20 Claw Machine Wins (New Secret Life Of Pets 2 Plush & More) Arcade Game Room

Over 20 claw machine wins from the arcade game room including Secret Life of Pets 2 plush! i’ma last try I don’t know how that cut
stuck somehow in his foot that was like a lucky grab see it’s
totally just stuck out there alright we are back at Golden Corral yo check out
their claw machine alright let’s see what they got going on
in here don’t see any Mario’s we’re gonna check out the toy shop restock okay break the lion off the top go all
the way over get behind that lion now so the one to the purple thing go over a
little bit so you’re not stuck on that get behind it in front of it behind it
now rake it forward you going getting around time it’s okay
I’m so gonna get it I think all right now try to rake that again
make sure you get behind it before you hit it okay I go over and then pull it
forward now okay now that I figured out about my C let’s check did it the
Grandpa’s tighten up there you go I got the lion’s content let the time run out both maybe Thunder army thanks pull down what was it you’re trying to get I got
Daisy we get under his head you might barely get the Mickey let’s see
clamp on his chin enough maybe it’s under his chin I think it’s good all
right you got Daisy and Mickey back-to-back spinner LSC Sheraton air
dang dad some sunglasses and what is it on her mate damn awesome Samantha’s
going back over here barely had time to get back over here and nothing on that
side shirt a mess of sunglasses and there like some like sports ones and
then what else this area is kind of cool too mermaid like luggage tag right
she’s been right maybe the clamps at my post
no she did – Jared and staring after this all right you got tiny awesome okay
so you can get Mel or not maybe that’s the only way your and get him out this
one nope he’s still Oh tag hold on to it oh man I can’t believe you got that I
didn’t think we’re gonna be able to get that well it’s gonna share them it’s
fine all right Sheridan’s gonna go now somebody’s waiting to play but he’s
gonna play Mickey Mouse easy serving up the lion and hyena secretly for puts it
in Mel nah she’s just good at that some sunglasses uh-huh glasses a
necklace to be in back at the toy shop machine see if Samantha can get anything
else out of here she gets one and sure don’t take a turn in the way go back go back back back go back by his
bun I’m serious go back farther right there right there it’s gonna get around
his whole body it didn’t close do it again the same spot and I was like you
don’t have to go for that I want a sweet pea
uh-uh that’s wimpy just I should have them let’s see it’s not just in the
price sheets on that really all right got wimpy all right Samantha soon yeah
tags you Superman up in the sky it’s a bird what’s wrong charity are you ready
you’re out of here are you over it all right
Samantha’s gonna go freestyle yeah we moved a little bit so we might be able
to get behind its legs which I think the only way we’re gonna be able to get it
clean like that okay well you totally moved it but I don’t know still you think you can get it if you can get this dog right here in
this corner that’s really fat all right last try for this dog oh I’m
the last try I don’t know how that got stuck somehow in his foot that was like
a lucky grab see it’s totally just stuck out there what is it
now something stuck up here I think it’s not coming off look that was something
no well they can’t data there’s nothing they can do somewhere it’s stuck I don’t
know I don’t know I’m not sure what’s holding it on there knock it off I think
it’s good thing it’s stuck on the thing right there
all right here we go see it’s not coming off come on I don’t
know it is definitely stuck on okay I thought
all right finally let’s see I’m not sure he’s from
the new secret life of pets – it’s like a bulldog or something I guess all right
we ready to go all right we are at the bowling alley we’re gonna check out the
claw machines in there right certain IRET bowling alley we’re gonna try out
their claw machine Samantha’s got a child this one
Sheridan’s gonna try out the squishy claw you go see where kitty got em er
kitty you always have like a four in one but
they’re all stuck together you’re gonna head it if it didn’t get stuck on the
other line that’s what they do though they all get stuck together I got in the shoot a little too much
where these squeaky toys because we have about a hundred of these too but we
don’t have this dog ones I could do it that’s it right there well you guys share it is yeah you got
it what you get we have to get something
got hate purple was that dolphin tiny toy just want to get a toys in general you got another one would you guess is that a hamster he’s
winning over there missing it see get around a xanax don’t hit the
other thing hitting other stuff man Thursday go over here
nope oh wait got some pink Dookie sorry I don’t we’re not giving a drink from
here was that I got a pink dolphin see yep
pink open more time then we’re gonna head out oh maybe all right
they said let me finish them off it should be able to get him now you got
you loosen him up yeah I think it’s less Luther reason just didn’t want his
Loomis we just got to grab his get a good grandma not gonna grab good enough
visit oh maybe oh just barely that’s around it
the best I could get all right let’s go on to that talk about
plants and zombies or whatever the way okay I’ll lift you up in a second try
being a little farther forward this time I think yeah nope not that far a little
bit little forward right there that should go and really just chin see I
think he stopped Adam snuck him out of there all right one
thing sonic guys I don’t know all right we just got back from Golden Corral all
right here Zoe got from Golden Corral Jewelry claw rainbow metallic like the
glare makes you look rainbow these ones which look like a good pair for daddy
some aviators or something all right so that’s everything we got at goal brow
now this is stuff we won from the bowling alley we got all that stuff from
Golden Corral we went to the bowling alley next oh that was from we got one
more thing Sheridan made a mistake okay we also got from going crowd the last
thing we got is the Superman and then we went to the bowling alley and we won
this we got this Lex Luthor from he’s a DC
Comics Marquis we got a pink dolphin dolphin purple dolphin you see purple
dolphin hey I guess it’s I think it’s goofy a mouse mouse and a pink pile of
poop all right so that’s what we got today okay we got shirt and unstuck if
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