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Here is the deal I’ve been running errands like crazy today My friend and I went to do rent check groceries cat supplies Fabric store blah blah a lot more like pharmacy and oh my gosh Bambi is always here for the camera Anyway, it’s 9:00 now and I have to get my poetry book printed I’m going to carry my bike and go to school because I don’t want to walk back and forth Biking is such a blessing. So thank you so much to my mom for getting me the bike I really appreciate it and it makes a big difference I think that it stopped snowing so I’m gonna cuthie up and get down there Hopefully I did everything right and my files and it comes out smoothly Okay, and no, that’s not right Three hours later there’s no Proper way to say this, except I suck here are my Printouts I’m supposed to have three this is all of the fails I’m going to use this as scratch paper I’m gonna have a lot of scratch paper If you’re a graphic designer you’re probably laughing but it took me forever to be able to figure out the Sequences and stuff and in the end I had to refer to the physical Sample to realize that I didn’t have enough blank pages to actually print out the booklet to Be facing pages that I design. I know that’s a really bad description. In other news I got packages because I subscribe to Get cat food. So the children’s canned food is restocked. and I got flexible mailers for clothes. for the rest of the night, I just have to bind these, which I’m just going to sew on the sewing machine. With breakfast, I’m going to watch Rhiannon’s vlogmas. I’m so excited that she’s doing Vlogmas this year. This print is going to Germany! We have Texas, Washington, California, Texas, California. Thank you so much to everybody who supports our little online shop. I forgot my phone at home. I do that a lot these days because I don’t go on my phone very often I don’t go on social media very often so when I leave the house, I don’t even think about it. but I have to pop out very soon because Prairie has been having very irritated ears the last couple of days. It’s so extreme, She not only is extra grumpy cus she normally is very grumpy but I just.. it hurts me to watch her suffer, and she’s just sulking and Clearly she must have mites or something Even though Bambi used to have too much earwax And I took him to the vet two times to pay to have his ear wax looked under a microscope And they just said it’s earwax. and we went to two different vets too So cold out that I normally take them to the vet on the stroller, but it’s just too slushy out there So I’m going to rent another Zipcar. Bambi. please. I will feed you.. some of you have commented asking how the poem recital went, So I didn’t actually recite anything from my book because I happens to have made that Short film last week of a poem that I wrote. This is a working title. I hate it. It’s- I don’t have anything against the word, It’s just not… the title of a book that– it’s not the title of this book It’s just not right, but I threw it out there in place of ‘untitled’. today I offered to show that video instead of reciting and we washed it in class, it was really weird because I did not ever intend to show it to people in class. I understand that putting it on the Internet is one thing because it’s saying anybody can watch it But I guess it’s because I don’t know anybody in this class so it was weird to put my video on the projector and watch 16 people look at it and It was fine. Like, you know at one point I got sort of red-faced cus it’s cheesy its cinematic, but I have to remember It’s my expression. It’s like something I enjoy doing, so I have to be proud of it I just have to stand with it And if it’s one thing that poetry class and my professor has taught me, you have to have courage. and the way she kept enunciating it, you have to have courage. Sometimes it’s This wave that overcomes you when you decide to believe in yourself or just decide to go for something and no longer allow other people and their judgments to inhibit that because, one thing that’s really hard is being vulnerable. and putting my life in vlogs makes me very vulnerable. and It is really hard. at the same time, it feels like I’m self-imposing it because no one’s forcing me to do this there are always going to be critics and they’re always going to be apathetic and insensitive people So I think it’s so much more about putting your energy onto having courage and just putting yourself out there, having that authenticity despite having the insults and the criticisms because there will always be there. so it’s not about banishing them and Pretending like they don’t get to you or pretending like they don’t exist. That’s just.. It doesn’t even feel good to do that. and that’s also another thing that I’m grateful for that YouTube has taught me, because in a way, I have to ..be myself and just be proud of who I am because I have no idea who’s watching this on the other end it could be someone just like me, a uni student and we have a lot in common *metal clangs in the kitchen* or… Or it can be my best friends and my family at home which I feel like- this is me updating them about my life or it can literally be My.. family friend’s uncle, who watches it for fun and on a lunch break. It just… it’s just anyone. because of that, I kind of just let go and like okay, I am me. I mean, no matter who sees me This is it. It’s time for Bambi’s “lunch”, as I call it because he’s really high-energy as a kitten. so I feed him some kitten kibble throughout the day and he was Making a statement just now. I am hungry too – my stomach is singing. Since I’m gonna go out anyway, I’m going to drop off the coats and also all of the packages. there’s a big box. Those are the sales from Pyperbleu.com Then I will come back to pick Prarie up In this. so I have everything ready cus I only rented it for a couple hours? I did not account for the time it would take to do that. I wish they provided something.. Just gonna use this floor mat. we’re here we’re here! No-no-no… So as it turns out, prairie has a yeast infection in her ears or as they call it… pH imbalance yeast overgrowth So.. I’ve seen this in bambi before, I just have to clean her ears with an ointment for seven to ten days So.. it was a lot of money to spend on that appointment. I was just so afraid that she got mites I’m glad that I went anyway. we actually finished earlier than I scheduled.. 25 minutes earlier. so I couldn’t just return the car when I’m paying for the time.. So I want to get french fries. I mean I have to go home, but they’re just so good fresh. They’re not good anymore when They’re room temperature or soggy, so.. I’m gonna eat for five minutes before my reservation is over. My staple meal nowadays is just a very simple stir-fry and it’s comprised of my favorite vegetables and either tofu protein, or veggie sausages. it’s from this company and the smoked Apple sage flavor is my favorite out of the three. I don’t think I’m going to use cabbage tonight cus I already have a lot going on, But I have been obsessed with onions, mushrooms, and bell peppers like no tomorrow. I just love vegetables so much. I wonder when I’m gonna get sick of it. I mean, it’s been a couple of months and I still love the stir-fry cus the flavor is just so good Just have to make sure you control the heat well, and to add more flavor. I use hoisin ? …I don’t know how American pronunciation is but 海鲜酱 is the same thing that you get at pho restaurants. and it’s also plant-based which is what makes it different from Oyster sauce, or There’s another one. I can’t remember what the other one is called But this one is soy based. I add a little bit of mushroom bullion, a bit of pepper Has a nice subtle heat. and Ginger’s my favorite spice right now It also reminds me of home, reminds me of my grandma. tiny bit of parsley- most because I like the green color and then my roommate has some nutritional yeast, that I just sprinkle a teeny bit. I will feed you guys in half an hour. okay? almost time. I have one carb free meal a day. Normally that’s lunch, because for dinner I love having pasta or Couscous. I just love love love having carbs at night. It’s like a comfort kind of thing I’m not super hungry right now because of the french fries I had from earlier Frankly, and I’m just a little lazy. I don’t want to make an all-out meal like curry and rice right now So this will suffice. it looks like a lot of veggies But you actually do need a lot more when you are on a plant-based diet It’s really important to get a lot of protein. one sausage has 23 grams alone. I always have a Seltzer Grapefruit was my favorite flavor from polar. I’m over it for now. My second flavor is cranberry and lime I realized that using a straw to drink makes it so that I just have to lean over and I don’t have to pick it up. now I’m gonna watch The Office as I eat this. today is my last streaming day because I cancelled my Netflix subscription It just wasn’t Worth it to me anymore, the shows and the movies are not good Compared to before, and they’re taking away friends and the office and everything in a few week, so… goodbye. -not so fast… -fire guy. *sings mulan* it’s your 3 cats… *laughs* -in one space. I learned that McDonald’s fries are actually not vegetarian because they put animal fat in it… Well. dwight: do you think you can handle it? ryan: yeah, I think I can handle it. dwight: you think? or do you know. Ryan: I think. Michael: Peach ice tea. you’re gonna hate it. So I stayed up as long as I could, but I’m so tired now. it’s 11:30 So I’m officially gonna go to bed Bed time. I have voice shortcuts Lights out. goodnight!

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  1. Short but useful tip (if you didnt figure it out already) the number of pages for a booklet/broschure always can be divided by four so (4/8/12/16/etc.)

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    “You have to have courage” is so true, yet so tough sometimes. To be so aware of your own mistakes and flaws sometimes makes it so easy to be ashamed of your own work, and quick to agree with others criticisms. But the work is yours! There are many choices you’ve made, much effort and heart you’ve put in that you must have courage to stand by your art. I needed that reminder today. ❤️❤️❤️

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