2 Chainz’s Dog Trappy Falls Asleep in the Middle of His Interview

-Thank you for being here,
buddy. -Thank you.
-Who do you have with you there? What’s your dog’s name? -This is Trappy. -Oh.
[ Audience aws ] Hi, Trappy. Thank you for being here, buddy. He’s very, very cute. Now, you — I should say
you broke your leg. -Yeah. -Oh, that’s a bummer, man.
Sorry about that. But you — Do you want to get
into how you did it or no? -Yeah, just definitely being at the wrong place
at the wrong time. -Yeah, yeah. -And I could tell you this. Never, never try to drive
a four wheeler wearing slides. [ Laughter ] -Yeah, exactly. -That’s all I can really
tell you. -But the doctors told you,
“Don’t go on tour.” They said no.
-Yeah. -“You shouldn’t go on tour.
This is bad.” -Well, yeah, even still now, you know, after seeing
my doctor last week. I told him that I couldn’t
go horizontal or vertical. But I feel good. -Yeah.
-I feel really good. You know what I mean? -Can’t go horizontal
or vertical, you go left or right. -It happened —
It happened — I broke my leg
the week of my tour. The beginning of my tour
was supposed to start. I have three tour buses
full of people that I feel like
I’m responsible for. You know what I mean? And I just felt like it was
a lot of pressure on me to come up
with some kind of solution to be able to appease
the fan base and take care of the people that I was going
to take care of originally. And so I came up with this idea
to have a pink wheelchair made because my album is obviously —
If you want to show that. -Yeah, yeah. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] You okay, Trappy?
Everything good, Trappy? -Yeah, and so
it worked out for me. You know what I mean? At the end of the day, you know,
I felt like it was — it was showing a sign
of resilience that I could go out and —
[ Light laughter ] -The dog is going to sleep.
The dog is going — The dog is falling asleep. -He’s heard this story before. [ Laughter ] That’s all it is.
That’s all it is. [ Applause ] So, you know, I’m —
It’s just like I feel like people — people shouldn’t have,
you know, a tooth ache or headache. You got to go to school.
You got to go to work. You got to, you know, accomplish
what you’re going to do. And so that’s what I did
with the wheelchair. Going on tour, selling out different places,
different venues. And, you know,
it worked out for me. -Good for you.
I’m happy you’re here tonight. We are, as well. [ Cheers and applause ] I want to talk about this show,
“Most Expensivest.” Okay, this is on Viceland. And the idea is you have, like,
a $4,000 toothbrush. -Yeah.
-And, like — [ Laughter ] Well, for that, yeah. For you,
I could see that happening. But $30,000 headphones? How is that possible? -It’s ridiculous.
You know. -How is that possible? -So this show is all about,
you know, obviously me finding some of the most expensive
and luxurious items around. And I’m, like, a tester,
you know what I mean? I give my honest opinion on, you know, do I feel like
it’s worth it or not. And I also put myself
in the other person’s shoes, so I don’t just — Like, if you have
a $30,000 headphone, I want to understand
why you don’t have one that’s, you know,
Beats headphones or something. -Yeah.
Exactly, yeah. -But, man, it’s just a —
it’s a very informative show. I think It adds — -Did you come up with the idea? -No, people just think I’m a great person
to pull this off. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] -Trappy. Trappy? -I got Trappy from the show.
Yeah. So, Trappy’s dad, right,
listen to this. Trappy’s dad is, like,
the most expensive Frenchy. He makes like $300,000 a year
off breeding. So I was like, “Let me in on
that,” you know what I mean? It’s, like,
legal prostitution kind of, a little bit. -It’s not the same.
No. -It is!
-I guess it is, yeah. Dogs, yeah. -That’s, like, go get ’em. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] -He’s heard that story before,
too. -That dog is a superstar.
Trappy, man. Does he have his own Instagram? -No. I would start that,
but Trappy, he always takes —
That’s why he’s out here. He always just takes the shine
away from me. [ Light laughter ] -Are you jealous of your dog? -I’m cool with it, though. -2 Chainz,
you brought this water here. And this is called 90H20. -Yeah. -And now
this is considered the — On the bottle, it says,
the best water in the world. This is a —
How expensive is this bottle? -It’s a lot. -Yeah, well,
it’s a lot of money for water. This is just water
from Beverly Hills? From California? -You know, anything from
Beverly Hills is “expensive.” It’s supposed to be expensive. -Well, I want to see if I can
tell the difference, okay? So, this is tap water
from New York City. -Oh, yeah. That’s a vast difference. -Yeah.
Well, really? -Yeah.
I would think so. -No, it’s great water
here in New York City. -You think?
-Absolutely. -I don’t drink tap water. -So here.
I’m going to pour this — I’m going to pour this in here.
Okay? -Okay.
-Now, check this out. I’m going to see
if I can tell the difference, but you got to remember
which one’s which. Okay?
-Oh, I can already tell. [ Laughter ] -I’m going to turn around,
and you move them. -Oh, you want me to —
Okay. Okay. -Move them or not move them.
I’m gonna see if I can do it. And the audience,
you can see what he’s doing? -Yeah.
-Yeah. -All right, very good. -Hold on. Wait, bro.
Wait, wait, wait, bro. -Ready?
-Wait. No, bro. -All right.
-Hold on, bro! [ Laughter ] -All right, ready?
-All right. Yeah. Go, go, go. -Trappy didn’t drink
any of this, did he? -No. [ Laughter ] -[ Chuckling ] He will, though. -All right, here we go. [ Slurps ] [ Smacks lips ] I kind of already know. [ Laughter ] I mean, I love New York City. [ Laughter ] I love this city. I’m born and raised
in New York. [ Laughs ] Oh, my gosh. That is something else, man.
-Yeah. -That is something else.
Man, oh, man. -No, see, can you tell?
Try it again. -Ooh la la!
That is expensive! That is the expensive,
good water right there. That’s expensivest right there.
Am I right? -Yeah, no.
This is — This is true. I did an episode about oxygen. They are now selling,
you know, air in a can. And according to them, people used to laugh
at bottled water just like they are laughing
at the can of air. Now, you put the —
Nothing comes out. You don’t feel it, nothing,
but it’s this air, and they tell you what mountain
they caught it from. And it’s expensive. [ Laughter ] -What mountain
they caught it from. [ Laughing ]
Oh, my God. -I got this Jimmy Fallon air. -We got fresh air right here,
man. -Got some Jimmy Fallon air
for sale. -I want to show a clip. Here’s 2 Chainz
with his $1,000 doughnut in his new Viceland show
called “Most Expensivest.” Check this out. -There’s a lot more gold. And then the cognac
is there also. -It’s Louis cognac. -Yeah, yeah.
My favorite cognac. -I’m going rub in case
a genie come out of here. -Oh, this will make dreams
come true. -Grant you wishes. This is the first time
that anybody’s ever seen this doughnut? -This is the reveal. -The reveal.
All right. ♪♪ [ Choir vocalizing ] That’s that big boy. -If you eat
enough of the doughnut, you’ll see the gold later, so… -Shiny poops. -Hey.
-Next on “Shiny Poops.” [ Cheers and applause ] -[ Laughs ] Check out “Most Expensivest”
on Viceland November 15th at 10:30 P.M.

100 thoughts on “2 Chainz’s Dog Trappy Falls Asleep in the Middle of His Interview

  1. Wtf the dog closed his eyes since when was that considered falling asleep. Guess I fall asleep 1000 times a day

  2. I feel like I'm back in high school in the must boring class hearing my boring teacher Lecture me in there boring voice over and over again.

  3. He should drink the water from my city sundsvall, Sweden we are one of the cities with the cleanest waters in the world.

  4. The dog fell asleep because they gave him medicine so he wouldn’t freak out and bark while on stage, look how his nose is running as well

  5. Jimmy Fallon sucks so hard, jesus. He has nothing to say. He even poured the water at different levels so that he could tell which one was which. What a POS

  6. This is proof that animals are more fun to watch than celebrities and would rather see the dog host the show than over hyped up Fallon who acts like he's been drinking vodka.

  7. I saw him on your (for some bizarre reason) when his leg was broke. He had nurse strippers dancing around him while rapping on a wheel chair.


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