20 Gallon Top Fin Aquarium Kit Review | Tuesday Tank Reviews

what’s up y’all welcome back mania with
my hectic life paths where we talk about all things pet and pet related and today
I thought since it is Tuesday we would start something new and start doing
Tuesday tank reviews so today I thought I would start out with one of my own
tanks and that is the top in 20 gallon aquarium kit so this is my top in 20
gallon aquarium it did come as a kit this is the second time I have purchased
this tank I did really like it I like the size I like the kit it’s very
inexpensive it does come with a thermometer it comes with the 20 gallon
top fin silent stream hang on back filter and it also comes with a net
along with a top fin adjustable heater I don’t have my heater in my aquarium
currently because it is starting to warm up outside so I don’t really need it
anymore at the moment although with the awesome back and forth weather that
we’ve been having lately who knows but I have it on standby in case I need to
drop it back in my tank now something I will say I love the
silent stream powerful tur because it is seriously silent seriously silent
I have not unplugged this filter the mic is like right on top of it practically
and I mean it’s really quiet guys it’s really quiet filter not really the only
negative thing that I would have to say about the tank is going to be the light
fixtures and no I did not replace this tank because it broke previously or
anything unfortunately we ran out of space on the moving van so I had to buy
it again but previously I had had my other team for about up and running I
think two years before we moved and I never really had any issues with
it I think it’s a really good set up for newcomers and I think it’s a really good
set up for if you’re looking for a more inexpensive tank set up the only
complaint that I really would have about this tank is that the lights on the tank
are not super super strong lighting but I mean for the price that you’re paying
you do get what you pay for and you can’t really expect to get an amazing
hood with amazing lights for the price of this kit but primarily the plants
that I tend to keep don’t really require super high lighting anyway and the
Amazon swords well they’re not looking that great right now but when they were
in their glory before moving they did they looked amazing they were huge they
had really taken off with just this lighting setup I have actually also seen
people add things like foil to the hood so that they can really magnify the
lights that they do have without having to spend more money it kind of adds more
reflective surfaces to bounce the lights off and gives them a little bit more
power so all-in-all I gotta say I do really really like this tank I really
like the top in 20 gallon tank it is a nice little beginner setup kit or I mean
even if you are someone who’s been in the hobby for a while it’s not a bad
pickup for the price it’s really not a bad deal both times that I did purchase
this tank I did get it when it was on major major sale so it was super
affordable and I think I only paid like 45 bucks for the tank for the whole kit
and I mean you really just you really can’t beat that with getting a filter
and lights and a hood and the tank and heater everything I mean just paying for
some of those things separately alone would probably cost 45 bucks so watch
out for this tank they do tend to go on sale quite a bit I have seen them on
sale many many times Petsmart toughen is a Petsmart brand I
know a lot of people don’t care that much for some of the big box pet stores
but you know what for a lot of us they’re pretty much the only game in
town as far as aquarium supplies unless you want to drive a good distance so
yeah all in all I would definitely recommend this tank to anyone who is
looking for this type of setup on top of that a lot of the fish that I do keep
don’t really care that much for any type of highlighting so it all works out
perfectly as far as I’m concerned for everything that you get and for the fact
that I know that my previous version of this tank lasted me a couple of years
and it was still there was nothing wrong with the tank but it would not fit on
the truck so you know that’s always a problem so anyway guys that’s all I
really have for y’all today as always thank you so much for watching I love
you guys and I will see you in my next video bye

14 thoughts on “20 Gallon Top Fin Aquarium Kit Review | Tuesday Tank Reviews

  1. I’m Third! It’s better than 4! Two can stay warm, but a three fold chord is not easily broken! Nice little setup! I enjoyed watching! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Nice review.I have a lot of Topfin tanks. And yes lights not real bright.I customize all my tanks with glass lids and accuclear filters usually. Sometimes you can substitute florescent for leds on lights. Still got bettas? My favorite

  3. Thanks Mandy!! That has to be the most chill community tank…like ever<3 I go within 2 feet of my tanks and they go into "feed me Seymor" frenzy:)
    @ 0:26 What species is the green fishE at the top right? Very cool looking<3

  4. I have one myself and it's nice and very affordable. But the bigger filter is much louder and the lighting like you said is alright and the Aquarium is put together very well?????

  5. Great job! I'm planning on upgrading from a 30 gallon to a 55gallon. I do believe that I will get the top fin kit. Petsmart has it on sale for $129.99 until April 7th.

  6. Great review. I have this same set up and a massive 200 gallon set up as well, but that's a different story. For you beginners, even advanced and to you whiners out there that complained that they experienced leaks from topfin products. Well, a little advice. It doesnt matter what type of set up, new, used, custom built. I always, ALWAYS, purchase aquarium silicone glass glue and seal up any type of tank I purchase before putting in the water and fish etc. Again, whether a new aquarium, used or built by someone else. Always seal up that fish tank before you set it all up regardless! It doesnt hurt to invest in silicone sealant, before getting over excited and dump your fish in there, only to realize within a week or a month, that it starts to leak. Nothing is perfect, do a little homework, heck, you already spent a bunch of money on an aquarium, might as well be prepared for anything! Now for the rest of this kit, well with my filter, my filter is nice and quiet, plus I never set up anything in my bedroom. Sure its nice to see your fish aquarium when your in your bedroom, but if you hate noise and think anything that says ( silent filter ) will be 100% silent?! Well think again! So, up to you, I keep all my aquariums around the house and not in my personal bedroom. ( Just my 2 cents ) And my topfin filter that came with this kit, actually filters the water perfect. I have this set up now for well over 2 years and no issues whatsoever! I waited and got mind at petsmart 20gallon topfin kit for $48.00 on sale at the time! I notice they put their aquariums on sales every few months. So if your patient and want a great deal on a beginner or even advanced set up, grab one of these kits at petsmart you won't regret it! And don't forget to seal up your aquariums before you completely set it up and I'm sure you'll be fine. Peace and enjoy!

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