2 Leopards Attack Giant Rock Python ! Kruger National Park.

Grizzly's going back in there curious to see what it is the baby is curious again yeah the bomb again yet make my mother it's not going in hmm oh yeah oh mighty thing I wanted to talk me there it's all right isn't it might be a monitor lizard a strip steak this okay it might be a Python the pretty six black and gold is not talking it's a classic it's now feasting on John Coffey a war and it might be a monitor lizard pretty good or to Python it's a Python yeah big – oh look she's contacting it is Oh where's the Python I don't see any I can hear it right here you're here your ticket I've got I'll give you back I'm getting on I – bring that white hot wires and I don't see it oh there is I see it oh no it's just that big yeah we'll take killers they would eat it look at oh my oh look how long that is what is it beautiful look at it come in here oh that it's one big snake if they're going through the holes going to go into the holders are alternate going to the hole it's going to go all the Greens the holes it I guess this is 1/3 integrating 500 reviews I don't know if you hold it it's not quite working from its it's not going innovative their target for me now she if you get it you need to get the head and now the head is denied watch his little worried because the body the head could still come and Hickey the Buddha doesn't mean anything she could buy pay but what is going to do is no one I call it works out it's coming out they're all it's not working it might come off I'm not going in looks to me he's without joining thank you question maybe so you might find that the whole it might not be deep enough similar did you just hang out halfway out of the baby in now ed thanks for that uh yeah but I think the older the baby can move when she's coming to check out what mom's doing look that's gonna point please leave you another video how big around do you think that Python is it a spigot around he's trying to find well did not work both holes are not working good I'm expected screaming The Talisman a day yeah what's this [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] somebody's run out there we go so what about domestic oh yeah look at that chopping back end so the father babies just watching holding fascination was the one for me Condon booth yeah she's babies right here the mama easily for me there's much difficulty in the wake of his neck I'm sure your guests will be let's get his mind we shall see the expert come on Oh getting angry on us he's gonna grab it good work keep doing it you know the code we believe in the head slow it down because you'll be using today oh I'm gonna she's gonna grab it Oh Matt got it you [Applause]

20 thoughts on “2 Leopards Attack Giant Rock Python ! Kruger National Park.

  1. I think that the leopard is just playing with the snake if she was real hungry she would just jump on it and bite and claw at its head then eat it

  2. I place my bet that woman from that jeep would have captured and killed that python faster than that leopardess considering how loud and mouthful she was.

  3. You guys and gals are ooh'ing and aah'ing so much it sounds like you're having SEX!
    You know one of these days im telling you, the animals are going to turn the camera around and watch You, scare you off and show the video to all their animal friends! "Look at the noisy humans! Me and python scared the Hell out of them! LOL"

  4. The people were so annoying I wished all the animals in this video would’ve teamed up and ate the people…

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