yet sent those
personal identifiers to estate to be matched you would commonly seen not verified if you’d
let’s say for instance you send in a five-day toothpick today once again the pics that data up tonight that’s status for the whole family on that
by date will be not verified because we just got itself uh… depending on the category of the alert
category the transaction type of the five eight will dictate when we matched that record
with necessary pending pending verification now you out you know what can bear fication
means by mail because you’ve been seeing it for the last five or six months but in case
you don’t recall pending verification means just that pending verification hired has sent that tenet personal identifiers
to asses say m we are awaiting the results back from a sicily
and once those results obtained from as to say that he ideas updated and you’ll see keep in mind as i just mentioned yesterday that pending verification status should be
gone for about ninety eight percent of the families by october ten okay ’cause we’re
in the process doing everybody’s uh… updates any idea and keep in mind september twenty-seventh
is the date when the new version of yet he will be calm
available okay now this is the eric identity verification
status you don’t want to see failed when you see failed that means you
have to take some type of action and failed means that the personal identifiers matched against the
database witnesses say did not match something is wrong either the name is wrong the social security numbers wrong for the
date of birth is wrong now do keep in mind there are some caveats
you won’t be looking at the social security card and looking what’s on your five eight
and everything is matching up but you keep in mind that sometimes there are some nuances with computer matching
and so as long as you have confirm that the information on your five eight matches
what school and the social security card then just make a note of it in the following
as i mentioned before in a previous session there are instances where social security
is issuing new numbers new social security numbers that they typically would not have issued
and sell because the growing population they’re starting issuing new social security numbers
in your paper i d report is telling you that it’s an invalid social security number but you’re looking
right at so security card any matches exactly what’s
on your five eight and so i have and made a request to the pic teens you either update
the logic in pic regarding the uh… algorithm that’s utilized
to validate as it stands for our children live in one the estes in validation process that he had
he conducts so that will you know if they implement that and that should
help minimize some of the errors that you’re seeing
on your reports which really are not errors okay so we are working on that and then the last that s is deceased and you don’t know i love deceased who’s deceased people mean that unit or belcher probably will become
available so the next family can benefit and so we let you know this somebody is deceased by showing the identity verification status
of deceased which means just that your tenant is no longer with us and as i say that the uh… win they had the information available will tell
you the date that the person expired away here’s an example of an identity verification
status if you’ll notice in the blue box verified
as the comment uh… status that she was saying here’s your pending everybody should know
or be familiar with the pending status uh… pending verification status and in here i’d just let me show you this
screenshot because if you’ve never ryan the identity verification report any
i_d_ you all know that your tenant has an issue because remembered
when you get annuals in in around you have to use the egg the income reporting this is
a snapshot of the abbey income report showing you didn’t notice that and brad pitt more print on the edge report how does letting you know that there is an
issue in this case uh… their identity validations status is failed and if you’ll notice to tell you they can’t
disclose sussex charity benefit information due to a discrepancy in the date of birth
at the very end of this error messages ideals that date listed there it is the date of birth
that este has point their records so noticed that uh… here for chemically uh… whatever date of birth you have on your
records when you’re five eight does not match esis a_c_ so here’s what you can do is update your five date with the information
reported by answer saying now one of the common situations that i have seen and i have heard
of a lot of times you have a birth certificate or you have a
driver’s license or state issued idea with the date of birth date is different than what
someone else to say records so you can do can actually what i tell folks you’re looking at pics as they say records so what should happen
is and neck and around so that you can get your
data for your tenant unique update your five eight with what estes case telling you is the date of birth
date they have when their records after ten minutes of follow-up with social
security administration regarding the date of birth that they have registered lent their
record so it can be fixed if necessary okay and then hears that their message showing
you failed this is what you don’t wanna see because if it’s failed then that means you gotta do something a little
xtr alrighty and then here’s a sample obviously
just and this is a perfect this is actually a perfect
record and i know you can probably see this screenshot very well and i do apologize at the training materials
and printed or electronic copy are not available to you at this time however we will be disturbing
that information um… spa either later today or early next
week but this is a perfect record because this five-day action reflex that the ph a
data and to protect the patient or action types six said this family i know is deceased and i
know that the ph eight is done with they need to do which is to do any of the people of
this is the d_c_ single member household okay computer matching with h_h_s_ again this matching process entails had sending
data from its hot pic database server to h_h_s_ but keep in mind the h_h_s_ data matching does not start until
the conclusion of the essence saying identity validation process because we only send estes a validated as
suspends over to beijing ajax okay and we can only send over to h h asbestos
and of individuals who were eighteen enid and over and the reason we do that is because the income
worthy earned income of minors is excluded and hud spends a lot of money on computer
matching and so it’s a waste of money to pay for data of seventeen-year-old sixteen-year-olds because it’s gonna be excluded now of course uh… in emancipated minors we had no way
of knowing who’s emancipated hide those by age only and so if someone’s under eighteen and they remains unpaid and we don’t know that so we would not be data
for that individual until their eighteen and basically for any excess estes and next past
the eddyp restraining the s_e_c_ identity validation tests will then be sent everday h_h_s_ so that we can obtain them w_-four quarterly waging unemployment insurance and the h_h_s_ computer matching typically
begins around the sixteen th and should finish by the thirtieth on average spare computer matching process
of h_h_s_ concludes about the twenty third to the twenty-seven of the month okay and then keep in mind that again were
attending you hire information for every individual who is over the age of eighteen and poorly
waiting on employment information for individuals over the eight eighteen and over for any hud form five zero zero five eight
with these following action types a new admission portability move them as well as the historical just met and this
is what we do on a monthly basis let’s keep in mind the poorly wage information its quarterly however we do matches h_h_s_ on a monthly
basis and that’s basically to capture uh… information for individuals who have turned
eighteen since the last courtly match or to i’d get income information of individuals
who were newly admitted into the program so we wouldn’t want you to have to wait until
the next quarterly match to get the income information so once you send in your new admission
or your historical adjustment we will match those five days within the next monthly cycle now the poorly computer matching occurence
going the sixteen th a thirtieth as well and occurs going the following months february
mai august and november and again we’re getting
the portly wage and unemployment information as well as the
new hire information for everybody so if you notice the pattern every single month we’re getting poorly weight
i’m sorry uh… w_-four information comes w four is
new hire information new hire information is coming in on a monthly
basis your unemployment poorly wage information
is coming in on a quarterly basis okay and then your matching approach for any five
cirrus zero zero five eight with an action tight of new admission aneurism and in on raising and portability movie and portability
movie out other changing in it in your exam searching belcher flatlands annual
updated as well as historical adjustments so these
are all the action types that are capture when we do our water leanne action okay now i remember a when we first started joining
idea i said please understand hud has no control over at the age of the
wage data bosa like well wait status six months all what am i supposed to do with that the intent is to keep you informed of information and is heard
by the family or unemployment compensation is received by the family and so the h of the of the uh… quarterly data is but remember to the timing of the uh… engine each data coming into their data
bases so please understand that these time frames are set up by h_h_s_ and uh… understand that your state workforce
agency and federal agencies are required to report data within a specific time frames and here at that time frames for your new
higher employment information uh… employers have to report twice a month for electronic or magnetic on medium transmissions and those transmissions have to be twelve
to sixteen days apart so they’re basically sending information every two weeks and then for those who are not doing electronic
transmissions they have to send the information within twenty days of the date of hire so the new hire formation is not an issue because
that information is coming in literally on a monthly basis but here’s where
the caveat comes for your poorly wage federal federal way just the employer has basically one month to transmit the information
from the quarter and a so for example this quarter that’s getting ready to and september
thirtieth federal employers have until october thirty
first to transmit the data some realistically in november he was seeing
water three twenty ten data for federal workers however for your not a federal workers the
employer hands four months from the end of the quarter sis transmit their
information so when this quarter ends on september thirtieth they have until uh… basically january thirty first to get
their data and so border three twenty ten data is not going
to be available to you had to affect you wary twenty eleven okay but poorly unemployment compensation however
is on the same time frame as quarterly federal wage where the state has one month to transmit b data proton linemen and so unemployment compensation you will
see quarter three twenty ten in november twenty-two and then this is a nifty little spa schedule
that you may want to cut out and maybe no put this up when you’re bulletin
board so that you no land data is going to be available because basically here you’re looking wherein quarter
three which is july through september you’re not going to see information until
november twenty ten for quarterly wage federal and the poorly unemployment ended february
twenty eleven for your regular wages okay now let’s get into access to the ivy
system a lot of folks have access to the agee system uh… as of right now the national statistics
very heavy system access is ninety eight percent so there are few housing authorities out there that do not have access to the system and
so you wanna have focus in on this tag meant
because we’re gonna show you how to gain access to the ivy system and of course for those
of you that already have access to the system this segment will kind i enlighten u_s_ to what’s the process
if i had new staff coming on board or have a lot and modify access or or you know what it what what do i need to do to maintain
my access to that sort of talk about now in obtaining access to the abbey system is
very simplistic the agency’s executive director or supervisor
team leads or whoever the e_p_a_ has designated to off the rise yet the system access will
basically identified those individuals who should have access to deed system and those individuals will then complete the hud
form five to six seven six which is the agni user access authorization form rules of behavior and user agreement document
which will be signed by the new user and signed by the supervisor the executive
dot director who’s authorizing the individual to have access animals cement does have forms five to six
seven six to the event coordinator in your local hud
office now i do want to point out for hot staff persons you are not required to complete five point
five to six seven six uh… sell for those of you that have been
completing it and i apologize i should have gone enlightened you that i have been advised that had staff people
do not need to complete that form because we have our mechanisms already in place regarding
system access particularly secure systems however for ph et cetera wanting access you do need
to complete this form and you can fax emailer mail it to your local hud office because they will need this form so that they
can improve your access within the system and again we are going to being exploring possibilities of automating the
form high-fat of that uh… form had five to six seven six so that we can go from uh… you know a paper aural about your paper environment ceiling
elec tronic uh… environment uh… i’d believe if i’m not mistaken this
form is a pbf billable form so take if you have adobe uh… you can uh… complete this form in some some agencies have come bread at the form
to a pbf billable so that they can complete it’s a bit and electronically transmitted
to the local hud office in batches and that’s completely acceptable however do you understand that platforms cannot
be modified so um… i’m innocent people were trying to
do you know put some things on there uh… for internal use is only however uh… for had purposes we have to receive the form in a format that
was approved by o_m_b_ so by in access the form from the n_b_a_ webpage
or from how clips obtaining your hadfield office like i said
they’re gonna prove your access uh… and you must a west i_d_ issued by hacked in order to gain access to
it yet being and that uh… uh… west side the also must be associate
it with pic access may not have to have access to various pick models you just need to be able to have picked access because he had he read
your pic access okay armin i mentioned this yesterday and i’m going to
say it again executive directors supervisors people in charge please stop requesting your staff to disclose
to u their user i_d_ and password that is and illegal practice eugene not share your user i_d_ and password
with other individuals so please stop bullying your your your your
staff and staff members i know that it’s a little
intimidating when we supervisor comes up and says well look i hadn’t gotten my user i_d_
from hyd yet so you just going to give me your user i_d_ and
password and then you can change your password tomorrow uh… that’s a no go what you ought to say and it’s not your supervisor
now just ask them what is it that you need from
me i’d be i’ll print it out for you okay because you cannot use someone else’s user
i_b_m_ password so please do you do not do that and set something all have been so kind to
write to me insane coleman sued by the time give my user idea tests were what should i
do and i would tell you everything and you’d you’d not under any circumstances disclose
your unique user i_d_ and password some people say well it’s ok fine him the user agian and i just
changed the password tomorrow or next week he you just can’t do that okay so if you haven’t trouble you know reach out so it’s whether some local
hud officer hood headquarters will will help resolve the issue because we don’t want anybody you know using other people’s passwords and
user i_d_’s because you know what if that person who you lead your using antonette business listing usually petty lender user
i_d_ cannot values that the impasse by just for a moment like ok over it if you do if you do if you do that it that person that’s something that they
had no business doing that illegal activity is registered under
your user idea password okay there’s no way for high-tech to distinguish who did well at some of you tell me well you
know nicole i gave my user i_b_m_ password two billion billy when they made a death hadn’t
i didn’t do that and um… i would say right now we we’re not
going be looking up at the address is in trying to figure out monday what ms at the address
below into this one this one don’t do it just don’t do it it’s is not worth
the hassle yang all right sir now once you have to office
has approved a user administrators with danny i didn’t and keep in mind each agency should have a designated e i d
museum in this trader because that person is going to basically do all of
the user administration right people talk about in a minute and your user administrator and then have the
ability to go into ear i_d_ and for any user idearc west side view that’s
listed they can then begin to assign roles ads requested
or authorized on that had fallen by three six seven six and basically use administrators
generating an electronic request for the local head office to approve your staff access okay uh… one of the things that i tell first please uh… look at the high point five three six
seven six instructions because it tells you exactly what role do you need to have assigned to
your user i_d_ are based on certain poor responsibilities that you usc conduct at your house in the story so uh… user administrators it you get a former and somebody’s got down application processor
rohan occupancy specially bit belcher role automatically you should know they don’t need
application processor rolled application process of roles eliminate role but we’re gonna go
through the roles in just a minute and and also your user administrators basically
had the ability to modify access remover also at roles and also terminator
users access if any i_d_ and then we always tell the user administrators
if you have public housing users you must nine that answer asset management projects
to the user i_d_ selwyn you going to be at the user administration
is a little pencil when you click on our there’s a pencil next
to the public housing rolling have to put the pencil to assign that camps because if you don’t do that campus
simon that user will not be able to pull any income
reports buybacks they’ll have to pull on by head of household okay now do you say that there is not yet
be user rolled your p_c_ occupancy public housing role which basically allows the user to access uh… the debts of the ph aches and um…
termination report the search for former tenant access to all you had the income reports for families under their jurisdiction as well as the bear is verification reports
for public housing program tenants only now the ph occupancy valter role is the same
role as the public housing role the only difference is its four section eight tenants only okay now your ph a pocket pc application processor
role bises eight eliminate world this world only allows for a user to do that that’s the uh… sleepy ages and termination former tenant
search existing tenants are expanded the multiple
stops at the report now again i had mentioned that a lot of times housing authorities what i call and when i mean by that is when you have your
malice in your here in at the computer when you see checkboxes year just greedy and you want to check all
the boxes found one at all and so you just checked all the boxes just
to be checking but if you check the application process a
role along with the other roles the idea is gonna get confused because application process to roll is a limited role
so the system says okay even though you have this other roles
checked you should only have access to this mall peaks occupancy valter public housing role do you
do not need the application processor role this role we created for housing authorities
because they said they had staff who processed applications for public housing housing trust out her they
didn’t need to see any income information and guess what there is no income information
for applicants but they wanted to check he had need to see it they had it uh… applicant who was a former tenant or an advocate who practice anywhere in the
united states so they capitation processor role in limited role which allows for you choodu screening for
applicant’s and not for income information just for multiple stops in the or former debtor adverse
termination information now your program administrator of downside we just went through that one okay your ph a user administrator and we just talked about the user administrator
username starters the individual who’s doing all that yeti access assigning roles modifying roles to leading
roles the leading exterminating access to the end
the system uh… you also have the ability to view user role
history as well as the sign public housing developments
to your public housing users your ph a security administrator allows the user to on interest at access so your security administrator is kinda like your internal patrol they’re checking there are various audit reports
and he had the to you your user session activity and what
data you’re accessing if you have a habit of working like one a_m_
in the morning it one of our two security administrator because
the scary administrators looking at the argues recession inactivity laws in a sea
that you use riding is logging on at one a_m_ level women in business hours is from nine
to five thirty by somebody axis missus millicom you may want to let your security hey you
know with me i’m not working late and trying to catch up when some overdue re-examines or what have
you been happens uh… i can tell you how many nights i’ve spent uh… doing paperwork and so if you do that
you just may wanna let the appropriate uh… personnel knows said
that when you’re viewing these activity logs are
not suspicious that something inappropriate schooling online okay your user access please understand these various roles
that i’ve talked about you can’t have more than one role okay sir you can have multiple roles however please note that housing authorities need to ensure that they
had at least one occupancy user for each program that you
administer so if you are administering the public housing
program you need to have at least one person who is going to access he had the male housing authorities often asked how many
users can i have at my agency you can have as many users as you deem appropriate
now one of the things i want to encourage housing authority studi v eight from because this can be problematic if you have one person pulling all the eddie reports industry being
the reports to the staff that’s really not an effective process what
happens if mary stout on vacation paris for two months does business stop you got staff they still need to duke annuals and arrows but they’re waiting
for mary come back from paris and you’re waiting on a v_ i_ d_ reports and
so i encourage housing authorities that anyone who is doing injury and saying answer in our exams they should have access to the e_i_t_c_ system however ultimately it is your decision as
to how you uh… implement he had the utilization in which our agency
has access i’m just concerned and when i hear supervisors are executive directors tell me well you know the ka i’m kind of area about
you know sally access in the i_d_ system mari why reluctant about sam well you know sellers he’s a disgruntled worker
and you know steve sentencing redirecting want that’s the case
in your article centerline selling the one somewhere else but it’s not use the word was an error on this really should be accessing h_i_v_ system and if you don’t trust sally why did you hire
in the first place because guess what as a p_h_d_ staff person you have access to
personal identifying information i mean you’ve got social security numbers
you got means you’ve got data per steve garber certificates marriage certificates
death certificates we got tax return information a whole a lot information and that information could be very valuable
to with the so ed you heard that larry about somebody who has
access to that information they shouldn’t be working for you said that’s just something
to take under on under advisement uh… however just make sure that when you’re signing
these occupancy roles to users that they have a need to be access this information so if you haven’t you know megan staff they maintained property fade would not be a candidate for accessing the
at the information okay the user administrator also should not being their security administrator
death like the police policing themselves okay so if
you had the security administrator role you should not have the user administrator
role if you have the user administrator role you
should not have the security administrator also you should not have those two rolls unless
you are a small housing authority under fifty years now checking is going to be modified in a
very near future that if you are not a small housing authority if you check the security administrator box and then go
to check the user administrator box the system will not allow you to do it so i’m just gonna let you know that that is
coming and if you have both the security administrator role when this new features rolled out any i_d_ you automatically lose one of the tour also uh… out there encourage you to go on and make your selection
as to which role you want to have because how does that automatically give me one and
it may not be the one you want to leave it so we’ve been telling you from the inception
of the idea that this is the protocol but again folks there click happy and you just checked all the boxes but we’re gonna put an end to that okay all right here’s your user administration
by users and basically uh… here is where you get to request access
or modify accessed by clicking on the bike uses link on the left hand side and then you’ll
notice here he had the ability to search by either users last name or user i_d_ and sell again you had your alphabet down
at the and there where hank me all users that began with the last leg whose last name begins the
letter m_ so you have that ability you also have the ability to just uh… search on exact match of begins with cell maybe just one list all your users at your
house the thirteen so provide your housing thirty their user i_d_
typically begins with the letter m_ as in mary so you get typing and and then tumbled down two begins with and then display
all users here’s a listing of all the news that the
housing authority notice that there’s a checkbox on the left hand side and there is where you would make the selection
of which users you want to update and um… modify access and indeed there are various applicable roles
that you would clip lines to add the role walls to user or deselect the role by taking the checkbox
out of the checkbox now that you had to use a certification process
is right around the corner and you keep in mind that all users must be
certified sammy annually we used to be a poorly process now it’s a
semi annual process the certification process begins on october
first grain ends on october thirtieth the next one will be in eight perot begins
april first ends on april thirtieth and here’s where you’re basically telling hud these individuals you’ll need to have access
to be i_d_ okay and if you are not certified by the deadline line system will ana matically terminate your access to your i_d_ and so when you come
back to work entrada login the system is not going to let
you answered the door st louis idea are going to be clothes for you okay and if you have users who no longer like for example that is on the stand him
also no that uh… bomb is no longer going to be with us com absorber one then you can do one or two things either don’t
certify him org just going to use our maintenance and
automatically terminate him so that do not certified anyone who you know is no longer with your agency do not certify anyone who has not completed
the required training uh… and if you do not have the hunt for about
two six seven six on file for a user you should not be certifying that users biotic standards if it was the comment into an audit today what we’re gonna do was
pulled your any axis authorization forms and if you have five access request forms we should see five people in the i_d_ with access now three seat there is a you know molly wear them he had the access authorization forms for
the other five people so i just want to let you know there’s checks
and balances in place and so this had formed five to six seven six is compared against what cindy idea to make
sure that everything is okay if you’re access should be terminated because you were not certified in time i’m unfortunately your user administrator will need to basically go in and do the whole
axis process all over again which is assigning the roles in men your axis hace to be approved by your local
field office so you can avoid having to wait around for your access to be approved by making
sure that everybody sort of five by the deadline now if your user administrator loses his or her access and he or she is the only
one with the user administrator role guess what well you just up the creek without a paddle you gonna hafta get in touch with your local
hud office and had them bringing nina reinstate and again you had to go through the whole
process all over again so again you can avoid in at that little snafu by making sure your
certified and again you have you have about twenty nine
days you have from january i mean from uh… from our cover for a standard twenty nine to get those certification certifications
completed and and noticed this is your new schedule before us four times a year in which users had to be
certified and so when you start buying these books uh… and october that means they’re good for the next six months up to the next certification
period okay and then this start fining uses is very simplistic discarding user certification and then said these things to do is select all individuals who are pending verification
you don’t want to see if you don’t select those then you’ll see it all either those who work spire knows who are uh… pending in those who’ve been certified
so to select pending verification of pending certification and then uh… click line the little link there and the system will display everybody who’s
pending certification in notice if i can’t read it by says certified user you’re just click certified user stuff you
know that bobbin sally and camera still at your a_b_c_ it still need access to this catholic
certified used and it literally takes three seconds for you to click in for the system to certify that user okay now the agee access may be terminated
in several ways do you keep in mind that uh… if you do not access uh… west of paper you become inactive and
uh… in west or pick your sis any system will automatically your yeah the ax one that
would be terminated uh… the hot folks determine that your non-compliant with security uh… requirements as his technical physical administrative
safeguards say they’re not going to review and they do any any review to make sure that you have all been applicable safeguards in place to protect the idea from a seat they
determined that she knew not compliant that staff can actually go hand and terminate
your access and then as i mentioned yesterday on element september twenty third if you cannot access bahut secure schisms
within ninety days westlaw automatically terminate your access
and again there’s a new alert within west when you login let you know the date that you need to access the system
again or at the latest to avoid being automatically deactivated in west and then lastly uh… you can use user maintenance
to terminate user if you determine some was no longer in need of yet the axis or his leaving the
agency and then i’m mentioned this before her dwelt
terminate access uh… either at the local level for headquarters level we determine a tax
and said we determine agencies non-compliant uh… and so those are some things to keep in mind uh… manager down and then termination is just screenshot to
show you how to do the user administration uh… in which she is user maintenance to
terminate by user dangerous click one user maintenance
enter the user i_d_ and then he simply click on the button and it will
delete their access on a mac witnesses a process
you can do if you’re going to terminate connie i’d be
accessed but keep in mind as i mentioned earlier if you terminate someone and where s or k thirty i_d_ axis will automatically be terminated
so you don’t have to go like injected and terminate i’m going to be a being terminated it can be done at the front and back terminating
everything in westminster that swipes everything out form now now looking into effective use of the
edi system uh… in here we’ll talk about the various components uh… any ag ain of course as i mentioned the system isn’t
web based applications to logging is very simplistic you go to the head secure screen what in your user i_d_ and password and then of course the system will prompt you with these various warnings please read these pages because a lot of times week and i i’m guilty of it
to you because if you ever one line in your tribe depend big canoe accidents on whatever and
you know apples then once you read this whole user agreement just want the music sound just
clicking on a price on my life away to the devil and don’t even realize the kazakh i don’t read this stuff but when you’re lying
on the hustings six hundred care systems please read what they’re telling me so that your
where of what you are i starting to word knowledge into because
if something happens later on down the road to judge doesn’t want to hear well you know your honor i’d even know about
that and see if police had to say well it was on
the page you just in reading so pleased the contents of that once you think now with
all the various a privacy act of warning notices then your prompt it to the login uh… or
the menu system and you have all the hud secure systems and even he is the very first one hundred list and i don’t know if it shows up as the first
with when you’re in this does it doesn’t show up as the first one you know why kiski ideas number one fifteen it all depends on who you ask me if you establish
a tow yard i’m glad that system is not working right if you went there than last year these number one then once again the abbey there’s these little
warning and privacy act for ph eight users you can read this little yellow highlight
but this is letting you know michelin levee system training ability i_d_
system training and the security awareness training is a requirement and there’s a little checkbox so you can’t get past the screen unless she
started five if you have completed training so it’s really important as we discussed on
yesterday’s training that all you had a system uses before they
even get into the system need to make sure that they’re taking this
training okay you can’t go get la going to eat ivy before
you get it ready so this training is geared towards mill do inside the system users uh… and of course if you existing user and you need a refresher this course is great
as a refresher but not mandatory so this new page here is our reflecting a certification
that you must certify when you going to be yeti system that you’ve
completed the training there’s these various other checkboxes and
these are saying basically you have a hug for me nine eight eight six or equivalent consent
form own fault that is current and valid and then you’re also certifying that uh… you will not misusing information
in this system okay and then all of your functionality here
is on the left hand side of the page and so you just basically click on any one
of those links to begin your activity i d and then delete heavy data for household is
very simplistic keep in mind the primary use of the idea is
to look at the end the income report when you’re doing in your ninna re-examination
and self one of the things you find is that this report
is a very detailed report that outlines and all of the
family members the and i have all of the uh… detailed error messages with
respect to multiple stops at the weather someone’s to seize whether or not the identity validation
is failed uh… it looks like a love-in is also concluded your tenant owes a debt or has been or has adverse information
being reported about them uh… all that information is in there so anytime
you pull up in the n_b_a_ income report in the red know that those are red alerts trying
to get your attention of possible issues that are going on with their family um… the report does identified section by section new hire information wage poorly wage information
employee information the social security benefit information as
well as any other asa say information is provided through the computer lab and unlock this report because they provide
you with the historical pattern are earnings and that is very valuable because sometimes
you have clients who will come in and tell you how remember
space and i’m not working right now joe you got it put me on zero grant well i’m looking at your history here and katie i believe we get two years worth of
data every time we met action and so you’ll start to see a pattern this outsider some reports i’ve seen in the
i_d_ they are very very long because some folks change jobs like they change
socks but you can see what the pattern of earnings are okay sir insists on going to give me the you
an idea of what’s going on and ait i’d tell health authorities if you don’t have an enormous increased policy
where you make changes in right contributions in between injury examinations you might find after utilizing the idea that
she would may want to reconsider that policy because there’s a lot of revenue that you
could be missing out on the pier administering section eight program you might be able to house a few extra families
if you’re paying less hat for family members are household members that are have more income than then what has been
previously reported also i really love the income report because when
i’m looking at that income report and talking to the tenant i get to determine whether or not i’m gonna need to pursue traditional
third-party verification and if you’ve been following the agni end and the new way of doing business in many instances you’re
not going to have to pursue your traditional third-party verification and we’ll talk about that in just a moment one of the other things that i like is that
uh… unlike the any report is because it’s all-inclusive it outlines for you failed identities gave identifies multiple
stops any everything follow one report so if you ever look at any of the stand-alone
reports that would be fine because all the information if you need for every household
is one is all inclusive report okay access he had the information well you can
do it one by one if you just if you’re a small agency and they say well eileen detour exams a month so i’m just putting those two so security numbers and pull it or if you’re a larger housing authority you
may want to use the bible re-examination month feature which i refer to as the batch processing in which you can get multiple income reports with the click of
one button okay and so do keep in mind as i mentioned earlier
income reports are only going are only going to contain data for individuals
who have passed the identity validation process and if our data sources have given us information and also remember if you have no five eight and pick for family
you will have no income information india i d docket dot yeti basically that’s what it boils down to you’ll get here i mean if you got a five e that has valid identifiers in the system okay access in the tenant information by head
of household again as i mentioned all your functions are on the left hand side
of the page here so you’re just gonna click on the line to access by head of household information
unnoticed we get a few options on how pull information easiest way to pull data is just pulled by
the social security number but if for some reason you do not have the
head of household social security number then you can search by last name or date of birth but i tell folks work smarter not harder if
you’re going to do this process just entered and i did yes and keep it moving moving jam now gambles on a page and who had multiple
housing authorities if your if you’re an individual that may work between three small a_n_c_’s
is not uncommon for you to have multiple ph ace listed in
your dropdown uh… menu of participation opportu spectro so keep in mind that if you have a participant uh… cousin or more than one participant
code if you’re starting by last name a date of birth you have to sue
lacked which house at the rate the system does not allow for you gonna fishing expedition and this is a summary um… are being what you see when you access the eddie income
report you will then be brought to the summary reports kramer’s
list all the information about the household all
that family members the union address this is all information coming from cape which
is populating this summer report and then also notice at the bottom where the table of family members
there’s an identity object identification status which lets you know the status of each
listed household member now action i have have to keep saying this because i got a email me passes late last night and p_h_d_ staff person said to call we watched the webcast on september twenty-third and we couldn’t help but notice that you emphasize
that this certification page is optional and despite the fact that you clarified or
retraining that it was optional which apply he’s again clarified that pages optional and letting you know the certification pages that’s down here points cream which allows for a chance to
indicate their agreement or disagreement upbeat he had the information optional it is not mandatory it is a courtesy form for housing
authorities to utilize we created this warm because you asked for for instead do not contain an allenby number
and ballot date optional forms that means you do not have
to use the poor now you can require figure ten insist on his form as a part of
your internal process but how does not require this form we’re not
looking for it when we come to do it on it because it’s what kathy s thank you and not personal optional so please optional and for those that distances salam invading his
cage as uh… mandatory documents we are updating the n_b_a_ april twenty eleven
we’re gonna put text across there that this form is not mandatory and that it
is all right so you don’t get it i hope everybody out there who’s watching
us the webcast gets it its shit okay access to the income report again very
simplistic at the top of the case you can see the burgundy and a great tabs the birdie lets you know that this is the
tab where this is the page stature warned and so now we’re on the income reporting
when you click on the income report you basically will see all the income information for the
entire household all right now notices attack for income discrepancy
before so accessing this is very again simplistic and hopefully when you click on the income discrepancy reports
had it looks like this no discrepancy exit as guests what if there’s something there
demand means here you’ve got a he got have a conversation
with with the trial in simi yang there would have conversations with with the tenets and i i understand wholeheartedly because i’ve been there ill know my story so hopefully your income
discrepancy kent he’s bright also noticed that these are all operative friendly version reports
so anytime you see that little printer-friendly
version links you get this clip one at a new window will open up enabling you to do a printer friendly version
report naidu understands sound ensign says that some other printer-friendly
version reports the pagination is a little often prints blank pages inbetween uh… that uh… various pages with tax and
we are still working on pagination issues and that were actually exploring the ability
to have these reports pop up into pbf uh… files with the intent of minimizing the number blank pages in there
so we are working on that so please do you understand we have heard her concerns regarding
the pagination these reports and then as i mentioned this heavy income report isn’t all-inclusive report which has your head of
household summary information along with employment information wages unemployment compensation social security benefit information dole entitlement
medicare data and supplemental security as well as disability
information for each household member and in information from the uh… or actually information about the head of
household is extracted from picking up slide just let you know the various fields one of my point five years or five acre actually
imported taking ibn i’m not gonna read those all but as you can see for everything that’s
on your yemi report you can see the direct link to your hud form five zero
zero five eight so that’s why it’s really important that we ensure that be uh… data and pick is back okay are right and then i’ll sell keep in mind that we also extract from k as
we mentioned earlier head of household name date of birth and so
security number section three of the five eight now let’s talk briefly about the w_-four information or a new hire information dissection out the
household income report contains all-new heitor information in your start to see that
so your clients have a wong new hires information section because it’s going to
list every time they started the job along with the employer information and also includes
the state in which they were high now if that feels should happen to be blind then you need to basically uh… actually this is a field really it’s not really important but it is important
because how do you all be kinda confused when you see the new hire information you wouldn’t
have been ploy your information you’re like well wearing the same but it says that addresses
in kentucky keep in mind at the new hire information that
address maybe of date uh… employers headquarters or you know main
building or catherine or what have you set up sometimes you can look at the higher the higher
stacy all wait a minute says do you see as the higher state but this employees here you know the billing
address to the payroll offices in kentucky your wage information again this section is a comprehensive section
outlining poorly wage information employer information it shows you the quarter of the
year the dollar amount and all the employer information hand and
a picky i d received the information from the source and it’s just an example of wage information
itni i’d be this person works for chapters everybody knew checkers though uh… hamburger joint with the limitation spicy france and u_s_-japanese unemployment benefit information comes from your state workforce agencies so we’re all
familiar with that and again we get the date when it was received again here’s an example of poorly unemployment
compensation as well and in usa security benefit information comes
from the social security administration well we’re gonna stop right here and we’re
gonna take a fifteen minute break for those of you better view india webcast uh… what we’re gonna do lives uh… play
some lovely music for you said that and i’d love the music because uh… yes they had
me dances and maybe you’ll be dancing during the break um… men served live studio audience will
come back in fifteen minutes if you have questions stop buying thing perfect

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