2 Balloon Dog Balloon Animal How-To Instructions!

so today we're going to learn how to make a simple two balloon dog which is a step up from the one balloon dog that you see everywhere this one only takes two balloons and then scraps for his tongue and nose so I actually start off with the ears and you're going to blow up a balloon about six pumps about a little more than a hands width for the tail tie that off and I are actually the tie these two ends together cut off the excess here your scissors and these are going to be the ears usually hook those on my arm and I make flow of another balloon for the body usually I'll do do two different colors for the ears in the body if you have two tones of the same color that looks really good like light green and dark green tan and brown the second foot about seven pumps let's see it's about a hands length okay so we're going to start with the head going to make about a three inch bubble take the ears here actually going to find the midway point for this loop bring them together and twist we've got two loops first ears I'm just going to twist those in with the three inch bubble just like that now this bubble is going to come down here wrap the nozzle around that twist to lock it in place so this is basically his eyes and ears now we're gonna do his snout which is just a loop say about five inch loop we're now now the rest of the balloon can be used first friend legs midsection and back legs and he's going to be in a sitting position so I don't worry about making the neck if he's going to be sitting down just go straight to the two front legs which is about a four five maybe six inch bubble are you back up to its neck and twist these two together okay the rest going to be used for the back I make a smaller three inch bubble first back the rest of the balloon you kinda have to eyeball it you want to split it in half but leave a little bit left for the tail this together Twista juice back legs so you could be kind of standing up but I think they look really cute they're sitting down so to make him sitting you're just going to spread apart his back legs and tuck this front legs right between use your hands to pull the back legs open you push his front legs right down okay so we sit down arranges ears and it's good if you can bend the ears over give a little squish shape there we go so now the only thing missing is his nose and I like to give them a tongue too so usually I'll take the little scrap piece that we cut off of the ears save that because you can use it for his nose just going to blow it up a little tiny bit little ball and you can actually tie the two ends of this together to make a nose okay and for the tongue I get a five inch pink round and I'm just going to put a little puff of air in it just to fill out the shape of it without letting in that air out you're going to tie on to the nose there we go so this is going to go down between the loop that we made first snout tongue first nice got nose tongue so now I'm going to you is draw on his eyes so you can see where he's going and I'm using a dry erase marker watch me draw the eyes on little circle big circle fill it in eyebrow a little circle big circle filled in that's the dog that I do we not usually make 1 billion dogs anymore unless it's in a carnival and there's tons and tons of people we got to go really fast this is the dog that we usually make it birthday parties and restaurants and other flying works like that so there you had 2 million Doug

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