45 thoughts on “20 Things You Didn't Know About The Royal Children

  1. Battenberg, not Pattenberg – hence the name Mountbatten, which is kind of the English version of the German name

  2. In another video u said none of the
    royal children had no screen devices and u said Prince George gets some video game time in this vid ???

  3. little old george may love a thunderstorm but do the hundreds of thousands homeless children in the uk? i doubt it

  4. Battenberg not Pattenberg, Bertie (Albert), the Queen's father chose to have the name George in honor of his father, he was not given it, and I must say how elegantly Kate dresses when pregnant, Meaghan wears clothing too clingy and it is very unbecoming.

  5. Can I just say “Kate Middleton” is MARRIED! And her title is the Duchess of Cambridge! Kate is not her name either it’s Catherine and she has said she would prefer it if people would call her Catherine!

  6. Here is another fact: MAKE A UPDATED ONE

    there are more facts, like Meghan's pregnancy, and Louis, William and Kate's most recent child.

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