2 Simple Tips for Trimming Your Dog or Cat’s Nails

[Music]>>Meg: My pet won’t let me trim her toenails.
Do you have any advice? Ok, we see a lot of pets that really don’t
like to have their toenails trimmed. It’s quite common. Yeah, so I have generally
two pieces of advice that go hand in hand. Number one, I’m a big treat guy. I love positive
reinforcement. I love trying to take things that are scary
and make them good. And so the whole time that I’m doing anything
with toenails, I’m going to be giving treats. I may have
a second person there pretty much just to give treats that my pet loves. And
so, go heavy on the treats is the first piece of advice that I have. The other thing is start really slow. Deconstruct
the whole nail trim process and start from the beginning. So the first
thing I’m going to be doing is, again, I’m talking about weeks here, not days
or hours, I’m going to start off, I’m going to start
handling feet. And so I’m going to handle my pet’s feet and
I’m going to give ’em treats. And so while I’m handling their feet, I’m
giving them treats. I’m trying to train them this is a good thing. I’m going to go and get a new pair of toenail
clippers. If your pet hates the ones you have, just
go get something that looks totally different and start training them
that this is good. So when the toenail clippers are out, you’re
getting treats, it’s good. I’m going to make the sound of clipping toenails
with the clippers, and I’m going to give treats, so that sound
is a good sound. And then, I’m going to take the toes and I’m
going to touch the toes with the clippers and I’m giving treats. And then, a day or
two later, I’m going to come back and I’m going to put the nails into
the toenail clippers and I’m going to give treats. And only after
that am I finally going to come back and start clipping nails, and
just the tips. I don’t want to hit the quicks, the vascular
parts, the parts that bleed. And so, it’s a long process if your pet really
doesn’t like having their nails trimmed, but that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going
to work through it. If you have a young pet: a puppy, kitten,
this may go much, much faster, but still always remember to make it positive, remember
to take the fear out. Be fear free as best you can, always. And
so, work with them, be patient, realize they don’t understand, and just try
to make it as positive as possible. What else?>>Meg: What would you do with a 747 full of
jelly beans? I would fly over the elementary school, on
the last day of school, and just rain jelly beans from above, and
just revel in the joy and chaos. [Music]

7 thoughts on “2 Simple Tips for Trimming Your Dog or Cat’s Nails

  1. Love you. Your way with animals is wonderful. I have a problem with my young, neutered, tuxedo cat. I added wet cat food to his diet and now he wakes me at 6:00 AM to feed him. How can I stop this behavior? I really an exhausted.

  2. In a very short video, he really deconstructs a lengthy and AWESOME process for desensitizing pets to the fear of having their toenails clipped. Great work.

  3. One additional thing that worked for us really well – once we got to the stage of actually clipping the nails, we established a "nail a day" routine. One nail each day. Makes the whole thing much shorter and it's over before anybody can get stressed out.

  4. Excellent advice!! Starting with dogs as puppies is SO important. My dog tolerates just about any handling without fear or resistance, which his vet loves when it's time for shots or exams lol

  5. I put my cat in a full Nelson, growl "Move and you're dead," and my girlfriend cuts the nails. This is about the only thing that works, and even then it's a bit messy. The best thing to do is don't get a cat. That solves all your cat problems right there.

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